BIG Weekend + Training Catchup

Guess what’s happening this weekend!?! It’s my husband’s first Half-Ironman!!! I think I’m more excited and nervous than he is!! I finally am getting to experience what it feels like to be on the other side.

I am so proud of my husband for putting in all the training the last few months for this race.  Lately, he’s been the one getting up at 415-430am to get his workout in, then return home to shower and then I head out while he gets dressed and ready for work (while watching the boys). The mornings are a blur for us between the hours of 5-8 and we don’t get a ton of time together…but we’ve managed to both train for big races at the same time (first time we’ve been able to juggle both).

It’s the Rev3 Half Full Triathlon in Ellicot City, Maryland. We are heading down tomorrow afternoon with the littlest guy while the oldest gets a fun day/night/sleepover with Grandma! If you are in the area, come out and cheer (and keep me company!!) =)  And please send him good race vibes!! YAY!

Any tips for a first-time sherpa??



So it’s been a while since I did a rundown of my training (almost two weeks?). I’m really starting to feel stronger on my workouts during the week. I think slowly down has helped as well as a full recovery from the Ironman two months ago (I’ve read that it can take 6-8 weeks to fully recover from one). The 600m workout last Tuesday was the first workout where I felt like my legs were turning over the way I wanted them to. Up until then, my brain has wanted to go faster, but my legs were not getting the message. It finally happened last weekend and I was ecstatic to see some 5’s as pace at times.

Monday: Easy 5.3 miles (8:15ish pace)

Tuesday: 10×600 – 9 miles (7:43 pace). I’ve never done 600s before. Verdict is – I kinda like them. They didn’t feel as hard as 400s (maybe longer recovery time?) and not as long as 800s.

Goal time for them was 2:20-2:23 (6:15-6:23 pace) with 90 seconds of active recovery. After a speedy first two repeats, I felt strong so decided to just go with those paces. All were between 2:15-2:18 (6:02-6:10 pace). Unlike all of my previous interval workouts, I did not die with this one and I actually finished strong (last 2 were 2:16). This was one of those workouts where you ride the high all day. It wasn’t until I came home and checked my training log that I realized that I did the 600s at a faster pace than I did the 400s a few weeks ago (those were all between 6:10-6:28 pace). Baby steps =)

Wednesday: Easy 5 miles (8:04 pace). A bit faster than I wanted it to be.

Thursday: 6 mile tempo – 9 miles (7:16 pace)I had to do this run in the afternoon because my husband was away with work for a few days and my dad was only able to come in the afternoon. I’m not an afternoon runner. I didn’t know what to eat, how to hydrate, etc to feel ready for this run. When I started, it was warm (80 degrees), sunny, windy and humid. Goal was 6:55-7:00. My splits were all over the place. 6:56, 6:57, 6:54, 6:59, 6:54, 7:01. Even splits were mostly into the wind while the odds had the wind to my back. I finished but I wasn’t entirely thrilled with this workout, especially since I didn’t finish as strong as I wanted.

Friday: Easy 5 miles (Garmin-Free!) + Saturday: Easy 5 miles (8:17 pace)

Sunday: 4.7 miles (7:40 pace)This was a long run fail. Meant to be a 20 miler with lots of MGP miles. Unfortunately, dinner made a second appearance at mile 4.7 which ended the run for me. I felt awful from the moment I woke up but hoped that it would go away after a few miles.  Beyond bummed that my great week of running ended with a craptastic run, but happy that it happened now and not on race day.

Monday: Easy 6 miles on treadmill (8:17 pace) + Tuesday: Easy 6 miles (garmin-free): There was also some drills and core. And pullups (that I’ve started doing on the swing set in the yard).


Wednesday: 2×400+6 tempo+2×400. 10 miles (7:18 pace). When I saw this workout, I initially freaked out. I’ve never combined both tempo and intervals in the same workout. I was worried because I had a really hard time last week with the 6 mile tempo (I was toast by the last mile) and now had to sandwich it up with 2x400s on each side (all with 60 sec active recovery). The lesson of the day was to focus on what I was doing. Concentrate on the 400s during the first set. Then focus on one mile at a time during the tempo. Don’t freak out about the 400s looming on the other side. Then when the tempo is over, look to the 400s.

Goal times: 1:35 for 400s and 7:00 for tempo miles

Splits: 1:34, 1:32, 6:58, 6:57, 6:57, 6:56, 6:57, 6:53, 1:36, 1:33

The first 2x400s felt comfortably hard. It actually felt really great to open up my stride a bit and get my legs loosened. And when I started the tempo, the first mile or so actually felt slow. Miles 2-3 were good – I felt much more in control and relaxed than the previous tempo. I forced myself to not go too fast. 6 miles is a long tempo. One mile too fast and the whole workout becomes a wash. Mile 4 was the toughest, mentally. Getting to halfway sounds great but then you still have to repeat what you just did. The last 2 miles were a blur. I was tired but happy that I was holding on. 6:56-6:58 seemed to be the sweet spot for this workout. And I wanted to finish strong so I pushed it a bit for that last mile. I missed the goal time for the first 400 (1:36 instead of 1:35) but given how hard my heart was beating, I was pretty happy I was able to pull a sub-7 out! And I ended strong with a 1:33.

Thursday: Easy 6 miles (8:12 pace) in one of my favorite shirts =)

run this body

*Note: Tuesday was scheduled to be an Off day but since I barely did any mileage on Sunday, we made it an easy day with average mileage. (I usually take a day off every 8-9 days per my coach’s schedule). 

Have you ever done a tempo/interval combo? 

What’s on your agenda this weekend? 

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    2. Your training is looking awesome! Sorry about the 20 miles that didn’t work out so well..good perspective…yes, at least it wasn’t on race day! I don’t follow blogs often these days but now that fall is here, my interest in reading more about running/writing blogs, etc. is increasing a tad and I’m glad to read this…it gets me pumped up to start training again. I’m glad to say that because I’ve lacked some major mojo. Wow, I’m so impressed that you are both training hard at the same time. Good luck to him! My husband just ran a marathon but we tend to take turns with the training cycles. Although this time he will be training for an ultra while I train for Boston…hmmm, not sure how that will work but if we can find a sitter, he is my perfect running partner so that might work in our favor. Enjoy cheering and celebrating!

    3. Ohhh..sorry about that second dinner! No fun at all. But you made up for it with some really nice quality miles this week. I had a great combo workout on Tuesday– 6 x 90-second hill repeats followed by 4 miles at tempo pace. It felt really, really good!

      Ok, I just emailed you–you will be one mile from my house. We will see each other this weekend!
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