2014 New Jersey Marathon

Hi everyone! This isn’t the full recap of the 2014 New Jersey Marathon (I have LOTS to say) but wanted to give you a cliff notes version of the day in case you didn’t get my updates on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook =)

I followed the plan I had talked about last week – ran mostly blind for the whole race (my watch beeped with the mile splits but I couldn’t see my pace during each mile) and focused on running smart and in control.  I initially started out with the 3:15 pace group but after some fast splits (7:21 and 7:13), I knew it was in my best interest to let them go and run my own race.  When I felt like I could go faster the first 18 miles, I held back – something I never have done during a marathon.  I crossed the half in 1:38 which was right around where I thought I could be.

And then I hit the turnaround and met the wind. Oye vey. It was a sustained 16-17 mph headwind but there were some serious gusts that made me feel like I was running into a wall at times. Miles 19-26 were slower – but consistent – all around 8:05 (with the exception of one which was 8:27 – I walked through a water point so I could drink two cups of gatorade).

Mile 25.5

Mile 25.5

I finished in 3:21:58 – not a PR – but I am incredibly happy and satisfied with how the day went and how I ran from start to finish. There was no bonking, no wall, no walking, no giving up – ALL things I have struggled with in the last year. So sure, I didn’t run a PR. But I ran the doubt demons out of my head. Which is a huge victory in my book.

Some stats:

  • 26.55 miles (per Garmin) – average pace of 7:36
  • 160 overall out of 2,113
  • 9th female out of 917
  • 4th in my age group (F30-34) out of 159
  • 9th place female the last three years had times between 3:14-3:15. There was only 5 females who ran under 3:16 yesterday. So the wind was definitely a factor for everyone and makes me feel even happier about my 3:21:58 =)

The highlight of the race was having my family and so many friends (Ashley, Danielle, Ruth, Jacqueline) cheering at various points.  I saw my boys (and gave them kisses) at mile 10.5 and then again at mile 25.5 (too deep in the pain tunnel to get any kisses – HA).

nj marathon2014

Running over for a kiss

As always, I’m incredibly thankful for my family – most especially my husband. I would not be able to train or race the way I do if I didn’t have his complete support. And a huge thank you to my mom, who came with my husband and the boys (super early) to cheer, and my sister, Nicole, who drove me to the race start and then cheered with the rest of the family.




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    3. So Sad we couldnt meet up but incredibly proud of you. I was thinking about you all morning and I knew you were going to run a strong race. You are really working your ass off to figure out what is best for you and I commend you on that, take practice hard work and dedication and you do all of that. Can’t wait for whats next (and love knowing that I will absolutely be there!)
      Laura @losingrace recently posted..Boston Marathon 2014 RecapMy Profile

    4. My GPS watch said 26.46 miles and I ran as close to the shortest possible route as I could (I might even have cut a few corners I technically shouldn’t have :-) ). It looked like every mile was measured about 1% to long. I wonder what other people’s GPS watches measured.

    5. Hi! Congrats on a good race! I ran it as well and had a horrible race lol…i hit the wall so hard at mile 19, then had cramps in my calves and in my toes, which i’ve never had before so it totally freaked me out! But anyway– I just wanted to let you know that my Garmin said 26.53…close to your 26.55. I wonder if our GPSs were accurate or if the actual course was! Congrats again! =)

    6. Stoked you didn’t have tummy issues or cramping! I am looking forward to more details about what you did to handle those issues, and how you used the new fuel. Really enjoy following you since I am still nursing and getting ready to start training for my first full in a few months. :-)

    7. Hi Michele, it was a pleasure meeting you shortly after the race. I’ve been following this blog for a few months, and your perseverance and candor have been a real inspiration to me through my training.

      I felt good about the race as well despite a few hiccups. The wind was definitely a factor, probably more so the lighter you are. I was also running “blind” (forgot the armband for my phone) but the pace groups in 5-minute increments were a godsend and helped me feel some camaraderie through the race.

      The biggest gripe I had was the missing mile markers for miles #25 AND 26. At least, I didn’t see them and I was desperately looking for them and asking around. I was bonking a bit and had some IT band pain the last few miles, and since I was running “blind” was going a bit crazy the last mile or so with no clue how much more pain was ahead. Oh, and what was the deal with the two finish lines, one about 15 feet after the first? I still don’t know which one was the “real” finish line.

      But gripes aside, I had a great race and thought it was well put together, plenty of aid stations and the gu and bananas in the second half were much appreciated. Glad you had a solid race too, keep it up and hope I see you in another race!

    8. Congrats on your race and great time! We had headwinds at the Divas Half Marathon yesterday and I know that affected everyone racing. However, it was so hot for the second half of the race that the winds were welcome in helping us stay cool.
      Pam recently posted..Volunteering at Cherry Blossom 10 milerMy Profile

    9. Yup, your running over for a kiss pic literally brought tears to my eyes… Those are my favorite moments at my races.. when my babies are there to cheer me on, and I can hear their little voices yelling go mommy go or holding signs… such a magical moment.. LOVE…

      Great race! Head winds can be killer. None the less you did an awesome job!

    10. COngrats! Sounds like overall a great race! Combatting the psychological barriers is the toughest part of running and such a great feeling when you get passed them. Such an amazing feeling to see your kids/husband during the race too! I think I appreciate my family during/after a marathon more than any other time :)
      Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted..Running a Marathon Versus Childbirthing: 8 Reasons They are Basically the Same ThingMy Profile

    11. Congrats on a great race. Your pace is impressive – especially with the wind. Very happy for you. Finishing the race with those rankings is awesome. Getting rid of the demons – priceless.
      Christoph recently posted..20 Miles for What?My Profile

    12. Nice job girl! Really solid race…impressive with the head wind. And you know, there is something to be said about running blind and just going by feel. I did this for my first marathon (my PR) and since then I’ve become way to attached to my garmin. I think it holds me back in some ways. It can even be discouraging to look down and see a slower pace and end up messing with our heads…whereas if we hadn’t seen that we were slowing down, we might naturally pick it up again without letting that slower number sink in and make us think we are done for. Love your pictures…especially your smile in heading for a kiss. So sweet. Congrats on a strong race!
      Amanda@Runninghood recently posted..Post Marathon Funk (PMF)My Profile

    13. Chasing the doubt demons away is even better than a PR!!! Your physical ability is beyond amazing. You have always struggled with the mental demons. Now you can move forward toward your next event more confident than ever. Way to go!!! No bonking, no wall, no giving up…..boom! That’s the marathon hat trick right there. :)
      Sally @ sweat out the small stuff recently posted..Almost silent SaturdayMy Profile

    14. Congrats on a great race!

      ahh – headwinds suck – I just did a regular 5K run on a super windy day a couple of weeks ago – and it was awful. I ran a 30 minute 5K (almost 5 minutes slower) and I had to stop a couple of times because my legs were burning. A good workout though!
      Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby recently posted..Manotick Miler – Race RecapMy Profile

    15. I saw you around mile 22, you looked great-the winds were awful and did a # on me also!