Upcoming Races + Goals

I’ve been asked quite a bit recently about my upcoming races and plans. After much thought and discussion with my husband, we’ve come up with a tentative plan for the foreseeable future.

Short Term (< 3 months)

Big goal this fall:  sub-3:10 (may decide to relook this time goal as my training continues – still not sure if that goal is entirely feasible) at the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov 17.  My fitness is better than it was in the spring (partially due to Ironman training, partially due to being further along postpartum).  But, I have done virtually ZERO speedwork since April.  My focus the last 3 months was on long runs and brick runs to get me ready for IM Lake Placid.  So while I feel stronger, I feel slower.  I’m not sure how this is going to affect the 3:10 goal and I’m okay with readjusting my goal if necessary.

The coolest part of doing the Philadelphia Marathon is that I will be participating as a member of the Saucony 26 strong project.

26 strong

Saucony, Competitor Group and Women’s Running have teamed up to create 26 teams of runners.

“The Saucony 26 Strong project will pair experienced marathoners (“vets”) with first-timers (“cadets”) as they both train to achieve their marathon goals. Although running is an individual sport, these runners will exemplify how we are stronger as teams than alone.”

A couple of months ago I found out that I was selected to be a “veteran”.  I am part of Team 24 – my “cadet” is Hallie and I am SO excited to work with her over the next few months!  (PS: I have some exciting news to share about an awesome opportunity our team is being given!)

So Philly is my goal race.  Which makes me SO excited. Philadelphia was my very first marathon 11 years ago. I signed up for the race in August having never run more than 7 miles before. It was one of the most memorable race experiences in my life.

There are a number of shorter races that I will be doing to lead up to Philly:

  • Sep 8: Athleta IronGirl Sandy Hook Triathlon (may not be able to make this race due to family conflict)
  • Sep 15: Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon (this is going to be a good gauge of where my running is at)
  • And then 1 of 3 races (I have not decided which race yet!):
    • Oct 13: Staten Island Half Marathon: It’s on Staten Island which makes it easy to get to, but it’s the Sunday after my 10 year college reunion and I’m not sure I will be up to racing after a weekend of walking, dancing, drinking (basically everything BUT resting).
    • Oct 20: Runner’s World Half I did this race last year and had a BLAST
    • Oct 20: Army 10 miler: My husband is doing this race which makes me really want to do it, but logistically, the RW Half is a bit easier (closer).

Mid-Term (3-12 months)

After my fall marathon, I am turning my attention back to triathlons.  I loved training, racing and surrounding myself with all things triathlon the past few months. I’ve gotten the bug and I can’t imagine all three not being a part of my life.

I want to get faster in the pool.


I want to get stronger on the bike.


I want to get better at transitioning from the bike to the run.


To get there, I will be using a swim coach for a few months and will be joining a local masters swim team. I will be spending the winter down my basement on black beauty.  I will continue running (I will be doing shorter, local races like 5ks and 10ks) but my focus will be on becoming a faster triathlete, not necessarily a faster runner.  So as of right now, I have no intention of taking on a marathon in 2014 (not sure about halfs yet). I found it really hard to juggle marathon training while also trying to get in a good base for the Ironman. I don’t want to run a marathon unless it’s to PR and I don’t think I can give biking and swimming the full attention they deserve (and need) if there is a marathon looming.

My plan is to find a few local triathlons (sprint/olympic) and train for a couple of half IMs.  But right now, I have my eyes {potentially} set on:

Having said that, there is a part of me that is toying with the idea of signing up for an ultra in late spring.  I did my first ultra November 2011 and LOVED it.  I feel that building a base necessary to complete a 50 miler could only benefit me when it comes to Ironman training.  {There is this awesome 50 miler right down the road from my alma mater)


Knickerbocker 60 – Nov 2011

Long Term (12-18 months)

As I discussed a few weeks ago, I plan to sign up for Ironman Florida 2014. Other than that, I don’t have any other concrete plans next summer/fall.  I plan on using a triathlon coach to help me train smarter. I think using a pre-made training plan was completely the right decision for my first Ironman. But I know that I can finish my next Ironman much faster than I did Lake Placid and I want an experienced coach to help me get there. 

How far out do you plan your race calendar?

Are you running any of these races?

Have you ever raced an ultra?


I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

For More NYC Running Mama training updates, pictures and ramblings, check out:


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    3. I highly recommend the JFK 50 miler if you’re looking for a fast, not-too-technical course. It was my first 50 miler so I might be partial, but it is extremely well run, beautiful, and a lot of fun. It’s a point-to-point course, which I’m always a fan of. The first 15-20 miles are on single and double-track trails, then the bulk of the race is on a flat, fast, fairly wide trail, and the last 8ish miles are on a road. I’ve also hear great things about the North Face Endurance Challenge-Bear Mountain 50M, although I’ve never run it. I’ve heard it is TOUGH, but the North Face races are always really fun. Or you can come to Washington and I’ll run one with you :)

      • JFK has been on my short-list for a long time. It just doesn’t seem to fit into my schedule for the next few years. I am so bummed – UGH!!! I’ve heard great things about Bear Mountain too – definitely a technical course though. I did the one in DC (just the half marathon a few years ago) and was smoked! HA.
        You know I would love to come out and do a race with you!! Or you come back to NY and we can do one here =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..The Marathon Doesn&#8217;t Define MeMy Profile

    4. Such great goals and I totally think that with the hard work (which you totally do) a 3:10 is doable. I would imagine that the speed will come back relatively quickly and once it’s back, your strength/endurance base from ironman will really benefit you.
      Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..Hood to Coast Recap: part twoMy Profile

    5. This is a great plan. I love how you have your short term, mid length, and long term goals. It’s a great way to lay it out. I would like to improve my running for triathlons. The two that I’ve done have made me realize how important that leg is and how lacking in importance being really strong at swimming is.

      As an aside, and I’m sure I’m totally sharing this and you already have an in and are fully covered, but I wanted to make sure you knew that IMFL sold out last year in 14 seconds. Are you doing it again with chocolate milk or a sponsored group? Again, I know you’re super aware and in on all this stuff, but since I read that I just wanted to make sure you knew. Ha. Now I’ll go feel silly but just wanted to be helpful if possible.
      meghan @ little girl in the big world recently posted..Keurig Brew Over Ice GiveawayMy Profile

    6. Awesome goals! I try to pick a couple of goal races and then build the rest of my race calendar around them – but with the kids’ sports schedules getting busier as they get older, I’m learning to be very flexible in my planning :)
      Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Still strivingMy Profile

    7. I tend to focus on a single race and build around it. That usually means signing p for a bunch of other races as training… something I like to do. Use races as training runs, maybe I just like the feeling on race day.

      I’m aiming for around 3:30 in early December at CIM… maybe some other surprises in between then.

      You are so MOTIVATED!
      Pavement Runner recently posted..#EndOfSummer200 – Are You In?My Profile

    8. Wow, great goals!

      I usually look at the year as a whole and decide a couple of months in advance. I’m just starting running though, so I’ve only done 5Ks so far. I’m doing training right now for 10k though. My ultimate goal would be to do a half marathon by next year.
      Courtney @ Don’t Blink. Just Run. recently posted..Too much awesomenessMy Profile

    9. So selfishly I think you should to the Army Ten Miler. The hubby and I will be there!! Which means I think you should too!!! :-)

    10. Love your race goals!!!

      I already planned everything for 2013 (Staten Island half in Oct and NYCM in Nov) and I already know that I will be running the NYC Half Marathon in 2014. 90%, I’ll be also running Chicago in Oct 2014. I still need to decide if I would like to run the NJ Marathon in April…

      Never ran ultras and I’m not really into them. However, a lot of people in my team are ultrarunners and they said I’ll change my mind about them later on… we’ll see 😉
      MartinaNYC@runtomakeadifference recently posted..Running the Metric Marathon and my back is killing meMy Profile

    11. I think the decision to focus on the triathlon over marathon in 2014 is a good one. For someone who just wants to finish, maybe you can do both, but I think anyone who has definitive time-based goals should make a choice (although I’m sure it’s a difficult choice to make). I usually only plan my races about 6 months or so in advance. 2012 was the one exception since I knew all year I wanted to run the Philadelphia Marathon so everything I did was built towards that race.
      Maureen recently posted..Motivation MondayMy Profile

    12. Wow…you sound so much like me…we are on totally different skill levels but share the same concerns. I accidentally combined triathlon training with marathon training…will not make the same mistake next year. It has been extremely difficult to juggle both.

      I too plan to focus on getting better with my swimming after marathon training is over. I think it’s interesting that you say you only want to run marathons if you are trying to PR. I would imagine when you reach your level…PR’s are harder and harder to come by. I’m hoping for a PR in October…I initially had a 4:30 goal but soon realized that was not obtainable and that a 5:00 finish time would still be a 25 minute PR…I can live with that. lol So if I continue to run…I will get faster and faster and ultimately qualify for Boston…ultimate goal!

      I’ve never run an ultra…it’s a thought but anything beyond a marthon (ultras/IM) comes with a BQ prereq for me.

      I too am considering Eagleman 70.3…guess I need to make my mind up soon since registration now says “opening soon”…last I checked it still had this year’s date.

      In case I haven’t said it a million times before…let me say it again…You truly inspire me! :-)

    13. Awesome goals NYCRunningMama! I can’t wait to follow them. Ever since I read Born to Run, it has been my dream to do an Ultra! So I’m making it my goal to do one in 2014!

    14. Amazing race goals… I’ll be there for Philadelphia in November (as a spectator) September may not be possible…can’t wait to meet you. Following your posts and training is very inspirational!! I’m ready to get into the pool to help my breathing when I run…I am hoping for better breath control (I have asthma) Changed my focus this year to losing weight first (almost 30 lbs so far) and will run more next year and plan on Wine and Dine 2014

    15. Amazing race goals and planning. I think it would be fun to do the 10 miler with the hubby!!!! I am not sure I could do 2 1/2 just before a full…well, maybe I could I just wouldn’t want to race them as hard as I could.
      3:10 is an awesome time goal. I am going for 3:15 in 7 12/2 weeks!!!!!! My training is going good….I am doing a long run on Friday that has me nervous. Actually anything over 14 miles gets me a little nervous.
      I don’t plan far out at all…I kinda take it one race at a time. I would like to go for a 1/2 again after the full though and go for 1:30. I have only done 1 1/2 in June and it was 1:32.
      I am excited about your exciting news!
      An ultra….nope! But I think it is amazing you can!
      Jen recently posted..The big 26.2!…a mile to a marathon…part 4My Profile

      • Well, the first half is more of a gauge to see where I am at – not sure how hard I will be running it yet…
        3:10 was ambitious for the spring. I will have a better sense of that in a few weeks I think. Right now I am focusing on getting used to leg turnover again. Running during IM training is totally different than this!! HA
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Upcoming Races + GoalsMy Profile

    16. Love it. I have a feeling the sub 3:10 is in you once you get settled into your speedwork, you still have a decent amount of time. If I wasn’t wanting to try for baby 2, I’d love to sign up for an IM with you. Maybe in a few years down the rode we can make it happen. Getting a swim coach will help so much I bet- you are going to PR the crap out of that IM… not to mention you won’t have a 13 minute transition due to pumping!
      Lindsey Hein recently posted..Lindsey’s CRRG 5K ReportMy Profile

      • I know. I keep telling myself I have just under 3 months. Which is a lot of time. Especially since the long run distances are already there…in the spring, anything over 14 was a distance I hadn’t run in a year. I think part of it is that I’m kind of scared to put that bit goal out there again after what happened at NJ, you know?
        The thought of being able to do a long training ride w/o nursing or pumping makes me excited. LOL.
        YAYAYA for baby #2 btw. We will become LD training partners after we pop out all of our planned children =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Upcoming Races + GoalsMy Profile

    17. I plan my race calendar in advance but that’s just the type of person I am. I like to know what to look forward to in the upcoming months. I will admit I already have next year planned out only because it’s going to require a lot of travel and I want to make sure I get the best travel deals!

      Never done an ultra and I don’t think I ever will. I’m training for my first marathon in December and my goal next year is to do a half iron man.
      Angela recently posted..Why I stopped logging my foodMy Profile

    18. Looks like a fantastic plan! My vote is for you to do the Runners World Half. I am doing it too (doing the hat trick).
      I have done one official ultra so far but plan to do more in the future (probably in another 1-1.5 yr when my schedule is a little different.) I did a 50 mile race at the New Jersey Ultra Festival. This event is held in March and they have distances of: marathon, 50k, 50 mile, 100k, 100 miles. It is a great event and well-organized–I highly recommend!

    19. If you want to get faster in the water, join up with a Masters team. Training with super-fast folks always helps my swim fitness.

      Eagleman is a very well-run race, but MAN can it be HOT. I may be there in 2014 anyway.

        • Awesome! You will love it. One thing I dislike about Ironman training is that I have a hard time meshing my training schedule with 3x/week Masters practice. I have to settle for training hard with them September through May to improve my speed, and then try to hang on through the summer.
          Victoria recently posted..Ironman Mont Tremblant: This is Not a Race RecapMy Profile

          • It’s funny b/c that’s exactly why I didn’t join this past summer. I found a team but their practices were only on Sunday evenings – which did not fit at all with my training plan. I didn’t want to deviate too much from the long training weekends so opted out of it. Would be so much easier/better if they had weekday morning practice!
            nycrunningmama recently posted..Upcoming Races + GoalsMy Profile