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So I had my first stress workout on Monday.  Plan called for 2 miles warmup, 2 x 2 mile tempo interval (with 3 min active recovery in between each), 2 mile cooldown. Goal pace was 7:00->6:55. I hit the paces (6:54-> 6:52, 6:58-> 6:53), but it was a lot tougher than I would have liked.   The first set was manageable, but I was exhausted by the mile part of the second set. I don’t think it should have felt that hard.  UGH.

Truth is, I am trying really hard to not get down on my speed just yet.  Ironman training put me in the best shape of my life – my fitness level is higher than it’s ever been.  But, my run speed suffered. Something had to take a backseat…and for me, that was running.  So although I can run 20 miles the day after a 100 mile bike ride, I cannot hold a speedy pace on a tempo run.  My worry (fear?) is that my spring marathon goal is not feasible right now.  My plan is to just focus on each speed workout, each long run the best I can and see how my body responds.  I have 3 months until Philly. It seems like a long time but when you sit and look at the number of weeks, it really is not that much.

Tuesday and Wednesday were recovery/easy days. 5 miles each. It’s hard not to force the pace on these runs. I’m trying really hard to use the recovery and easy days for what they should be used for. My body needs time to recover from these hard workouts I will be doing and I often run too hard because I want to see a certain time on my watch.  Tuesday: 8:08 pace; Wednesday: 7:56. Probably still a bit too fast.

I thought I would share a few things I’m loving right now:

  • Erica Sara DesignsEven before I completed the Ironman, I had already picked out what I wanted to buy myself if/when I crossed the finish line.  After a few email exchanges and mockups, my friend Erica created what will become my most cherished charm bracelet.  There are 3 charms – each has something on both sides: “IMLP 2013”, “13:04:50”, “IronMAMA”, “Dream BIG”, “Embrace the Pain” and “Ironman”.  My plan is to add a charm for each IM I do in the future (on one side the venue, on the other my finishing time). 

erica sara

  • More Free Time: Now that my weekends are not filled with 12+ hours of training (this past Saturday and Sunday took only 2 hours!!), I have time to do little projects around the house that I’ve been putting off.  After living in our home for over a year, I finally have a good feel for how I want each room to look (we had the house painted about 4 months ago). So I am decorating. Picture frames on walls. Accent pieces. Accessories. It’s finally starting to come together.
photo (16)

New artwork for the family room. Found this piece in Home Goods!

photo (15)

Bookcase with colored bins for the playroom. Hoping it helps the mess that the playroom is always in =)

  • Youngest Son Walking: He took his first steps about 7 weeks ago. I guess he wasn’t impressed with it and so didn’t attempt it again until 3 weeks ago.  Now he’s speed walking all over the place! The last few days feel easier. There are definitely new dangers to worry about, but for the most part, I can just plop him down on his feet and he takes off. And he wants to walk – which makes taking both boys out a bit easier {in a way}.

  • Saucony Guide 6 for Kids: Full review coming SOON. But I had to share the pictures of the boys in their first pair of running shoes.  Perfect timing for the youngest (maybe that’s why he started walking again?)

 photo (14)

photo (13)

  • Vegan Meals from No Meat Athlete (NMA): I am not vegan, but my husband and I have been trying to eat a bit more plant-based foods and a bit less meat (especially red meat).  During Ironman training, I was sometimes eating a steak for dinner THREE times a week. That’s a lot. Too much, in my opinion (at least for my body).  So in an effort to eat more well-rounded meals, I turned to NMA for some ideas.  Three meals so far and each one is better than the last.


Are you vegan/vegetarian? Do you have any good websites with recipes?

Do you find it hard to slow down on easy/recovery days?

How many days a week do you do speed/interval workouts?

I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

For More NYC Running Mama training updates, pictures and ramblings, check out:


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    21 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

    1. Definitely Oh She Glow’s. She’s got some amazing stuff. But even if you have an idea of what you’d like in mind, go to and you search by ingredients you want and it will bring up vegan recipes to match that. It’s awesome!! Love the shoes on the boys!!
      char eats greens recently posted..nine months oldMy Profile

    2. It’s funny that you said you were concerned about seeing a time on your watch. I recommend running sans watch. Our goal pace in the marathon is the same, but my easy/recovery runs are so much slower than yours! Of course, we all have different paces that we think are “easy”, but maybe your recovery would be more of a “true” recovery if you weren’t so worried about that time. I only say that from experience. If I know I have 8 miles on my schedule easy, I map out an 8 mile route and just at what feels good. My legs thank me on the hard days. =) I know this is unwarranted advice though. Love following you on Instagram! =)
      To answer your questions, I am definitely NOT a vegetarian. I’m a meat and potatoes kind of girl at every evening meal. =) AND, I do speed days 1-2 days per week. I do strides two days a week, but those don’t count as those speed days. Yesterday was 21 miles (broken up into 5 mile increments) with 15 of them at goal marathon pace. OUCH! And that workout is exactly why I run my easy runs EASY! =D

    3. I’ve really tried working on sloooowing down my easy runs. It makes me feel so much more recovered and ready for the next hard effort. Looks like you’re off to a great start!
      I’m glad to hear it’s taken you almost a year to finalize accessories, wall hangings, etc as I’m overwhelmed at times! But we’ve only been here a few weeks, so I really shouldn’t expect much more than that.
      As for vegan/vegetarian recipes, I do have several under my recipe tab- there’s a peanut sauce I really like and tomato poached eggs and an eggplant mediterranean pasta… trying to remember what else. We used to eat mostly vegetarian meals and lately have added a bit more meat, but do try to emphasize plant based eating.
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..A circuit workout, training recap + meal planMy Profile

    4. You’ll definitely be getting added workouts in now that both boys are mobile!!

      I do have a hard time backing off on pace sometimes, I’m better about backing off if I have someone running with me to chat with but that isn’t the case for 95% of my runs so i usually just end up running faster than I should
      Laura @losingrace recently posted..Final Days of Summer…My Profile

    5. awe…I remember those walking days oh so well and my youngest is 5 1/2. That’s the best to be able to put them down and they take off! :-)

      I find it extremely difficult to run at a slower pace. This is the first time I’ve ever worked on my pace and never thought I would hear, “you’re running too fast” from anyone…concerning MY runs. I’ve always just ran at whatever felt comfortable and whatever I ended up with at the end was my best! :-) Well, I’ve been working with a Boston Finisher who has kinda taken me under his wing, for this training, and likes to boss me around and tell me what to do. I’m learning that slowing my pace helps me to control my run more and be able to finish strong as opposed to gased. So…I guess there is a method to the madness. :-)

    6. I am vegan (as of recent) and have been vegetarian over the past 8 years. I am noticing that my stomach feels less bloated with no dairy and my running (training for my first half marathon) has been going well this summer! I just have to get more creative and learn what combinations of foods to eat to get the benefits from them. I love NMA! I also have looked at Chocolate Covered Katie and Yummy Mummy!!

    7. I’m sure you’re gonna do great in the spring!!! What marathon will you be running?

      I usually run 4 times per week: easy run on Monday, tempo run/hill repeats on Tuesday, speedworkout/intervals on Thursday, long run in the weekend. It took me a long time to learn to take it easy during easy runs, warp ups, and cool downs… I was a slave to the watch and I’d get so disappointed if I didn’t run at x pace… I finally got better at this and, as a consequence, my running has improved a lot!
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    8. I know Philly seems close but what is important to note is that you have all the endurance/base in you already and now you can focus some more attention on your speed. You don’t want to do speed too many times within your training cycle so you are going to be fine and you’re going to rock it!
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    9. I was vegetarian for several years and recently went full on vegan and I’m LOVING it. Most of my recipes I find on Pinterest- there’s a great vegan community on there. I also love The PPK, Vegan Yack Attack, Daily Garnish, Chef Chloe, Healthy Happy Life, and many others.

      It all depends, for me, on what I did the day before. An easy run where the day before included speed work or a work out- my legs feel great, but funny enough I feel heaviest the day after a rest day. I swam yesterday and my legs felt like cement blocks this morning. I usually do some sort of speed work out 1/week, but this week I have a bit of speed work mixed into my long run as well as another work outs.

    10. I wouldn’t worry too much about your speed…you have time. You are also like you said still in awesome shape…it will come! We all have off days too, so it could have just been an off day.
      Your baby’s shoes are the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!
      I am not a vegan….but I do not eat a lot of meat either. I will do grilled chicken and turkey burgers…my stomach has a hard time with greasy things. Every once in awhile I will do a steak.
      I usually do 2 days of speed a week. 1 track day and 1 tempo day 1 recovery day (real slow) 1 long run 1 rest day and the other 2 days are easy.
      I am training for the kansas city marathon right now and have about 8 weeks left!!!! I actually just started this week though replacing my speed workout with more of a stamina workout. I am trying to bridge the gap between my 1/2 marathon time of 1:32 and my full time of 3:36. I am going for 3:15 (it makes me nervous to say thath goal out loud…I know you totally understand that)!!!!!!!!
      Jen recently posted..Running a Half…A Mile to a Marathon….part 3My Profile

      • Your week sounds a lot like mine =)
        I love the idea of doing more stamina workouts. I think that is a great idea when the race gets closer…I may end up doing something like that as well. Just have to work hard right now to get the speed I worked so hard for in the spring back. UGH.
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Things I’m LovingMy Profile

    11. So funny–I literally just wrote up a “what i’m loving’ post for tomorrow and then went to my inbox to see yours!

      I’m sure your speed will come back quickly. You are a demon out there and it is just under the surface.

      Your little guy is too darn cute–amazing he is a almost a year already!

      I have been trying some new recipes lately, too, although mine are from Clean Eating magazine, which is on my list for tomorrow!
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