Birthday Celebration + 24 days to go!

Hey everyone! I’m still here! I know I have barely written anything lately…life has been crazy the last few weeks and blogging is one of the first things I sacrifice when I am short on time. But crazy = good so I am not complaining. I have a bunch of exciting things going on with blogging/social media and will be sharing them all in the next few weeks!

Monday was my 32nd birthday.  It’s strange how things change – my husband took a half day with the intention of giving me some free time to go for a massage, take a nap, get my nails done…really just have some alone time.  But all I wanted to do was spend the afternoon with the boys. It was an absolutely gorgeous day so we decided to take the 45-minute drive and go to the Turtle Back Zoo in NJ. We had a blast!




My whole family (sans one sister) came over on Sunday for dinner and birthday cake. It was the perfect way to celebrate!

Two (of 3) sisters and the kids!

Two (of 3) sisters and the kids!


Another week of marathon training has come and gone. Philly is *just* 24 days away. I’m down to 5 or 6 workouts remaining (depending if my coach gives me one final workout the week of the 3rd) including two more long runs.

I am really happy with where I am in my training. I’m finding myself going back through my training log a lot lately and it excites me that workouts I was struggling with early on feel almost easy to me now. 12 weeks may not seem like a long time on paper but it allows for a TON of improvement and growth if you train properly.  It’s also a good reminder that your training plan should BUILD to where you want to be on race day. Paces that calculators give you for goal marathon times should be what you strive to do at the end of training – not what you are doing during week 1 of training.  My tempo pace is considerably faster now than it was 2 months ago (started with 7:05 average and now down to 6:50-6:55) while also becoming longer (started with 5 miles). My mile repeats are faster and I’m doing more of them. Fast finish for long runs have gone from 2 miles to 4 miles. And most importantly is the way I am feeling. I feel strong and rested. I don’t feel overtrained. And I feel faster with each run. All good things to be feeling with the taper so close.

Tuesday: After my hamstring issue last weekend, I finally felt good during this run. 6 miles: 8:05 average. No pain or soreness or pressure.

Wednesday: 11 total miles (7:43 average) with 6×1 mile repeats. This was a long workout. 11 miles during the week makes me happy. Goal pace was 6:45 to start and then down to 6:35 for the last few with 3 minute recovery jog in between each. Actual splits: 6:44, 6:39, 6:36, 6:35, 6:32, 6:33. I really could not be more pleased with how this workout went. I’m most happy with the lack of falling off for the last 1 or 2 repeats (as is usual for me). These repeats are also about 6-8 sec faster than the last time I did a set of 5 (a few weeks ago). Baby steps, friends, baby steps.

Thursday: 6 easy miles (8:17 pace). Around mile 4.5, I jumped onto the sidewalk to avoid a car that was turning and the next thing I knew, my ankle rolled and I took a hard spill onto the ground. My ankle was throbbing, my knee and ankle were bleeding but more than anything, my ego was bruised. Of course it had to happen at a busy light and during rush hour when there were about 20 cars lined up and 10+ people waiting at the bus stop. Scored major cool points. I miraculously was running with my phone (which happens about 1% of the time) and immediately called (cried to) my husband to come get me. I walked a few minutes while I was waiting and the throbbing went away so I called him back and said I would just run home (far easier to do that than get two little ones dressed and in the car at 7am). Later that afternoon, my ankle started swelling and was painful to walk. I iced and elevated as best as I could do with 2 little ones and tried not to go into full out panic mode.


Friday: unplanned rest day. My ankle still hurt and although I figured I could manage 6-7 miles, I wanted to give it a full day to rest so that I could get the 18 miles in on Saturday. Long runs > easy runs during marathon training.

Saturday: 18 miles w/ last four up tempo (7:30 pace). No fuel and no water -> this was kind of unintentional as I had water and gel on the hood of my car but made the decision at mile 10 to skip it since I felt good. I spent the first 14 miles obsessing over how I was going to manage the last 4.  An hour and 45 minutes of counting down the miles until it was time to go fast. It was definitely hard, but I was surprised that I was able to hold sub-marathon goal pace for the last 4 miles, especially considering I hadn’t fueled at all. And also surprised because I added in a 4 mile loop (twice) into the 18 miles which included a handful of rolling hills. The first 14 miles were a bit faster than I was expecting but I think the unplanned rest day, lack of humidity and the darkness (I couldn’t see my pace for the first 6 or 7 miles until the mile beeped so I ran on feel) all played a part.

Splits: 8:01, 7:41, 741, 7:32, 7:30, 7:36, 7:35, 7:37, 7:35, 7:30, 7:33, 7:34, 7:31, 7:37, 7:12, 7:09, 7:12, 6:58

As I was putting my splits into my workout log, I glanced back at one of the first workouts I did this training cycle. It was a 5 mile tempo (7:07, 7:05, 7:06, 7:03, 7:07) and my paces were pretty close to what I ran at the end of the 18 miles. I remember finishing that workout and feeling absolutely exhausted. I can’t even begin to explain how much stronger I feel now. I was having a hard time hitting those paces two months ago and now they are tacked on to the end of a long run. More progress.

After the run, Jenn came over for a bit (she was running 20 out in my neck of the woods) for coffee and bagels and race strategy for the NYC Marathon (her next race!). Perfect way to end the morning!

18 miler

Sunday, Monday: 8, 6 easy miles (garmin-less and 8:19 pace)

Tuesday: 9.15 miles including 10x600m repeats with 90 second jog in between each. This was the same workout I did four weeks ago. I forced myself to go a bit slower in the beginning and felt 100x stronger at the end. And the overall pace of the whole workout (including warmup, recovery jogs and cooldown) was almost 10 seconds/mile faster than 4 weeks ago. Progress!

Warmup: 826, 8:06
10x600m: 2:17, 2:17, 2:16, 2:17, 2:16, 2:15, 2:16, 2:15, 2:14, 2:15,
Cooldown: 8:09, 7:51


We are in middle of marathon season. Did you race this past weekend? Are you racing this weekend? 

How often do you look at your training log during a training cycle? 


I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

For More NYC Running Mama training updates, pictures and ramblings, check out:

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    2. Glad you had such a special birthday! We have to plan a meet up soon… that zoo is just 10 minutes from me. :-) Maybe I can come to SI for an easy run one of these days!
      I’m so glad you’re feeling so strong! Last week I felt amazing, this week I’ve been dragging. But hopefully the taper will bring my energy back again!
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Tom Fleming’s talk + WIAWMy Profile

    3. Happy Birthday! I’m a fellow October baby….but I got 8 years on ya. I’m turning the big 4-0 on Friday. So glad that the boo boos from your curb trip up didn’t last more than a brief day. Whew! Turtle back zoo is a great lil’ place. I’m tapering down now for NYC Marathon. Feeling pretty good.
      Sally @ sweat out the small stuff recently posted..logging and bloggingMy Profile

    4. I am injured so no racing for me BUT we are heading to Washington DC this weekend for my husband to run the Marine Corps Marathon! I am looking forward to it! Always fun being there!

      Great job on your training! I am a dork and LOVE training schedules so I’m always paying attention to it BUT I’ve learned sometimes you need to listen to your body!
      Sara @ LovingOnTheRun recently posted..“Shrinking Women”My Profile

    5. Whew! Great training you’ve got going on. It’s so fantastic that you are getting faster and feeling stronger with each week. That’s such a confidence booster. And I’m so glad you were ok post fall.

      I can’t even believe we are so close to our marathons. The training has really flown for me this time. I am at the point where I am starting to feel tired, both mentally and physically, so I am glad tapering starts next week. One more long, hard one to go!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Why I’ll never run 26.2 as a training runMy Profile

    6. What training log do you use?? Or do you just use a notebook? I have been thinking of getting one to keep better track of my training instead of just looking at my nike app/garmin to refer back!