My First 80+ Mile Week + Fitness Magazine News!

I started writing this post earlier in the week but between another stint of single parenting, Easter preparations and a few nights of poor sleep for the boys (which = me), I just didn’t have the time or energy to finish it.

Peak Week has come and gone. It wasn’t a typical week since my long run fell (again) on Monday rather than over the weekend. My husband was in Atlantic City for a hockey tournament from Friday through Sunday and I didn’t want to ask my mom, dad or sister to watch the boys for 3 hours while I ran, so I pushed my last long run to Monday.

I hit either 83 or 81.5 miles for the week (depending on which days you count towards peak week) and 101.5 miles for 8 days of running. My previous high was 75 (last training cycle), so regardless of which you consider, it was my highest weekly mileage ever.  I’m thrilled with how the week went, how I felt on all of the runs and most importantly, how I’m feeling this week.

This is how the week and workouts broke down:

– Monday: 20 miles (7 miles on treadmill, 13.3 outside) – already talked about this run.

– Tuesday: 6 miles on treadmill (8:09 pace). Planned on doing 8 recovery miles but my knee felt weird just before mile 6 so I quit while I was ahead.

– Wednesday: 7.5 miles with the double stroller (8:30 pace). First stroller run of the year and it smoked me. The boys gained about 15 pounds (total) since last year so it was quite a bit heavier than the last time I pushed them. But even if they weighed the same, it still would have kicked my butt. I think there’s a big difference between running shape and stroller running shape. My arms and core ached Thursday morning from pushing the 70 pounds of boys + stroller.


– Thursday: 11 miles (outside) – 8:05 pace. It was a gorgeous, peaceful morning and I was happy to finally get up to my alarm and run early.

– Friday: 10 miles (outside) in morning (8:01 pace) + 4 miles on treadmill in afternoon (8:14 pace)


Few miles long the waterfront = perfection

– Saturday: 14 descending ladder miles (7:37 pace). I got the idea for this workout from this month’s Running Times. There was a great article about some of the last workouts that elites do before their goal race (marathon). I plan to use some of these workouts during my next training cycle.

last workout

The workout I decided to try called for 4, 3, 2, and 1 miles done at progressively faster paces (beginning at marathon goal pace and dropping down to half marathon pace) with short periods of easy running in between (I did 3 min of recovery running at a 9:00 pace). Splits ended up being:

  • 4 miles: 7:19 average
  • 3 miles:7:14 average
  • 2 miles: 7:04 average
  • 1 mile: 6:49 average

Definitely a tough workout but I loved it because it was easy to get through mentally. The longest set is done first. Once it’s over, you can tell yourself you don’t have to run that distance again.

– Sunday: 8 recovery miles (8:04 pace) outside while my sister watched the boys. It was a perfectly chilly, sunny, calm morning and I felt like I could have run for days. Shortly after I got back, my sister and I decided to take the boys for a short run. We ran 2.5 miles and ended at the beach so that the boys could play for a bit. 10.5 total miles (with 2.5 of those being with the double stroller).


– Monday: 18 miles outside (7:53 pace). My legs were tired and mentally, I just wanted the run to be over from the first step so definitely not an enjoyable run. I didn’t eat anything before but did fuel (and hydrate) twice during the run – at  miles 8 and 15.


I hadn’t planned on running or spectating the Boston Marathon this year. Unfortunately, Easter falls the day before the marathon and I won’t miss an important holiday with my boys and family to run (or watch) a race. Earlier in the week I had the idea of making a day trip out of it – Boston is about 3 1/2 – 4 hours away so while it would be a long day, it could be could done. A few friends/family indicated that they were interested and so just like that, we have a girls road trip planned for Marathon Monday! Crazy excited to be able to cheer on so many good friends running (it seriously feels like every runner I know will be there).

Details are still being worked out but likely will try to be at start, somewhere along the course and then close to the finish.

And one of the coolest parts of this whole adventure is that I am going to be taking over Fitness Magazine’s Instagram account on Monday and posting pictures of the race, runners and spectators!! So make sure you head over to their Instagram account and follow them so you can stay updated on Monday!

If you are running the Boston Marathon, BEST OF LUCK! Excited to cheer you on!

Highest Weekly Mileage?

Last workout before a marathon?

Running Boston Marathon? What is your bib #? I’d love to track you!!


I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

For More NYC Running Mama training updates, pictures and ramblings, check out:

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    28 thoughts on “My First 80+ Mile Week + Fitness Magazine News!

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    3. Amazing!!! Major super mom!!! I can’t believe you can get all those miles in at that speed with 2 little ones and still have any energy left :)…great job!!!!
      I usually like to do a kinda longish run with 6-8 or so miles at GMP before the marathon…but I love the sound of your workout!!!!
      You are going to have so much fun watching and I can’t wait to follow your pictures!!!!!
      Happy Easter!
      Jen@milesandblessings recently posted..The Cherry BlossomsMy Profile

    4. I’ll never make it to Boston! My highest weekly miles ever has been 40-42. I am in awe of 75. Last workout before a marathon- whatever the coach man says!
      Holly recently posted..Speed ThursdayMy Profile

    5. Holy wow! What a huge mileage week. That is truly amazing, and yes there is a huge difference between running and stroller running. Way to kill it mama! Love that you will be posting from the marathon on Fitness Magazine. I’ll be watching it all :-)
      Allie recently posted..My Boston MarathonMy Profile

    6. My highest week was around 45mi last spring and that still feels like a lot to me! Right now I’m struggling to run 20/week without getting hurt, but you have so many more years of running under your belt than I do, so maybe there is hope. xD
      Rachel recently posted..Fitness Personality: “The Thinker”My Profile

    7. I am so jealous you will be in Boston!! I half debated spectating this year too, but the day after Easter just makes it a bit tougher. My highest ever weekly mileage is curerntly at 63–I am so jealous of your 80! I am thinking about getting a personalized coach/plan for my (potential) fall marathon; I have steadily increased my average weekly mileage from high 20’s to low 50s (during training, mid-high 30s when not). I would love to continue this increase.

      My “last” workout is usually a 5K or 10K (done 1-2 weeks before the marathon). I’ve found this gives me an excellent idea of what my finish time will be (I’ve finished within 3 minutes of projected time each time I’ve done this). I also do a 10 mi tempo run 10 days out (12-14 miles when adding w/u, c/d). I don’t really consider myself to be in taper mode until that workout is complete. It’s tough, but such a confidence booster.

      Have fun! I look forward to seeing your instagram posts!!

    8. That’s awesome! I am in an interesting season of non-running having been put on bed rest at 27 weeks for pre-term labor (I was running up to that point.) It’s been extremely hard for me, mostly mentally, but I am learning a lot a long the way. I am scared of what my return will look like as I was in the best shape of my life when we got pregnant. I had just run my PR half at 6 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t a runner during my first two pregnancies so I had hoped that I would be able to breeze through this one. As in many things in this life, our best laid plans are often not how we envision them. Anyway, I will be watching the marathon and cheering on so many of my elite friends (and hoping for a Shalane win!) I started following the Fitness Mag IG account when you posted it yesterday so I can’t wait to see your perspective! Have Fun!
      Tracy Carson recently posted..A Lullaby Lost and FoundMy Profile

    9. The highest mileage for me was last september when I completed 5 half marathons in 5 days (I actually ran a few extra miles as well so I hit about 70 miles in 5 days). But most of my peak training weeks never go past 35. I’m a slow runner so for me it’s more about the amount of time i’m running vs the actual miles.

      So impressed with all you do…I can’t even imagine pushing a stroller with 2 kids. I get cranky just carrying a water bottle =) Have a great time spectating monday…That’s going to pump you up for 4/27 more than any of your training i bet =)
      sally @ sweat out the small stuff recently posted..Liebster award nomination and 5 things to do 10 days before a marathonMy Profile

    10. What a great week of runs, totally impressed. My highest week yet was about 60!

      I love a solid pyramid run as one of my last hard efforts. I was trying to decide on my weekend run (wanted a tougher long run) and will be duplicating yours so thanks for posting! Love progressions.

      Have fun Monday, can’t wait to follow along!
      Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat recently posted..NYC Half: Race RecapMy Profile

    11. Wow your weekly mileage is amazing! I have no idea what my highest is, but yours is awesome!! I totally admire you for pushing your boys in a stroller that long! Have a great Easter, and have fun Monday at the Boston Marathon! I wish I could go!

    12. I really like progression runs, as tough as it is to do the fastest sets in the end, it’s also when my legs are the most warmed up and ready to run fast.
      My last workout before a race (not a marathon though, as I’ve never raced one) is a HIIT run but with the fast intervals being shorter/slower than a usual HIIT, so I don’t get too tired.
      Enjoy your day trip, I’m sure it will be awesome to hang out with friends and family, AND spectate the marathon!
      2 Cups ‘N Run recently posted..We Love a Challenge, a.k.a. Fartlek RunMy Profile