23 miler + Small Victories

After five days off from running last week due to what I believe to be the flu, I had a string of good running days. Nothing hard or too taxing (Thursday’s run was a fartlek) since I was still getting my strength back from the rough weekend, but some good, comfortable long(ish) runs: 8, 9 and 10 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It felt great to start to build some mileage and have that slightly tired feeling in my legs again.

photo (34)

Beautiful rainbow last week!

Friday was an easy 8 miles on the treadmill while my youngest was up and down the basement with me. This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a small victory for us. My oldest was spending the afternoon at the circus with his cousin and aunt and so I decided to roll the dice and see how many miles I could get in before my youngest’s attention span was up. The little guy lasted just over an hour! He stayed completely away from the treadmill and alternated between playing with some of his toys and watching Sesame Street. It’s a relief to know that I can now take the boys downstairs without trying to time my running with naps.

Saturday was my last long run this training cycle. I was up at 4am because I was headed to CT with my mom and sisters for my sister’s bridal shower (her future MIL was throwing her a second one closer to her home) and had to be showered with hair and makeup done by 930. Not ideal but I wanted to get the run over with so I could enjoy the day without worrying about hydrating, what I was eating, etc.

photo (37)

Gear ready for Saturday’s early run

I had planned on doing the whole run outside but ultimately had to run some miles on the treadmill because of the icy roads. 23 total miles in 3:02 ->7:54 pace.

Honestly, the run looks a lot better on paper than it actually felt. It wasn’t a comfortable run nor was it enjoyable. Just one of those runs where you begin counting down to the miles (or tenths of a mile) by mile 3 or 4 and if you weren’t training for something, you would have stopped about a hundred times. Makes for a really long run. It’s not that I was tired – I just wasn’t feeling the run. But I’m happy that I kept going and got a good 3 hours in on my feet. I think we want the last long run to be amazing because we think it is indicative of how the marathon will go…but I’m not sure there is any correlation. Almost every long run in the fall went really well and then the marathon didn’t. So who knows?

Fuel for the run: I had one spoonful of peanut butter right before the run started (I’m not hungry when I first wake up and found this was really all I could stomach), two energy blasts at mile 8, two at mile 14 and one at mile 19. Each of those fuel stops included a sip or two of water.

The rest of the day was a blast – anytime I get to spend time with my sisters and mom is always a win!! And I was pleasantly surprised that my legs were not as sore or tight as I was expecting despite sitting in the car for two hours on the way to the shower and almost three hours home.

photo (35)

I finished off the weekend with an easy and really enjoyable 10 miles on Sunday. It was 52 degrees and sunny when I started the run – I was only planning on 6-7 recovery miles but it was just too nice and warm to not run a few more (I had a rest day on Monday).

Asics from head to toe + PRO Compression sleeves

Asics from head to toe + PRO Compression sleeves

So that was my peak week – not as many miles as I had planned since I had to take it a bit easier for the first few days, but still ran 68 miles. Just two more workouts this week and then the remainder are easy runs before the LA Marathon in 12 days!

What’s the longest (time or distance) training run you have done?

Do you do any workouts during your taper?


I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

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    25 thoughts on “23 miler + Small Victories

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    2. Congrats on a GREAT long run, also very glad you are feeling better. Better to be sick now than on race day though. 23 is the longest training run I have done, I did that before CIM. Honestly I think it was just a huge mental boost knowing I almost did my entire race in a training run.

      Yay for great time with mom and sisters, girl time really is the best and sometimes just what we need!
      Laura @losingrace recently posted..Edge of The World 10k & Freezeroo ThoughtsMy Profile

    3. I can totally relate to not getting in the miles that you want to. Been dealing with so many setbacks. I have yet to get above 50 and its killing me!! But we had a bout with the stomach bug and then last weeks tight calf muscle…It has literally been a BATTLE to get in the miles. But I think cross-my-fingers that next week is going to be strong!
      Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..Carrot Cake Pancakes with Cream Cheese-Yogurt DrizzleMy Profile

    4. My longest training run for my first (and currently only) marathon was 23 miles. While I’m glad I did it (I feel like it’s really about getting time on your feet/mental state more than anything) – I’m not sure what I will do for my next marathon. I was REALLLLLLY burned out by the time the marathon hit. Was it those few extra miles? No, but they definitely didn’t help OR hurt me.

      I’m in planning mode for my next two marathons now and I have some tough decisions to make!

      Way to go getting right back into things after being sick!!
      Michelle recently posted..Pre-Planning PlanningMy Profile

    5. Wow, that’s awesome! I did 20+ when training for my first marathon. I say “+” because I got lost and didn’t have a gps/phone with me in an unfamiliar location that happened to be in a forest and forced me to use some Bear Grylls skills. Despite conditions not being ideal, I really think it helped jump the mental hurdles of running so long and knowing that whatever happened on race day, I would be able to handle it.

    6. You are a rockstar! I feel like I have a lot going on with coaching, my MBA and my training, but you manage even more. I definitely have had some of those struggle bus runs this year! You are doing great though, glad you are feeling much better!

      I ran a 19 mile progression run yesterday, and it went really well :) I ran 6:17 average! So happy with that, I must be back to myself! My longest run was that marathon in Philly….but not sure the last 5 miles of that marathon can be counted as running…..I was more walking than running!
      Tina Muir recently posted..Rise Bars Giveaway Product ReviewMy Profile

    7. I can’t wait until I can do my runs easier with the kid. He’s still way too interested in what the treadmill does so for me I wouldn’t be able to run comfortably. I also can’t wait until this snow gets off the ground so I can get back out and stroller run as the kid likes that way way more.
      Jade recently posted..Holy Seitan!My Profile

    8. Glad you are feeling better and were able to get in all those runs – especially that 23 miler!!
      And – it’s so nice to be able to run when your little ones can be near you (without worrying that they will try to “join” you) – I so remember those days.
      Kim recently posted..Time to Make a Few ChangesMy Profile

      • It’s a lot easier to run with the little guy when the older one is around b/c he is a bit more distracted and preoccupied with him than with me and the treadmill! I don’t think I’m at the point where I will attempt anything where I need to concentrate on running though – I am constantly talking to the little guy while I run and my attention is almost entirely on him ! HA =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..23 miler + Small VictoriesMy Profile

    9. I’m in the middle of training for my first marathon, so my longest run ever was last Saturday with 16.75 miles. My training plan has me going up to 23 miles before the marathon in May. I definitely had my doubts as I was getting above 13.5 miles, but after food and a nap, I felt pretty good Saturday, so now I’m looking forward to my 18 mile run next weekend!

    10. Sounds like a win on the long run to me! 23 miles is a beast of a distance and then to have to sit most of the day after is tough. But the 10 the next day sounded great–it was so springlike last weekend! I think that final long run can be hit or miss b/c we are always so tired by the time we reach it. Enjoy the final few workouts and then cruise on in to the marathon!
      misszippy1 recently posted..Sounds like a fun race, no?My Profile

    11. I don’t think I could sit in a car that long after 23 miles! My longest training run for the Philly marathon was 20 miles, though I think I could have used a few more miles to really prepare me since it was my first full. I hit the wall hard at mile 23 and wonder if a longer final training run could have helped me avoid that.

      • Sarah – maybe, but I really don’t think running more than 20 for your first marathon is necessary! Most training plans max out at 20 for first-time marathoners…the mileage is a lot to put on your body and I think going much longer than that and you could risk injury or being burned out. But you’ve done it now – so I would definitely recommend maybe a 22 or so miler for your next one!! =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..23 miler + Small VictoriesMy Profile

      • I agree 100% about doing longer ones…but I honestly don’t think it’s necessary (or smart) to do much longer than 20 for your first marathon – the longer distances can be a lot to handle (physically) and I think it’s much smarter to be healthy at the start!! But now that you’ve done one, I would recommend a bit longer though =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..23 miler + Small VictoriesMy Profile