More Recovery + I waited 7 months for this

Hey friends! So not much running last week.  Or blogging.  It was just what I needed.  Although I thought I was ready to begin marathon training, my body and heart needed more time to recover. More time to not really do much of anything.  Except sleep in, spend more time outside with the boys, stay up watching movies with my husband, eating whatever I wanted, and drinking a bit too much. After a week of binge living (ha), I feel ready to start training again.


Going for a spin in their new truck

Little guy's favorite thing = climbing onto everything he can reach

Little guy’s favorite thing = climbing onto everything he can reach

So let’s catch up.

As it turns out, two weeks was not enough time for me to fully recover from the Ironman. My first run was one week after the race and was entirely too fast.  I knew it while I was running.  I should have slowed down.  But it was one of those runs where you just say “screw it” and run what you want. It was a celebratory run.  My victory lap.  My legs didn’t feel fatigued but I knew they were. Does that even make sense? 7 miles / 7:30 pace. Splits: 8:06, 7:43, 7:32, 7:33, 7:25, 7:19, 6:52. Whoops.


Just a *bit* too fast for my first run post-Ironman =)

I ran a couple more times that week and felt okay but not totally recovered.  My legs and body felt okay…but I just had this general fatigue feeling that I couldn’t shake.  I had the sprint triathlon last Sunday and then made a pact with myself to take it easy.  No hard runs. No crazy mileage.  Just easy, fun running. All the runs last week were between 5-7 miles. Almost every one was a perfectly paced progression. Just how I like it. The goal of last week was to get my body used to running every day.  After 3 months of cutting back on mileage, frequency and intensity, I knew I needed to gradually introduce each back into my routine. So first up was frequency and mileage. Intensity begins this week. =)

After the sprint last Sunday, Monday was a welcome surprise. No soreness or aches. I guess that’s what happens when you train for a race that is 9-10 times further than that race’s distance. Maybe I should train for a 100 miler and then race a marathon? HA.  7 miles / 7:53 average: 8:16, 8:01, 8:06, 8:01, 7:50, 7:46, 7:15. 

Tuesday was another easy run. In the pouring rain.  There’s something about running in the pouring rain that makes me feel a bit tougher, a bit more like a bad-a$$.  Am I the only one? I wasn’t running hard or long, but those 38 minutes or so, I felt unstoppable.  5 miles / 7:55 average: 8:20, 8:08, 8:01, 7;54, 7:32. 


Lots of selfies this week =)

The weather on Wednesday was incredible. If I hadn’t made that pact with myself, I probably would have taken the boys out in the double stroller for more miles or went for a second run after they went to bed.  Cool, calm, no humidity. One of those days where you just want to bottle up and save.  Kind of makes me wonder how I did a 105 miler in a heat wave. UGH.  6 miles / 7:49 average: 8:22, 8:10, 7:54, 7:48, 7:42, 6:59.

It felt really good to take a planned rest day on Thursday and an unplanned one on Friday. I had every intention of getting up to run a few miles on Friday but sleep won out over a few easy miles.  The more sleep I’m giving my body, the more sleep it seems to be wanting (and needing). Crazy how that happens. It could have also have been a late night out celebrating my youngest sister’s birthday =)


Me and my mom at dinner

The best part of the week has been BOTH boys sleeping.  My oldest has begun skipping his nap each day and sleeping later than usual (instead of 530 it’s been closer to 7!).  And, my youngest has started sleeping through the night.  It’s been over 7 months since he’s done that.  He was a real champ when he was 2-3 months old and then hit the 4 month regression and his sleeping got turned on its head.  Gone were the 12 hour stretches.  In their place was 3-4 wakeups…a night! Oie vey. Over the months, the wakeups decreased but we’ve been hanging on to a 2am feeding for about 6 weeks now (with an occasional 10-11pm feeding too).  Well, just like that, my little guy has begun sleeping through the night again. Heaven.  I slept in on Friday until 630am (when both boys got up). I cannot remember the last time I opened my eyes to sunlight shining in the bedroom.  At least a year.  Collectively, I don’t know if my house has ever gotten more sleep.


We all function better with more sleep

Saturday was a 10 miler. Longest run since the Ironman. It felt good. Eerily easy given the pace I was running. And the route I took (about 700 ft of elevation gain).  My goal was to not pay attention to pace and just run on effort.  After the first couple of miles, I was surprised to see 7:40s and 7:30s…repeatedly.


I’ve also gone back to the basics this week. I’ll save the details for a later post…but I’ve begun doing core work, stretching and strengthening exercises on a daily basis…mostly at night after the boys are asleep.

Who is marathon training? Which marathon are you running?

Anyone running the RW Half? I’m on the fence about going. Let me know if you are =)

Running in the rain or do you opt for treadmill? 


I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

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    34 thoughts on “More Recovery + I waited 7 months for this

    1. Don’t share your deflating baby sleep stories. =) Just kidding! I know it can happen, but boy…I am just hoping for us to get to a 4 hour stretch (we’ve had all of 1 so far!).

      I am working on my marathon training plan as we speak. I’m signed up for Memphis in December, and a slew of shorted distances between now and then! I had an offer to do Marine Corp as I just blogged about, but am leaning against doing that.
      Crystal@TheFastFitRunner recently posted..The Marine Corp Marathon – My First Mom Sacrifice (ya know, besides all of those months of easy running)My Profile

    2. Amazing times! I have a half next month and pretty much have to wing it because I’ve been having hip flexor issues. I ran just 2 miles recently and have NO idea how I’m going to creep that up to 13.1. Wish me luck!
      char eats greens recently posted..i only have one wishMy Profile

    3. Glad you’re back to blogging!!!! I do run in the rain, but less now that I acquired a treadmill 😉 Currently training for City of Oaks Marathon (Raleigh, NC) in November, and shooting for sub-4 hrs which will be a ONE HOUR PR for me…lol! My youngest is still doing the “get up once or twice per night”…UGH!! I’m dying here! 😀

    4. I’m training for the NYC Marathon but also for 5 consecutive half marathons in less than a month! (It’s a monday-friday event with one race in each state including north dakota, south dakota, wyoming, nebraska and montana.) So some of my marathon schedule is being tweaked. I’m focusing on slow steady pace and running on tired legs. I’ll aim for 5 consecutive runs of between 5 and 10 miles per day starting the thursday before labor day.

      I love running in the rain.

      Are you running the SI Half in October?
      Sally @ sweatoutthesmallstuff recently posted..NYC Marathon in 11 weeks and The Infinite StaircaseMy Profile

    5. I am training for the kansas city marathon on Oct 19th!!!! I am really training for a 3:15…my current pr is 3:36 so it would be a big pr. I get excited and nervous writing that!!!!
      I am going to try to get a hotel for it today!!!
      It looks like you have had so much fun enjoying your family as you recover :)…that is so nice!
      I would love to do the Runners World half, it sounds like a bunch of bloggers are doing it.
      Rain…totally depends on my mood :) (probably shouldn’t, but it does :) )
      Jen recently posted..The Weekend re-cap & Todays run made me nervous…My Profile

    6. It’s rained almost every single day since early May, here in Georgia and every run in the rain makes me feel like a bad ass. I think it has something to do with knowing that every single person driving by thinks either you’re crazy (every runner’s favorite compliment) or wishes they could be as bad ass as you.

    7. Congrats Michele! You deserve days like you had last week, and you probably deserve even more than a week of them. I’m glad you’re getting back in your running stride and your body is ready to start marathon training again! I’m sure that’s exciting. It’s funny to think about hoe much we sometimes wish for a rest day when we’re in a hard training cycle but then when we actually have the time and lack of training plan to take more than a few days off we opt right back into the training. Nice job!
      meghan @ little girl in the big world recently posted..My second group ride + tips on joining a group rideMy Profile

    8. Currently training for the Chicago Marathon…will actually become a Marathon Manic with 4 fulls in 6 weeks. Chicago Marathon, Detroit Free Press, MCM and Richmond. I’m convinced I have completed LOST my mind! But I’ve been having an AWESOME time doing it. :-)

    9. I’m currently in the midst of training for the Chicago Marathon in October, had a PDR yesterday of 14 miles. I felt so psyched yesterday and having a nice recovery day today.

      I like to run in the rain but not a downpour, I hate soggy shoes!

      Looks like you are rocking IM recovery, way to go!
      Stephanie @ The Academic Triathlete recently posted..My Fitness HistoryMy Profile

    10. I run outside when it is raining, unless it is a torrential downpour – last year the only runs I did on the treadmill were during the hurricane and the derecho. Running in summer rain feel so refreshing!
      You are smart to listen to your body and take the recovery you need now. I think the injury rate after a big race like a marathon or an ironman is high because people jump back in too quickly…way to show restraint!
      Andrea @ The Fit Scoop recently posted..Strength Workout of the WeekMy Profile

    11. I’ll bet you feel like a new woman with the extra sleep and cut back on training! Our bodies need that now and again–when we don’t do it, we burn out or get injured. Good for you!

      I think I am skipping the RW half this year…tempting b/c it was so much fun last year, but my fall is pretty full already.
      misszippy1 recently posted..Over-the-top Baltimore Marathon excited!My Profile

    12. I am running the RW Half. Driving down with my husband (we’re both doing the Hat Trick) from Toronto. If you go, would love to meet up and say hi!

    13. Hi NYC running mama,

      I follow you on instagram, and I have read your posts on here for a while, but here is my first comment! Hi!
      I too hit the road when its raining – I avoid the treadmill at all costs! You’re little men are gorgeous!
      I’m in Australia and I am running my first ever half marathon on Sunday! I am both excited and nervous!