4th of July Racing + Sparkly Soul Giveaway WINNER!

Hi friends!

There is a 5 mile race tomorrow morning and I’m on the fence if I should sign up!  It’s a local race in Staten Island and one that I’ve said for YEARS that I wanted to do.  My long bike ride is Friday, so Thursday is a semi-free day (supposed to do a short brick)…but my in-laws are in town and it’s a holiday…and I always feel a bit guilty about being gone for a few hours.  And although my legs feel really good after the half ironman this weekend, I know they aren’t as fresh as I would want them to be.  Decisions, decisions. What are your thoughts? Would you do the race?

fourth of july

Are you racing tomorrow?!  


The winner for the Sparkly Soul Giveaway is: DEANA!  Please email me at nycrunningmama@gmail.com so we can get you your headbands ASAP.

(Note: If winner does not contact me within one week, a follow-up winner will be selected)


Hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!  

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    14 thoughts on “4th of July Racing + Sparkly Soul Giveaway WINNER!

    1. It sounds like you’ve already decided to do it. LoL. I think you should! If it is one you always wanted to do and your legs are feeling up for it, go for it! Just have fun and remind yourself that you don’t need to go all out because you are still in recovery. Can you bring the family too?
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    2. Go for it Michele :) I’m doing it as well with my teammates “Richmond Rockets” it is a tough course for the first Half of it, do it as an easy run even though I know its hard not to wanna race it.

    3. Literally just did a little ‘Woot, Woot!’ at my desk upon reading my name! :)

      I say run the race – but go without speed or any goals in mind. Do it slow (for you) and enjoy being present. The next few weeks are going to be crazy and busy and a nice cleansing short run, may be helpful. (But then go crazy nuts fun with your boys for the rest of the day! Love you are keeping it balanced as much as you feel you can while training)
      Deana recently posted..Goals :: July 2013 & Revising Year GoalsMy Profile

    4. Looks like there is a walk too. Get the whole fam involved. You run and they’ll walk-everybody got their exercise and had fun doing it together!

    5. I ran that race two years ago – I’m not a warm weather runner so it was tough for me since it was 90+ degrees and humid. But you could definitely make it a speed workout, or even a bit of a hill workout (that dash up Forest is NOT flat!) – I say go for it!

    6. Go for it! Love Miss Zippy’s idea to leave without waiting around for results to minimize time away from family. We’re headed to Atlanta for the long weekend. No race plans but hoping to enjoy lots of trail running with my hubby, weather permitting. Gotta take advantage of grandma & grandpa’s babysitting services!
      Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Marathon Mama: Richmond 2013My Profile

    7. You will probably wish you had if you don’t :). Would you even be gone that much longer than the workout you had planned if the race is close?
      Although I have no idea how you have the energy?! You are officially superwoman to me!!!
      That being said I don’t know if I would have the energy, but if you do, go for it!!! You will be glad you did.
      Have a great day!!!!!!!!
      Jen recently posted..A Slow Run & Paper MacheMy Profile

    8. I say go for it! There’s no rule that you have to run the race all out, and getting out for a run could be good to clear your mind. And as fast as you are, a 5 miler shouldn’t take very long. :) No races for me tomorrow–I have to work.
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    9. I’d say if you can justify it as a speed workout, then go for it. Whenever I am time crunched like that for a race, I just do it and then get out of there, hardware be damned if I placed! That helps erase some of the guilt!
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