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This time next week I will be in California, getting ready to run the LA Marathon. The warm, sunny weather is going to be much needed, much-welcomed escape from the temps we have been dealing with in the northeast.

As a member of the Asics LA Marathon Blogger Challenge, I’ve been been able to test out a few pairs of Asics shoes (Gel-Nimbus 15, Gel-Cumulus 15 and GT-2000 2) as well as a ton of their clothes. I’ve also gotten a few pieces of official LA Marathon gear (pic below). I loved everything I tried and am looking forward to racing the LA Marathon in my new Asics gear.

photo (45)

A runner’s version of Christmas: amazing package of shoes and gear from Asics!!

photo (41)

Official Asics LA Marathon gear (can purchase online or at expo)

I’m excited to share this giveaway with you: Asics has provided me with two promo codes, each worth $150, to give away on NYC Running Mama! These codes can be redeemed on on shoes, clothes or any other gear. (I can help answer any questions you may have about clothes/shoes if you aren’t sure what you are looking for!)

Use the rafflecopter below to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • The giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, March 4.
  • Promo Codes are single-use codes and cannot be stacked; in other words, they must be used in separate transactions.
  • To use: click on the “I have a discount code” link in the shopping cart to use the promo code and apply the discount. The codes are case-sensitive, and must be used in all caps as displayed.
  • Two separate winners will be chosen.
  • Winners have 72 hours to claim their prize (I will contact you as best I can via email or social media) before a follow-up winner is selected.

I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

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    354 thoughts on “Asics Giveaway

    1. I just started wearing the asics kayano 20 shoes and I love them! All of my pain is gone. I would love to buy another pair!

    2. HI! I would love to win the chance to get some great gear as I am new to running :)

    3. I’d love to try one of the jackets. It’s just about to warm up here and a jacket would come in handy!

    4. I’m on a never ending quest for perfect running shoes so I would love to try a pair of asics.

    5. I would love to try out so e of those short sleeve shirts or maybe even some of their shoes!!!

    6. I wear gel-kayanos and am happy with their fit and performance. I’ve not tried many other asics products.

    7. I am a HUGE Asics onitsuka tiger ultimate 81 fangirl. I would love to have tons of pairs of them. They are by far the sturdiest, comfiest, airiest sneaker I have ever owned.

    8. I have been a die hard Gel Nimbus fan since I started running in 2010 – my favorite and only running shoe!

    9. I would love to try Asics shoes! I just started running a couple of years ago and have only ran in Saucony. When you are spend $100+ on shoes, it’s hard to experiment. I end up sticking with what I know works instead of branching out to something that might be better.

    10. I’m a little bit in love with the Women’s lite show tight. I want them so bad! I’m forever looking for the perfect pair of running pants and from what I’ve heard these may be them!

    11. Currently training for my first half marathon in a pair of Asics’ GT-2000 2’s! I wouldn’t mind upgrading the rest of my gear too, especially with the kinds of cute, bright tops you continually post :)

    12. Good luck in LA! I love my Asics shoes, but have never tried their clothes- would love to buy some!

    13. 1I have a pair of the Gel Numbus 14s that I love, but my favorite Asics wear would have to be my Asics shorts. They are simple, plain black shorts but have so many pockets and are perfect for my long runs!

    14. I’ve never worn Asics running shoes, but have been flirting with the idea of switching up my brands. The giveaway would definitely help with my decision :-)

    15. I have never tried Asics products but I would like to try their motion control shoes.

    16. I absolutely love their arm warmers and race singlets. Go asics and go nyc running mama!

    17. Asics running sneakers are my favorite!!!! LOVE them :) I have the Gel Noosa, the colors are so fun :)

    18. Honestly, I’ve never really worn any of Asics products since I started running, but I’m sure they have some awesome items that I would love the opportunity to try out! I’m always in need of new shoes, so that would probably be would I go for, but of course I’d have to check out all of their clothing and accessories too!

    19. I would love to try out a pair of their running shoes. I ran my very first half-marathon in Asics. I have since gotten away from their brand and I would love to test out a pair of their shoes that I have not worn before!!! A new running top wouldn’t hurt either! :)

    20. I would love to try anything asics. My Hubby only runs in Asics but I have been having trouble leaving my Brooks Ghost sneakers behind. Since they are on their last leg, might as well get on the Asics bandwagon!

    21. Asics Gel-Cumulus are my favorite shoe, I haven’t been able to run in anything else for around 6 years!

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    23. Good luck in LA! I’ve never run in Asics but would love to give them a try!

    24. I would LOOOVE to have some more tops. I’ve lost weight, so mine kind of hang on me awkwardly.

    25. Would love some new Asics shoes before I start summer mileage for cross-country season. Not sure which style yet.

    26. I love Asics shoes! I have been running in them for over 15 years. I would love to try some of their clothes!!

    27. i’d really like to try a running jacket. for whatever reason my running wardrobe is lacking one, and asics makes some really cute ones!!

    28. I’ve never tried any Asics gear, and would love to test out some new shorts, it’s already short weather where i live, so i’m sure it’s going to be a loooooonnng hot summer.

    29. I love the Thermolopolis (sp?) gear! But looking forward trying some new stuff too :)

    30. I love Asics! All of my running shoes are Asics! I’d love to try a jacket or other clothing!

    31. I would live to try that running jacket. I live in a Northern MI and am always looking for good gear that I can later on when it’s cold or raining outside.

    32. My favorite running shoes have been discontinued so I am looking for new shoes. I would love to try out some new running shoes!

    33. I’d get some new running clothes! I only have one Asics running item — a long-sleeve shirt from the NYC marathon.

    34. I’m in the market for some new running shorts! (I think mostly because I am sick of all these layers for winter running) Good luck in LA!!

    35. I would love to try asics workout clothes. I haven’t tried any of the products so any of it would be awesome to try out!

    36. I’m loving the spry jacket! I love their favorite shirts and wear them all of the time!

    37. I used to be a nothing-but-Asics-gels kind of girl. I had a bad experience with a new pair and haven’t had any since. Might be time to go back and give them another try, though!

    38. My favorite item is the GEL-NIMBUS® 15 which alleviate shin splints. I would love to own a pair.

    39. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I wear asics shoes so that would be amazing. Would love to try their cothes as well

    40. I would love their clothes. Who doesn’t like buying running clothes right? The only time I tried their shoes though I didn’t know I pronate so they weren’t the right fit for me. I would definitely try the “right” one sometime.
      Good luck in LA!

    41. I love my asics gel-nimbus and wouldn’t be the runner I am without them! Can’t wait!!

    42. I love love love any and all Asics running pants, especially the capris!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    43. I have been eyeing their light show running tights! Perfect for early morning runs!

    44. I think I hit post too many times…sorry, feel free to delete! But I did forget to say I LOVE the Asics Gel 33-2 and now trying out the 33-3!! Would love to try out some of the clothes!! Don’t have any yet!

    45. Oh man I ran in the Asics Gel-Landreth for years, they were my first neutral shoe and I have fond memories of them!

    46. Okay, NOW I get why it seemed like you used to wear Saucony all the time and then suddenly you were wearing ASICS all the time. I was actually kinda confused. 😛

      I would definitely buy new shorts because more than half of mine are too small haha…

    47. I’m running the LA marathon too as my first full! Would love to try out some of their clothes.

    48. I’m in need of new running tights but I’d definitely have to look at shoes too.

    49. I would LOVE to try their shoes! My best friend swears by them and I’d love to give them a shot. AND you can never have enough clothes!!!

    50. I have never worn anything Asics but would love to try some of their warm weather clothing for this upcoming spring/summer!

    51. I love my Asics Kayano’s – been running in them since the beginning. I’d love to check out more of their apparel, as I only have one or two pieces now.

    52. I would love to try their running shoes !!! A nice pair of running tights would be awesome too! Have a great race and enjoy the warm weather !

    53. I would really love to try the GT-1000™ 2. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
      fairyfractal at gmail dot com

    54. Came to your site through Running Rachel. I could use some new running shoes!!

    55. I’ve been wearing Asics FOREVER on my feet, but have tried very little of their clothes and would love to give them a go!

    56. I’ve found with all my feet/knee/back problems work the best with Asics. I love their shoes and am quite faithful to them. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    57. I would love to try the Cummulus:) of course there is ALSO always a need for running clothing!! It would be fantastic to win this none of my running clothes are fitting me this year, it’s a good thing, but I can’t really go without;)

    58. i would love to try the ASICS® Long Short, it’s hard to find nice running shorts with a long inseam

    59. I am a die hard Kayano shoe girl, I always have 3-4 pairs in rotation! Would love to try some of the apparel.

    60. I live the Asics gel nimbus shoes! I’ve never tried their clothing before, but would definitely love to…they look comfy and cute :) by the way I love your blog nyc running mama!

    61. I would love to try some clothes! I’m 17 weeks pregnant and I’m going to need some bigger clothes pretty soon!

    62. I definitely could use new shirts for warm weather running. I would love to try Basics clothing.

    63. I love my GT2000 ! Have tried other but they are the best – I’m middle of Boston Marathon training so adding to my shoe (and sock) collection would be spectacular!!

      and THANKS to Dani for the introduction :)

    64. I don’t know if i’d get shoes or clothes! I don’t really need shoes right now and i would love to try more of their gear i need more running tank tops and t shirts:)

    65. I’d love to try some shorts for spring- looking forward to more outdoor running!

    66. I would love to try everything! When you’re like me and wears running shorts with holes and a favorite worn running shirt with too many fuzzies on it, this giveaway sounds amazing 😉

    67. I LOVE their sports bras and recently switched from Brooks to their shoes and no more shin pain!!

    68. I have been wearing Asics since shortly after I started running. For the last year I wore the GT-2000 and just started wearing the gel Kayano 19, I don’t think I could ever go to a different shoe! I’m glad that you’ve had the opportunity to try them!

    69. I would love to try some of their tanks and running shorts. I’m always on the lookout for great new workout apparel!!

    70. It’s been a cold and long winter and I really could use a pair of actually running gloves (I usually double up on cheap $1 ones but its not very warm!). Also would love to try a pair of aspics too – the gel lytes or the gt-2000’s interest me.

    71. I would LOVE to win!!! I’ll be post baby #3 in mid-late April. New shoes and a few inbetween clothes would help out so much till I get back in shape. I’ve always worn Brooks and Nike clothing. The Asics bundles you post look amazing.

    72. I wore their shoes for years, but then feet changed after baby #3 and I couldn’t anymore, but I have heard good things about the gel 2000-2 and I’d love to try them!

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    74. Looking forward to trying the Asics LA Marathon gear and the new Asics LA Marathon running shoes…super cute!

    75. I would love to get some new workout clothes. I love the Women’s Lite-Show™ Favorite™ 1/2 Zip.

    76. Would love to try some of their clothes! That jacket you have is pretty cute!

    77. I used to love the Asics Speedstar as my go-to training shoe. I wish they hadn’t changed it. But I do have a pair of fleece lined running tights that have gotten me through about 10 years of cold winter running…I’ve even sewn a patch on a hole that happened when I slipped on the ice and fell. Maybe time for some new ones!
      Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..Carrot Cake Pancakes with Cream Cheese-Yogurt DrizzleMy Profile

    78. I love the Asics gel lyte 33 v3 LA Marathon edition-hoping they hang around for a bit!

    79. I love their running capri pants but I’d love to try their sneakers. I’ve heard such great things about them and I am due for a new pair since mine are pretty worn out.

    80. I am in love with my Asics shoes! My current pair are falling apart but for the first time in my life my knees don’t hurt when I run! I will be buying another pair!

    81. I’m always up for trying a new shoe and would love some more running gear. Looking for a lightweight spring jacket and shorts/singles for the summer!

    82. You can never have too many clothes. I’d probably get some shorts and running tanks for when summer finally comes.

    83. All the colors are gorgeous. I especially like the tank for the LA Marathon (though is prefer generic because I’ve never run the race) and the Spry Jacket looks awesome, especially the neckline (I’ve been freezing in upstate NY)
      PV recently posted..Hot Tub BluesMy Profile

    84. I love the tank for the LA marathon. I assume they’d make one generic as I’d feel weird wearing a tank for a race I didn’t run. The Spry jacket looks awesome too. I think their colors are gorgeous for all the gear you posted.

    85. I like the Asics Gel Super J33 and would love to try some of their Singlets, actually I would love to run in anything other than the multiple layers needed in this weather.

    86. I started with asic’s 8 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing, but they had a shirt in my favorite color so I picked it. I’ve been with them ever since!

    87. I always look forward to your blog posts and stop whatever I’m doing to read them. As a new runner I love hearing tips and info you always give. You have replied to me with any questions I have had and thank you! Best of luck dont forget to post about the LA marathon! Ascis has some fashionable running clothes your going to look great in them while running!

    88. I am a fan of Asics gear, I have many of their singlets and shorts including a couple of their running shoes.. can always use more gear since the one’s I have now are worn out now, lol

    89. I’m always looking for great long sleeve running tops, and running jackets. Early morning running + Cananda = wearing long sleeves most of the year.

    90. I hope I win!!! Asics are my go to running shoes and I love all of their clothes!

    91. I would wear workout gear all day everyday if I could! I could always use some new running shirts.

    92. Wow! What a great giveaway! I am sure someone will enjoy that gift card! As I am sponsored by Saucony, I will not enter the giveaway out of loyalty to my brand, but very excited for you! I am sure you are going to do great, and the philly marathon just made you stronger! I can’t wait to race chicago later this year :)
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    93. I would get another pair of kayano’s….been running in them for over 14 years and training for IM Chattanooga. Best of luck next weekend!

    94. Their running tights, I heard they rock and could use them on these cold running days in Colorado!

    95. I’ve been wanting to try out their shoes for quite a while now. I just can’t decide which ones!

    96. I used an Asics tech shirt for my first Marathon back in november… so comfy!

    97. All of it looks awesome but I’m a sucker for a new pair of running shoes…!

    98. All of the clothes look so cute and awesome! Who doesn’t love getting new clothes? Good luck getting ready for the marathon! And warm weather!

    99. I would love to buy the GEL-Noosa Tri™ 9 they are not only adorable but they meet all of my needs in a running shoe. They also have many great clothing items but right now I am wanting shoes.

    100. I have never tried Asics shoes, so this would be the perfect chance to try them out!

    101. Wahoo!!! Love to win ANYTHING from Asics!!!! Best wishes for the LA marathon….you’ll rock it!!

    102. I trained in Asics for years until last year, but never ventured out to try any other shoe but the GT series. It would be great to get back into those or try another shoe, and I am need for some new running shorts!
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    103. I would love to try out a pair of Aasics running shoes!!! I’m in desperate need lol

    104. I would like to try some new shirts and shorts! I haven’t bought new ones in so long, I’m way over due!

    105. I would use the giftcard to get my mom another pair of her favorite running shoes!

    106. I’ve been running in the gel cumulus line as long as I’ve been running…this would be awesome!