PRO Compression + Sick Again + Treadmill Running

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I’m pretty excited to share that I have been selected as a PRO Compression Ambassador. =) I have been wearing PRO Compression socks for over a year – often after long runs or stress workouts as recovery but also for several races.

pro compression5

Scotland 10k

pro compression4

NYC Half Marathon

pro compression6

I did a full review of them last year that you can read here. Anyway, I’m excited to work with this amazing company and to share some deals and giveaways (!!) with you guys!



Each week I vow to update on here a little bit more and then each week it seems like something else pops up that wins out over blogging.  Anyway, let’s catch up. I was finally starting to feel like I was getting into a good rhythm again after my little knee troubles a few weeks ago – successfully did a couple of speed workouts and got a few more longish runs in.

  • Monday: Rest Day (full rest day -> no cross training, core, etc)
  • Tuesday: 8 treadmill miles (8:10 pace) + core + strength work
  • Wednesday: 10 miles including 6 progression tempo miles (6:53, 6:51, 6:48, 6:46, 6:43, 6:39) + pilates + core
  • Thursday: 10 miles -> at night which was not ideal but at least I got the miles in

My plan was to run 6-8 miles on Friday, 20-22 on Saturday and then run some recovery miles with my husband in Central Park on Sunday morning (we were spending the night in the city!).

None of those runs happened. I felt a cold coming on Thursday so took some Emergen-C and upped my fluids in hopes of fighting it. Woke up Friday and felt worse. Neither boy napped during the day and I decided to skip my run on Friday in hopes that I would feel better by Saturday for the more-important long run. Unfortunately, I was up quite a bit Friday night coughing and unable to sleep from the congestion and just felt under the weather so the long run was tossed. And then I just felt worse and worse as the days went on.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was my first run since Thursday. NOT ideal in any way but I’m just glad to no longer feel the way I did over the weekend. 8 faster-than-normal easy-paced miles (I blame the lack of activity for five days for the faster pace!) followed by another 9 easy-paced miles today.

Anyway, it throws a bit of a wrench in my training for the LA Marathon which is less than 3 weeks away. I know I haven’t done nearly enough long runs this training cycle (two 18s and one 20) so I’m leaning towards shortening my taper and getting in one more next week sometime.


I’ve been logging a good number of my miles on the treadmill. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than skipping a run! I’m routinely doing 8-10 milers the last few weeks and have done a few of my long runs (including a 20 miler a few weeks ago). I’ve been asked (mostly through twitter and instagram) how I am able to run so many miles at a time on the treadmill. I’m not going to rehash a lot of what has already been said the last few weeks on other blogs. Two of my close friends (Dorothy and Sarah) wrote great posts about getting through longer runs on treadmills.

But I figured I would share what works best for me:

  • Keep my mind occupied. I find it MUCH easier to do the tougher workouts on the treadmill – especially workouts where the pace is changing frequently. The easy-paced, “run 8 miles at x:xx pace” are much tougher for me. So when I do have to run an easy/recovery run on the treadmill I often:
    • Make it a progression Runs: I make every single easy run a progression run – it helps keep my mind busy while also forcing me to start slow (always a problem for me for easy runs). I often start the first mile at 8:30 pace and gradually drop it down to ~8:00 for the last mile.
    • Play with elevation: If it’s supposed to be an easy day, I don’t do actual hill work, but I do try to simulate rolling hills. So I’ll run say, a minute to two minutes at a higher elevation (nothing major – just something around 2-2.5) and then two to three minutes at 0.0. You do that a few times and there’s a few miles!
  • Countdown. I do this much  more on the treadmill then when I’m running outside. I count in 4 min increments (basically 1/2 mile). So I’m only really ever focused on getting through the next 4 minutes. So if I’m 2 minutes into the 3rd mile, I tell myself that I only have 2 minutes remaining. And then when that’s up, I’m already half done with that mile. It sounds silly but it makes the run seem much more manageable.
  • TV/Music/Texting. Find what works for you. Last winter, I would watch my favorite shows on mute (with the captions) while listening to music. This year, I’m finding that I prefer to focus more on my run and just listen to the music channel (on the tv). I prefer to not wearing headphones lately because I felt disconnected from what was going on around me – especially if the boys are around. I’m not coordinated enough to do a lot of texting while running, but several of my girlfriends are much more skilled at this.

Treadmill or Dreadmill? 

Do you wear compression socks? 


I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

For More NYC Running Mama training updates, pictures and ramblings, check out:

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    29 thoughts on “PRO Compression + Sick Again + Treadmill Running

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    2. Pingback: PRO Compression Giveaway!

    3. Congrats on working with Pro Compression! I thought about applying but it was already closed by the time I remembered.

      It seems like everyone is or has been sick recently. Glad you’re feeling better :)
      Shannon @ Mon Amour recently posted..Hill RepeatsMy Profile

    4. Sounds like you’re being smart about your training. Everyone runs into obstacles like sickness or injury and I’m sure you will be a beast on race day no matter what!
      I’ve been logging A LOT of miles on the treadmill and I’m learning to embrace it. I listen to music and I could NEVER text – OMG!?
      I started using compression socks in Oct and I have no idea why it took me so long! I love them!!
      Allie recently posted..Raising Boys vs Girls: Guest PostMy Profile

    5. Congrats! I’m currently wearing one Pro Compression sock (I’m a klutz and fell/caught my foot on as were grate when stepping off a curb and now it’s swollen and yellow green).

      How short are the sleeves on you? I have a bunch Of their socks but the sleeves seem SO short to me. They stop at least a few inches above my ankle bone.
      Sheena recently posted..When you’re a klutzMy Profile

    6. Treadmill for sure! I actually like the treadmill, sure it can get boring (no long runs in it for me), but it’s such a great alternative to cold weather.
      I wear compression socks and actually ProCompression have become the only socks I wear for running, either the marathon socks or the low trainers.
      2 Cups ‘N Run recently posted..Good Morning, No to Shoes, Yes to GUMy Profile

    7. Congrats on ProCompression! Ugh- so sorry you’ve been sick… you’re still getting in lots of miles, and our bodies tend to “remember” mileage too… the fall marathon training wasn’t that long ago, so I wouldn’t stress too much about the long runs. The race is coming up fast!
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Madeover Taco Bean DipMy Profile

    8. LOVE ProCompression!!!!!!!
      It is a dreadmill for me….but I must say that in our move we lost the screws for my treadmill and the last 2 weeks have been crazy rough outside!!!! There have been many days these last 2 weeks that definitely would have been on my treadmill if I had it! I got most of the runs in…but, ugh!
      Jen@milesandblessings recently posted..A race on the calendar!!!!!My Profile

    9. Congrats on the ProCompression deal! I love their stuff, too.

      Sorry you were so sick, but I think you did the right thing by backing off right away–probably saved you a longer layoff if you had tried to run through it.

      I hate, hate, hate the treadmill. Even though the AlterG has been godsend for me in that it allows me to run, I cannot wait until I am back on real ground again. I kid you not when I say there is no way I could ever (or would ever) attempt a 20-miler on it. I’d rather just skip a race than do that!
      misszippy1 recently posted..My current state of runningMy Profile

    10. Congrats on your new ambassadorship! I’m sure it’s a great feeling to be an ambassador for a brand that you really love. I’ve been doing the TV on closed caption + music for my treadmill runs lately and they haven’t been as bad as I remember them being last winter. It’s definitely a state of mind thing. I hope you start feeling back to 100% soon!
      Beth @ Running with the Sunrise recently posted..WIAW – Mindy’s Hot ChocolateMy Profile

    11. Thanks for the link love! I’ve been feeling similarly disappointed with my last few weeks of training. I’ve either been sidelined by tightness in my back or now by a cold:/ I’ve been trying to increase my weekly mileage, but all these unplanned rest days aren’t helping!
      Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..Training UpdateMy Profile

    12. I’m glad that you are feeling better, smart to back off when you felt that cold coming on though. Better to be sick now than race day too! I know this cycle hasn’t been ideal for you but you have played it super smart and I think that is going to do wonders for you.

      Treadmill is a tool, I firmly believe that. It has helped me learn pacing techniques as well as given me ability to run even when weather was crap. BUT, yes I am dreading the mill a little more these days since I have been confined to it so much.

      Congrats on being a Pro-Compression ambassador, you are a great person to represent a company like that!! :)
      Laura @losingrace recently posted..Boston Training: On the Up-swingMy Profile

    13. I found your blog while searching for info on running during pregnancy, and I love it! :) I enjoy the treadmill, especially for speed work, as long as I don’t have to do too many runs in a row on it. Listening to music works best for me–I pass the time more quickly by not letting myself look at the time until a song is over.
      Dana recently posted..Not Your Average Runner’s Strength TrainingMy Profile

    14. love the treadmill! with two 3 year olds, it is a must! before they wake up and naptime is my ideal time to run. also, i swear by compression socks. have worn them during most of my races and long runs.!

    15. I do a lot of easy progression runs on the treadmill. It’s hard to hang at one pace, so it really does make those runs more interesting. I’ve got a rolling hill fartlek workout to do today, and it’s going to have to be on the treadmill because it’s snowing (again!!!) and slippery outside.

      Congrats on your ambassadorship!
      Judith recently posted..Mental ToughnessMy Profile

    16. All of my runs (except for 1 half marathon and 1 run with a friend) have been on my treadmill this winter. I have logged a lot of miles on it, and I really don’t mind it. I have a good setup in our basement with a TV attached to the wall, and I watch shows on Netflix :) I live in an area with no sidewalks, and almost no shoulder, so I do not feel safe to run outside with all of this snow. So really the treadmill is my only safe option. I play around with the elevation and pace, and time goes by quickly- especially if I have a good show/movie on :) I haven’t tried compression socks yet, but I would like to give them a try!

    17. I am getting more comfortable on the treadmill, and am starting to really get in a groove, but doing a long weekend run is definitely not my idea of fun. 8-10 isn’t so bad, anything more I would definitely prefer being on the road. With a husband who is entering his travel season, a little one, and a running partner who doesn’t necessarily always want to run at 5:30 and hit hard speed work….it just makes more sense for me to run on the treadmill….and to buy one. Still taking recommendations on a make and model!
      Crystal@TheFastFitRunner recently posted..Becki Michael Interview – 2011 Akron Marathon Winner and My Running Coach!My Profile

    18. DREADMILL! I find that I cannot stay focused on the treadmill and can’t run more than an hour on it. I also wear Pro them!
      Lucy recently posted..AustinMy Profile