Things I’m Loving – Ironman Edition

Husband came home earlier than expected yesterday (yay!). Even though I was able to take a 45-min nap before dinner, I guess my body still needed sleep as I slept straight through my 4am this morning. I hate missing workouts but I know that sleep is more important and that missing one measly workout (which was an easy swim at that) won’t make or break me in 15 days.  So unplanned rest day for me!

We are hanging out at home today and heading up to Lake Placid this evening at the boys bedtime.  Unless we left early this afternoon, we would hit a crapload of traffic which doesn’t bode well for a 9 1/2 month old who isn’t fond of the carseat.  Thankfully, I feel ahead of laundry and chores around the house – it helped having my wonderful in-laws here for a visit – I was able to do so many little projects around the house, including hanging these frames on our entry way wall.

Don't look too closely - not every frame is filled with pictures of our family yet. HA

Don’t look too closely – not every frame is filled with pictures of our family yet. HA

And have I mentioned that whenever my in-laws visit, they bring a cooler of freshly caught seafood? Last visit was Ophelia crab…this time it was Copper River Red salmon. Heaven on a plate:


With the Ironman just over two weeks away, I figured I’d share a few things that have helped get me through training (and racing) so far:

PowerBarThe Energy Blasts are a staple of all of my long rides and runs. I empty out a few packages into a ziplock bag and keep them in the bento box on the bike. They are super easy to grab and pop in my mouth – especially when I am on the bike. My only gripe is that I wish each blast had more calories.  Each package is 200 calories, so I have to chew 8-9 of them to consume the number of calories in 2/3 of a cliff bar.

Strawberry Banana - hands down my favorite flavor!

Strawberry Banana – hands down my favorite flavor!

MooMotionOne of the staples in my brick and long ride training gear.  I love everything about this company and it’s gear.  MooMotion was created by Melissa Moo, a marathoner and 3x Ironman finisher.  She has created a line that is designed specifically for females while also being fashion-forward.  Not only do I love the fit of these clothes, but I adore the fun, bright colors.  Check out the website for more information and the different lines available:

Post-100 mile ride

Post-100 mile ride – Indie Line

1st triathlon (ever): Stamina Line

1st triathlon (ever): Stamina Line

Saucony: From the shoes I rely on for the run portion (Guide 6) to my clothes for my training runs to my sports bras that I wear on an everyday basis, I am a Saucony girl.  I especially am loving their new fall line – lots of yellows and blues.

saucony7 saucony8

Garmin 910 XTHands down, one of the best purchases I made during this training season.  I loved (still love) my Garmin 610, but it wasn’t functional for long bike rides nor did it have a swim capability.  The 910 does it all.  It allows me to receive the right data for each discipline – yards/meters/miles for swims (which can be set for OWS or pool), 5-mile splits on the bike (+ the ability for cadence and power usage), and one mile splits on the run.  And the greatest feature is the race feature which allows you to go from one discipline to the next by hitting the lap button (it can also time your transition times if you have it set that way).  It’s been HUGE for me in the pool – I can keep an eye on my pace during sets while also keeping track of total distance (which is so helpful on long swims because I occasionally lose track of the lap number).



Non-Running WatchCrazy that I wear something on my wrist other than a Garmin, right? HA. Actually, I have wanted a nice, everyday watch for a long time now (but hard to justify spending more money on watches when I own 4x Garmins – AGH).  Which is why I jumped through the roof when a rep from Watchco contacted me.  Founded in 1993, Watcho is an online watch retailer that carries a huge selection of watches from Bulova, Citizen, Seiko, Casio, Oakley, and a ton of other companies.  There is currently free shipping for all orders over $50 and often have some pretty awesome deals on these watches (upwards of 25% off MSRP).  The best part is that if you don’t like the watch you receive (for whatever reason), you can send it back within the YEAR with no questions asked (all info on return policy can be found here). They sent me this gorgeous Bulova watch that I wear every day now – I am obsessed with black accessories lately! {All the Bulova watches can be found here.}


InstagramInstagram is my new obsession. There are so many experienced triathletes and ironman finishers that I have connected with over the past 6 months or so.  Anytime I have a question regarding training, tapering, nutrition, etc, I know I can post a picture with the question and will receive a HUGE amount of feedback.  It’s so much better than just googling the information because I can ask follow-on questions if necessary! PS. I also use Instagram as motivation to get my workout in even when I am not completely up to doing it.  It definitely holds me accountable! {I don’t always post here, but I do post all of my workouts, training, etc on IG – NYCRunningMama}

What are you loving lately? 

Instagram – love it or hate it? 

Racing or running long this weekend?

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    15 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving – Ironman Edition

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    2. Love the Garmin 910. I’m debating when to give a triathlon another shot. But, I love swimming and keeping track on that Garmin looks pretty sweet! I’m cheering for you in these few days left on your taper. Enjoy them!

    3. I’d been advised this web site via our relation. Now i am will no longer certain whether or not this set up can be prepared by him or her because no one understand such precise close to my personal difficulties. You happen to be outstanding! Appreciate it!

    4. I love instagram! As a fairly new runner, I find it really helpful and motivating to see other runners workouts and training schedules!

    5. I am in love with my Mizunos. Best shoes for me hands down.

      I am an Instagram nut. I probably post waaaaay too many photos but it’s so much fun!
      Natalie recently posted..ABCs of ME!!My Profile

    6. I’m a saucony girl, too! Love my Kinvaras!

      How does that smartphone sized garmin not annoy you? I tried it on (several times) and it’s so huge. I wanted to love it. I wanted to love it so bad. Tried to convince myself I’d get used to the size. But just couldn’t.

    7. Hi! I love your blog and look forward to reading your posts — I follow you on IG too :) (im asksamm on there) Anyway– QUESTION!.. Im 12 weeks away from my first full marathon and im trying to experiment with different fuel/energy for during the run. Throughout the training for all 5 of my half marathons, I never used any type of gel/chews during my runs (crazy–i know).. I usually brought something with me…I just never felt like I needed it. But now that I’m getting into the 15,17,18,20 mile runs I will definitely need to! I’m going to take your advice and try the powerbar energy blasts, but how far into your run do you start taking them? I never know if i should wait until I feel like I need them, or early enough so i dont start feeling tired. Sorry this is super long and I’m babbling– I just felt like you are the perfect person to ask, and i want to get my nutrition plan down before I ruin some important super long runs by being under-fueled… :) Thanks so much!!!!

      • Thank you, Samantha!! I think it’s great that you didn’t need anything for your half training – too often (I think), we rely on gels on runs where they may not be needed. 12 weeks is plenty of time to experiment with a few different things to find what works best for you. For marathon training (and for the marathon itself), I preferred PowerBar energy gels over the blasts – I found that they were easier to take / carry with me (I didn’t want to wear a fuel belt). The IM is different b/c I’m running much slower than I did for the marathon, so the fuel belt doesn’t bother me like it had during marathon training. I kept the gels in my sports bra and would just pull out one as I needed it.
        For the marathon, I took a 1/2 gel every 30 min. I found that 1 whole gel was too much at once but that I felt best when I took a little something more frequently. Training runs are different (for me) – I prefer to use a lot less on training runs so that I train my body to run w/ minimal fuel. So often, I would only take 1 or 2 on runs up to 20-22 miles (usually at mile 9/10 and 15/16).
        I would also advise to not wait until you feel like you need it – b/c by that point, it’s already too late – it could take a bit for your body to convert the gel/blast into energy so you have to be ahead of your body’s needs. And definitely practice taking it with water (otherwise it could give you stomach problems). Most packages recommend 8 oz of water but I just try to drink one cup of water at the water point.
        I hope that helps – let me know if you have any other questions!! And good luck with training!
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    8. Best of luck!! I have fallen in love with instagram as well -too fun! And I have slept through my alarm as well :) but it is out bodies was of telling us that we need sleep!