Treadmill + Clean House

Happy Labor Day!! Hope you are all enjoying the nice, long weekend!!

I try to stay on top of the cleaning on a regular basis. Kitchen counters and family room, kitchen and play room floors get cleaned/vacuumed on a daily basis.  Heavier cleaning happens on the weekend. But I’ve been slacking a bit on some of the deeper cleaning.  My family is coming over today to celebrate Labor Day. Company is always the perfect excuse to get the house super clean. Am I right?  But, I got into this cleaning frenzy over the weekend. I don’t think the house has been this clean. Ever. Not only did I clean, but I organized and went through closets, drawers, cabinets. We’ve been in the house for about 15 months. So, if I hadn’t worn or used something in that time, it got tossed. As much as I hate the idea of cleaning, I actually really enjoy it. I think I’m weird.

So onto the running. Lots of miles (for me) again this week – 48! Before last week, I don’t really remember the last time I was on the treadmill. Sometime in early July maybe? I go through these love/hate relationships with it. Right now, it’s a definite hate. I tend to love the treadmill in the winter because I am not a cold weather runner (at all). But, I’ve been outside for weeks – rain, wind, heat, humidity.

Monday – Recovery.  That streak ended this past week. I stayed up way too late Sunday night putting together furniture for our kids’ playroom.  Paid the price Monday morning when I shut off my alarm. If I’m not out of the house by 630/7 (at the very latest), my run outside is not happening. Monday it didn’t happen. So the alternative was to run with the double stroller. Or during my youngest son’s first nap. The first nap is the one I can count on – it’s always between 9-930 and lasts for at least an hour (often 90 min) which gives me enough time to run, stretch, shower and get dressed. So little guy was sleeping. Older guy was playing with his trains down the basement (and then watched an episode of Thomas on TV). Easy miles. Easy pace.  5 miles: 8:22 pace

5 miles

Who doesn’t love a little “Thomas” while you are running?

Tuesday – Day OFF! My coach has me on {roughly} an 8 day on/1 day off schedule. So this was the first day off for me since last Sunday. HEAVEN.

Wednesday – 2 mile warmup, 5 mile tempo, 2 mile cooldown. On paper, the pace sounded a bit easy. 7:10 -> 7:05 for the middle 5.  I ran FASTER than that for the NYC Half in March.  I managed the 5 miles.  But, it was hard. The first 3/3.5 felt great.  But the last mile or so was pure torture. The recent return of the humidity didn’t help matters either.  Run was further proof that I’m still firmly in the regaining my speed lost during Ironman training phase. BOO. Splits: 8:18, 7:50, 7:07, 7:05, 7:06, 7:03, 7:07, 8:29, 8:02. 9 miles: 7:34 pace

Thursday and Friday – 2 days of easy running. Both on the treadmill. Again. I’m leaning that if I start the week with little sleep, I spend the rest of the week trying to play catchup. But unless I nap when my husband comes home from work, I don’t get the chance to make up sleep until the weekend. Which means a high probability of hitting “snooze” and resigning myself to a treadmill run. I also went out Thursday night (a rarity for me) into the city to celebrate my friend Jocelyn‘s moving to Oregon to work for Picky Bars. Thursday: 6 miles at 8:10 pace. Friday: 6 miles at 8:03 pace.


Saturday – When I get to the end of my block each day, I have a decision – right or left. Right takes me to the southern end of Staten Island and a few rolling hills. For a long run it means I need to do a few laps to get the miles in (it’s only about 1.75 miles to the end). Left takes me north on Staten Island where I can run 9-10+ miles out and then back. There are a few HUGE hills 2-3 miles from our house on this route. Each direction has it’s advantages and disadvantages and I never know which route I will go until I reach the end of my block. I think part of it is that I know I will obsess over what lies ahead if I know which route I will do. Either I will have to do a long out and back with some hills at the end OR deal with a lot of little loops. Often the decision is based on the wind. If it’s really windy, I choose the loop option because I hate the thought of running 6-10 miles straight into a headwind.

In the back of my mind I had planned to go right and just deal with the rollers. I didn’t feel up to fighting the hills (and wind) on the return trip if I went left. But as I was nearing the end of my block, I made the split second decision to take the harder route. Truth is, I want a {big} PR pretty badly this fall. The last thing I want is to have those nagging thoughts during the marathon. I should have done this or I could have worked harder in that workout. I’ve been there before and it sucks.

I ran 7 miles out, 7 miles back and then did a few short laps close to the house. The first 7 miles were fantastic. My pace was hovering around 7:40 and I felt in control and relaxed.  I turned around and hit the wind.  It was a fight for a few miles until I was used to the wind. Then I hit the hills. Good times. My plan didn’t call for a fast finish, but I still wanted to finish strong so I pushed the last mile.  No fuel. No water. 90% humidity + 75 degrees. My shorts were dripping with sweat by mile 9.  By mile 12, I was ringing out sweat from my shirt. 16 miles. 7:43 pace. 

Splits: 7:56, 7:49, 7:43, 7:43, 7:40, 7:40, 7:41, 7:46, 7:47, 7:44, 7:43, 7:40, 7:51 (hill), 7:46 (hill), 7:50, 7:14.  

16 miles

Do you choose the harder route in training?

What do you dislike most? Heat, humidity, hills, wind? Hands down, wind.


I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

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    14 thoughts on “Treadmill + Clean House

    1. I live in the prairies right now so I don’t have hills. When I was home last week, the hills terrified and subsequently made valiant attempts on my life. Because of all the openness though, we do get basically constant winds and they can be brutal. Sometimes it’s like running into a hair dryer.

    2. I like to pick hard routes for my long runs, but always change up the easy run days with moderate to easy routes. And my tempos are always on the same relatively flat road. I think my least favorite weather condition is humidity. Heat I can do, hills, wind. No problem. But humidity really bothers me/my body.
      Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..Hood to Coast Recap: part twoMy Profile

    3. Company visiting is always a great motivator for a deep clean!

      I would say humidity, followed closely by heat, are my least favorite by far. I don’t mind wind because it cools me down (though I’m not exactly trying to break any records with my speed so it’s kind of a non-factor for me).
      Courtney @ Don’t Blink. Just Run. recently posted..Weekend Shenanigans Part 1My Profile

    4. I’m so with you on wanting a neat/clean house! It’s terrible b/c now that I have kids in school F/T I get used to keeping it nice–but when they are home for a 3-day weekend, I get a little crazy with the mess!

      I hope you can learn to embrace the treadmill again if that’s where you need to be. I loathe it so always admire you people who can put in lots of miles on it!

      I have pretty much no flat routes from my house, so I have to embrace the hills!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Puppy loveMy Profile

    5. Usually I’d say wind…but lately the humidty has just been killer. Especially after the RNR Virginia beach half yesterday that was 93% humidity. So I guess I could say wind and humidity tie for least favorite. Good news is I shouldn’t have to deal with humidity much longer (head home from vacation tomorrow, and Upstate NY humidty usually dies down early enough in the fall).
      Laura @losingrace recently posted..Wineglass Training Week 6: over half way!My Profile

    6. Nice week, especially with all of those treadmill miles. I love your question at the end, because I didn’t choose the harder route or times before I ran my first marathon. I was doing Disney in January, and it was supposed to be cold (I mean, it’s always cold in January I told myself). When the race came and it was 100% humidity and 70* at 5:30 am I knew I was in for it big time, and I crashed pretty hard. I decided after that that I would run no matter the situation, because I couldn’t control the race day situations, and having the hard runs in my back pocked would make the races easier. I’m sticking with that as I run in Florida summer. You’re so impressive with all of these miles and successful tempo runs post Ironman. Thanks for your email response. I’m planning to write you back. Registration opens Wednesdays, so I’m probably going to wait until Thursday or Friday to write back with news of what I’ve decided. Thanks again for all your support and thoughts, Michele!
      meghan @ little girl in the big world recently posted..Keurig Brew Over Ice GiveawayMy Profile

    7. Great work pushing through those hills! I drove up to 8,500 feet altitude to run up nearly 1,000 feet over my 8 mile run today. But I did it slow and it felt great not paying attention to pace and running in the cool mountain breeze. I am not sure if that was the hard route or not? My fall marathon is at 5,000 feet and flat.
      Amy @ Run Write Hike recently posted..Breaking on a Non-VacationMy Profile

    8. Hmmmm…I guess it depends on the day…but I usually take the easier route :). I hate to admit it, but for long and tempo runs I go for flat!
      Oh wind…for sure wind! I don’t know if there is a heat temprature that I won’t run in…I may not like it but I will just adjust and try to go early or just do it. But the wind just takes it out of me!
      I think it is funny that when I start really cleaning my kids ask who is coming over…. :/
      Jen recently posted..Happy Labor Day & meal planning MondayMy Profile

    9. Living in Texas, I have to say heat (we’ve been in the 100s for a straight week now). When the wind blows, it feels like you’re in a convection oven. :)

    10. I HATE wind, but here in Florida most of us right now will chose humidity as our biggest enemy. It’s funny you post this because I am right now in a cleaning frenzy. I planned a bit poorly and so my super busy time at work (next 2.5 months) is also the biggest ramp up to my marathon…so I am now trying on Labor day to make the house spotless so it can deteriorate over the next month or so…you know… I do also take the harder route in training for the very same reason. It’s a training run, so it doesn’t have to always feel like a PR. Of course, my goal race I chose is perfectly flat, so who knows…. Best wishes to you, so fast!
      Holly recently posted..Rest week Wrap Up….My Profile