Vitamix S30 Review and Giveaway

Over the holidays, our blender broke (totally my fault since I put the glass container within reach of the boys). My husband and I used the blender on a fairly regular basis to make smoothies and shakes and were looking for a good sale on a new one. About the same time, I was asked if I wanted to test out the new Vitamix S30, the personal blender, and obviously jumped at the opportunity. Perfect timing!

So first, let’s talk about the Vitamix S30:



  • First personal-sized blender created by Vitamix
  • Allows you to create individual servings and small family meals
  • 20-oz container (fits in most cup holders) turns into a travel cup with a flip-top lid and handle
  • 40-oz container blends small batches of soups, sauces, frozen deserts and more
  • Small size (20.3 x 8 x 9 in – h x w x h) takes up little room on your counter
  • Variable Speed Control to achieve textures from coarse to smooth
  • Pulse Feature – chops quickly for easy ingredient prep
  • Dishwasher safe (containers, lids, and blade)
  • Comes with a cookbook FULL of recipes for beverages, dips/spreads, dressings, soups, sauces and desserts
  • 5 year warranty

I’ve tried a few of the recipes from the book (they do not disappoint) including the Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri – easy to make and SO delicious!


I’ve also started making my recovery/protein shakes again (I was doing this a lot last summer during Ironman training).

photo 1 (21)

Raspberries, Banana, Spinach, Cocoa Powder, Protein Powder, Milk

photo 2 (21)

It’s incredibly easy to use and clean and I love that the small container doubles as an individual to-go container which means less to clean!


So now for the fun part!! Vitamix will be giving away one S30 Personal Blender which retails for $400+! There are multiple ways to enter – see below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

– The giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, May 11 (Mother’s Day!); winner will be announced on/about Monday, May 12th, 2014

– One winner will receive the Vitamix S30 personal blender

– Winner has one week to claim their prize (I will contact you as best I can via email or social media) before a follow-up winner is selected

– All entries will be verified

– Winner chosen at random via Rafflecopter and are based on the number of entries received

– Open to US residents only

That’s it!! If you have any questions, please let me know =)  And best of luck!


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    521 thoughts on “Vitamix S30 Review and Giveaway

    1. I would make juices and smoothies. Trying to lose weight the healthy way.

    2. I make green smoothies almost everyday and Vitamix would be so perfect for me!

    3. Smoothies, soup, cauliflor mash, vegan Mac and cheese, almond milk, & too many other things to mention

    4. I’m expecting my first baby this summer and in addition to wanting smoothies to help stay cool, I’m thinking of making my own baby food.

    5. As a new mom (who is going back to work this week), I really need help getting back into a healthy routine. I would use this for protein shakes and smoothies. As well as sauces for family dinners.

    6. I would use the vitamix blender for SMOOTHIES. lots and lots of smoothies <3 8D

    7. I have a ninja blender but it doesn’t always do that great of a job. I’ve always wanted a vitamix though!

    8. This blender sounds awesome! I would love to make smoothies, sauces and salad dressings with it.

    9. I would love to win this for my Mother’s Day gift. I have been on a long journey of healing this past year. A vitamix blender would truly help me progress to the next level by being able to make nutritious smoothies. Keep up the good work nycrunnungmama!

    10. I’d use it to make ice cream and hot soups! I’ve been dreaming of owning this blender forever!

    11. I would make green smoothies! I have a hard time eating in the morning, but green smoothies always sound good.

    12. yum, green smoothies! and also probably to make some baby food, let’s be real here. 😉

    13. Oh! This blender looks fabulous. My cheap-o one doesn’t have much life left.

    14. Almost embarrassed to be entering a 2nd Vitamix giveaway this week. Almost, but not quite! 😉 I love my blender, but this would have the major bennies of being able to make smaller batches comfortably… which would encourage me to do more with small-batch healthy sauces, not just smoothies. Sweet!

    15. I would love to win it, my kiddos ask for smoothies all the time and my blender is on its way out.

    16. i think a vitamix would be a *fab* addition to my kitchen! smoothies and soups

    17. I would definitely use the Vitamix for smoothies to-go before class in the morning!

    18. This is such a great giveaway. I would love to win the Vitamix S30 Blender. It’s so awesome that you can make individual servings and that it becomes a to go cup.

    19. I love your blog. A Vitamix would be an awesome kitchen helper in our home. I’ve been eyeing one forever!!
      Keep blogging Mamalete!!

    20. Green Smoothies!!! I have yet to find a blender that makes consistent smoothies. Would love to try a vitamix!

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    22. I would use to make smoothies for the family, soups, and so on. I know I can make infinite things with this. Just need the extra money. But if I can win it, it would be perfect!

    23. Although there are many healthy protein shakes/smoothies I could make with this, I would be looking most forward to making frozen margaritas!!!! Regular blenders just don’t cut it!!!

    24. My magic bullet just broke! I would use the vitamix to continue making yummy smoothies for me and my littles.

    25. I would use this to start eating healthier and incorporating more greens into my diet through smoothies.

    26. I’d use it to make smoothies in the mornings!!! great way to start off my day!

    27. I would use it for smoothies and for recipes that require a food processor!

    28. The Vitamix sounds wonderful! My blender has been acting up lately and just when I have been starting to do more post-workout smoothies/shakes! With three boys in the house we do a lot of smoothies/shakes in the spring/summer.
      Heather @ Operation Determination recently posted..Spring BreakMy Profile

    29. My blender has been acting like it is going to give out soon and just when I have been starting to do more smoothies and shakes:( I love to do smoothies after my workouts during the spring/summer months. My boys also like the cool treat in the summer. The Vitamix would be awesome for my family!!

    30. I would use a vitamix for fruit and veggie smoothies and to make my own nut butters and almond flour.

    31. I am the green smoothie queen(using my cheapo blender) Spinach,banana & a handful of blueberries being my favorite combo right now. Trying to find a way to work kale into a smoothie successfully.

    32. i’d loveee to make smoothies with this! especially with summer quickly approaching, they’re a great way to cool down and enjoy something sweet!

    33. I would use it to make baby food for my 9 month old! The ole food processor isn’t cutting it anymore. I would love to make her some simple smoothies, too!

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    35. I’ve been getting into following more food bloggers… probably more for the pictures than anything 😉 but they use a vitamix for a LOT of their recipes that I would have never thought to use it for before. This would be a great reason to try more of their recipes out!
      Cori @ recently posted..Now We’re Questioning Encouragement?My Profile

    36. I would use it to make fruit and veggie smoothies for breakfast for myself and my 9 year old daughter.

    37. Would love to have one for smoothies! My cheap blender just doesn’t cut it!!

    38. I would use my Vitamix to make morning juices and post-run recovery smoothies!!

    39. This is amazing. I would LOVE to win this vitamix. I make smoothies all the time and it would be so awesome to have less clean up. Bonus that it can also serve as a travel mug!

    40. I am jealous of all people who own Vitamix blenders. I would be a nutbutter and juicing fiend if I had one of my own.

    41. I would love to make smoothies and juices with this! I’m happy just to know that this smaller model exists. I’ve been wanting a juicer for a while, but couldn’t imagine devoting space to it in my tiny kitchen.

    42. I make smoothies daily. I’d also get a dry container to make flour.

    43. I would do so many things with the vitamix s30! Make drinks for me and my smoothie-lovin’ toddler, make homemade nut and seed butters, etc.. I go to my mom’s house and use hers quite a bit so this would be wonderful to have one of my own! :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

    44. Oh this would be so perfect! I love the personal size option – perfect for blending my spinach, banana and peanut butter smoothies!

    45. I would use this to help stay healthy and lose weight after I give birth to my first baby. due in 12 days

    46. Smoothies and protein shakes. I mix by hand now, so I’m limited in what I can make.

    47. I would probably use a vita mix a lot obviously for smoothies but also to make ice cream out of frozen fruit….YUM : )

    48. I have ALWAYS wanted a VITAMIX!!!! I would use it to make smoothies (of course) AND something I’ve always wanted to try – homemade nut butters!!! :) what an awesome giveaway! :)

    49. Disappointing that your two big current competitions are only open to US residents – what about your loyal readers in Australia? :(

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    51. Uggghh, my magic bullet isn’t cutting it anymore. The blades are soooo dull. I would LOVE to win this!

    52. I would love to win this. I think it would help with the protein shakes in the AM.

    53. I want a vitamix blender to blend some healthy food for the 8 of us

    54. I’ve wanted a Vitamix forever & this one looks awesome! I use my blender almost every day to make my Shakeology. Fingers crossed!!

    55. I am a stay at home mom and my husband and I truly can’t afford one of these on one small income, but I would love to use it for baby food for both my children (2 under 2 years old), smoothies, sauces, name it. Even a low cost blender isn’t in the budget, so I have to just use my food processor for everything! eek. sucks.

    56. I have always wanted one of these!! I’d use it for alot of things, such as homemade dressings, milkshakes for my family & I’d make smoothies for myself! I’m eating healthier, losing weight…and would love this!

      Thanks for the chance to win!

      Joey J.

    57. I like that it is smaller, I have a tiny kitchen. This would be great.

    58. I really like the to go cup idea. It really saves on the cleaning time.

    59. I would make smoothies for me and my daughter, she loves them and its a great way to get in some veggies.

    60. Theres nothing like coming home from a long run and whipping up a fresh green smoothie. The idea of using a blender that can handle all the fruits and veggies I experiment with (carrots, frozen strawberries, flax, etc. etc.! ) AND double as an individual to-go container sounds too good to be true!

    61. I drink a spinach/kale smoothie almost everyday and I’ve been wanting the Vitamix!!!

    62. Would love a vitamix for smoothies… My Breville died so time to move up.

    63. Have been wanting one of these forever! Had registered for one at Williams Sonoma for my wedding but never received one.

    64. I am still pining for a vitamix ever since it stood lonely on my wedding registry! My apartment would be a smoothie hut if i had one!

    65. I love to make smoothies for myself and my 3 year old. But my blender is definitely sub-par :(

    66. I’m due with kiddo #2 any day now, and I could really use a new Vitamix to kickstart the healthy eating, baby weight loss journey!

    67. Definitely smoothies! I can get an amazing amount of greens into both me and my kids that way! And I don’t mind the chunky kale smoothies I get with my crappy blender, but the idea of smoothies that are actually smooth is awesome!

    68. Every time I go to a friend’s house who has a Vitamix I get them to make me a smoothie. Would love one of my own :)

    69. I would use it to make smoothies and recovery drinks… And maybe some frozen cocktails! 😉

    70. I have always wanted a Vitamix! I’d love the ability to make healthy meals such as smoothies, protein drinks for recovery and soups.

    71. I’d blend all the green things I can get my hands on, as leafy greens make my current blender sad.

    72. I would use mine for smoothies, now that it’s getting warmer I find myself craving them more and more!

    73. I would use my new Vitamix to make smoothies for after long marathon training runs and breakfast smoothies! :) Woo!! Hope I win!! hehe

    74. I would use it to make smoothies- I drink one for breakfast pretty much every day.

    75. I would use it for smoothies, almond milk, coconut milk, nut butters, soups…everything!

    76. I would use the Vitamix for protein shakes and juicing. Also would love to make delicious healthy smoothies for my girls.

    77. I would use it to make smoothies! I am currently looking to get a blender, and would love to add smoothie to my breakfast rotation and post run recovery!

    78. I’d love to make green smoothies for breakfast in the summer and protein recovery smoothies! My blender can’t handle even frozen chopped kale – my smoothies never get past chunky, take too much time, and I’ve kind of given up on them.

      I hadn’t heard Vitamix came out with this model, looks much more suited to my needs. Thanks!
      M recently posted..Weekly Recap – Week of April 28, 2014My Profile

    79. I’ve been on the fence between the Vitamix and the Ninja for awhile but I’m starting to lean toward the Vitamix!

    80. I need to stop spending money on juices and protein shakes and make my own! I have a juicer but it’s a hassle. And I feel like I’m wasting food when I use it. I am so go-go-go I would love to have a GOOD blender that works quickly and easily!

    81. I have been hinting to the family that I want a new blender for Mother’s Day… I have a $15 el-cheapo personal blender that is just not cutting it. A Vitamix would be amazing!!!

    82. I would just love this! My husband and I are very active and use our cheapo blender everyday. It’s time to invest!

    83. I would love it to make green drinks! and my magic bullet is a joke–it barely can blend a protein shake. I have been lusting after one at costco but they are so spendy.

    84. Hopefully you were able to keep your ‘trial’ blender! Awesome for those smoothies for you and the fam!

    85. I’ve heard amazing things about the Vitamax but just haven’t committed yet.

      Love reading your blog and IG post.
      Your an amazing runner!

      Thank you for your service.

    86. I’m been saving a little here and there for the last year for a VitaMix. I’m a breast cancer patient and I want one so so bad lol.

    87. I’ve heard such great things about the Vitamix. It would be awesome to have something like this that is dedicated for smoothies! Our blender is getting a lot of use these days.

    88. Protein recovery smoothies and soups are probably the most common features I’d use with the Vitamix…but the frozen adult beverages are pretty tempting too! :)

    89. My teenage daughter has always been a very picky eater mostly because she has troubles with food texture. Recently she has “discovered” she wants to make healthy changes and choices. The most awesome Mothers Day gift in the world to me would be to be able to share her journey of self discovery using this incredible tool to introduce healthy veggies and fruits in a tasty way with a smooth texture.

    90. We need to drink healthy veggie and healthy smoothies 24 hours a day seven days a week.

    91. Smoothies for breakfast for sure! Love the single serve cups, easy for to-go drinks.

    92. I would use it to make yogurt smoothie for my kids to replace a meal when we are in a time crunch.

    93. I just watched a demo at Costco and am DYING for a Vitamix blender!!! We tried all the stuff made during the demonstration. Everything was SO GOOD!

    94. I would probably use it for smoothies, recovery drinks and many other things it can do!

    95. I’ve been researching which blender to get to replace my magic bullet for my morning green drink..this seems perfect!!

    96. I would make smoothies. Also would love to try making small amounts of various nut butters.

    97. i want this sooo bad! the container size would be perfect for my green smoothies!

    98. I was just telling my husband that I really “need” a Vitamix! Would be amazing to win one!

    99. Morning smoothie, all the way. Am dealing with an aging blender – blades are dull. Want, want, want!!!

    100. I’m a new mom and I’ve been wanting to get back into shape and start making green juices more. Our old blender just isn’t up to par. I hope I win! :)

    101. I got my dad hooked on running & smoothies in the last six months and I know this would change the game again and mean a ton!

    102. I would be able to incorporate things in my smoothies that my old tired blender can’t handle!

    103. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I’d like to use it for more healthy meals!

    104. I would love to win a Vitamix! We live in a small apartment, the reason I don’t have a high power blender is storage space. The S3 sounds like the best of power & size!

    105. I would use it to make post-run smoothies and to get veggies into my 3 year old!

    106. This would be perfect! I have been using a (rather sturdy, it would seem) hand blender for shakes and frozen smoothies, etc. I’ve even used it to grind up nuts. It works but I can hear the motor struggling ha ha

    107. I’d love to win this! I love to make smoothies for breakfast in the morning!

    108. I would love to have this! I love to make smoothies for breakfast, and as a teacher, I have to be to work early. This would save me a step each morning which translates into extra minutes!

    109. I would use it for my smoothies (which I make almost every day)! My parents have a VitaMix that I use- but I am currently looking to buy a house with my boyfriend and we won’t have a blender anymore. And we won’t be able to afford one ha!
      Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting recently posted..Back to my normal routineMy Profile

    110. I love making smoothies for me after a run and for my kids after school! I’ve always wanted one if these!!!

    111. This would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen…Love this giveaway, and your instagram!

    112. Vitamix is the BEST!! And how cool is the personal blender?! Genius!

    113. I recently found out my daughter (who I’m breastfeeding) has milk/beef/egg allergies, so I would use the vitamix to make smoothies since the majority of my snacks were milk/egg based.

    114. Ahhh Vitamix is the KING of blenders, or so I hear. I would definitely use this baby for grinding up nuts and making banana soft serve ice cream! I ruined a blender trying to do those things before, so now I’m hesitant to!

    115. I would love one of these to make my morning smoothies!! Although that strawberry daiquari doesn’t look bad either. 😉

    116. I would use mine for my daily smoothies…the blender I have right now is just not cutting it..

    117. I’d definitely make smoothies for breakfast! I rarely have time to have a nutritious breakfast.. usually it’s a piece of toast! I’d also love to make lots of quick and easy soups on days when I don’t feel like making an elaborate dinner 😀

    118. I’ve heard great things and always wanted to get one. What a great giveaway.

    119. This is awesome! Our blender is on its last leg, so this would be awesome!

    120. I would totally use this to make my breakfast to go. i wont have an excuse to not have breakfast anymore!

    121. I would use the Vitamix S30 to replace my not-so-magical Magic Bullet, which I currently use most days for breakfast smoothies.

    122. I’d love to use the Vitamix to make green smoothies as a way to get more veggies in my diet!

      • I would make blended soup, smoothies, and of course strawberry daiquiris

    123. I would make smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I owned this!!!

    124. We would make daily smoothies etc for our family of six! Working on improving nutrition for each of us this year…

    125. Would make and take my morning smoothie! Plus those “occasional” margaritas!

    126. I’d love this!!! We camp a lot and I could use this so much because of the size. My kids and I all love smoothies!!

    127. With that size of Vitamix is definitely be making breakfast smoothies! So easy and portable!

    128. I literally do not own a blender. Ever since my husband broke a cheap walmart blender, I haven’t bought one because I can’t decide for a HIGH QUALITY blender for my smoothies.
      I would love this to become my VERY OWN blender for after (or before) my runs, lift sessions, etc.
      Follow me on IG ~~ @GRACETORUN

    129. I’d love this for post-workout protein shakes blended with fruit and ice.

    130. I would use it to make small batches of soups, especially chilled soups for the summer.

    131. I’ve been lusting after a Vitamix for a long time now. I’d definitely use it for my morning green smoothies, soups, hummus, sauces, and a million other things.

    132. Keeping my folates up the natural way (with leafy greens rather than synthetic vitamins) so that that MTHFR can’t steal my joy or my wellness.

    133. I would use the blender for smoothies on the go- a healthy smoothie on the way to work or while taking my son to all of his activities. :-)

    134. I would make amazing green smoothies every morning for me & my kiddos!

    135. I would defiantly put some use into this baby! I’m trying to incorporate more greens into my sons smoothies but our current blender leaves it a bit on the chuncky side and that puts him off. I’ve tried my aunts vitamix and made a quick smoothie with kale and he loved it! I think he prefers the well blended version

    136. I’d gift it to my mother for her health! I love my big vitamix and she is starting to show interest in her own.

    137. I would use it every day to make my green smoothies. I’m sure it would be a better contender than my Nutribullet which had to be replaced. Luckily, I was still in the one Year warranty. I have adopted a healthier lifestyle. I make my own dressings and puree a ton of vegetables fir a variety of soups. My S30 would be well utilized and very loved and appreciated.

    138. Smoothies for the win! All three of us have our own variations that we like for our smoothies, but my daughter always makes hers, then stashes the leftover in the fridge – that small container would be perfect for her. :)
      Melissa Running It recently posted..What I Know About TennisMy Profile

    139. I have a ninja now but it doesn’t crush up the ice well when my husband makes his morning smoothies. I would love to try the vitamix to make better smoothies because that is what we use our blender for right now. In the future I would use it for making baby food since I just had a baby and for making soups.

    140. I’ve been wanting a Vitamix for a while, this size would be perfect for our small kitchen!

    141. We have Vitamix that has been in the family for 30+ years, but I like the new s30 features. Would be nice to have to make smoothies to go! Thanks for the chance to win one!

    142. I make lots of smoothies and I’m currently addicted to blueberry pie smoothies!

    143. I would love to use it for my smoothies…. My current blender just isn’t that great!

    144. i would make homemade salsa!
      I love NON chunky salsa,so hard to find.

    145. My blender is so crappy – I bought it for like $30 when I was in grad school cause I was too poor for a nice one. I think I’m registering us for a nice one for when we get married in a few months. I probably should be doing that now.

      But anyhoo, if I won, I would be making actually good (not chunky) smoothies for me and my new husband!
      Cheri @ Overactive Blogger recently posted..Starbucks.My Profile

    146. I would use this for my after workout smoothies. I’m just starting to get back to it so this would help. Also I take of my nephew and it’s a good way to hide some veggies in the smoothie. Thanks:)

    147. This blender looks amazing. I have 20 pounds to lose would be great to get in the habit of making smoothies every day.

    148. I would use the S30 for breakfast smoothies-to-go for my husband and then make my way through the recipe book that comes with it.

    149. I would make delicious green smoothies for my husband and I to take on our tandem. :)

    150. I would use it for smoothies, soups and other awesome food for my daughter that has pancreatic insufficiency.

    151. This would be perfect for making morning smoothies for my grandchildren this summer.

    152. Also in need of a new blender. Mine sounds like a jet engine. Need it for post-workout smoothies!

    153. Love the personal container option! I would use this blender for green smoothies for me and my little guy. That strawberry daiquiri looks pretty darn good, too!

    154. Hi Mycrunningmama, If i was fortunate to win this awesome machine I will make the Healthy green smoothies that I need to help me to lose the 80 plus pounds I need to lose and be on my way to Healthy living.. Thanks for the giveaway. Blessings to all that enter it..

    155. Oh how I would LOVE one of these! Especially since it’s so easy to make smoothies for the kids and call it lunch :-) Thanks for doing this!
      Allie recently posted..The Countdown!My Profile

    156. I’d use the Vitamix to make different kinds of nut butter and homemade Nutella.

    157. I would LOVE to use this vitamix to make delicious ut butters and green smoothies!

    158. Living in Houston, summer feels like it’s already here, so making smoothies have been a delicious lifesaver after my workouts. This would be perfect :-)

    159. I would use to make shakes in my training for my double century and for my family!

    160. I’m always on the go with school (coming up on my senior year of college), work, and an internship coming up. I still try to make smoothies and protein shakes an everyday thing to prove that you can still be healthy despite a busy schedule. I feel like this new Vitamix s30 would allow me to make and take my smoothies with me for the ride to school/work and keep me energized all day long!

    161. I need the serious power of a VitaMix for Kale & Mango Smoothies (not the Chunkies I get with other machines)

    162. It would be so nice to have this to make my daily smoothie. The old blender, as good as it is, just does not seem to break up the denser fruits and veggies they way I prefer

    163. I would love to win this Vitmix. Really looking to take control of my health along with change my children’s. Vitamix would help us get there!

    164. I would use it to stay a happy healthy breastfeeding mommy !! New baby boy tomorrow yay Ilovethevitamix !! so do my other 2 children

    165. I’d love to get a Vitamix for making smoothies. It’s way too hard to make them with just an immersion blender!

    166. i would love to be able to make healthy protein drinks and smoothies for my family. with 2 very sensitive boys (gluten free and other allergies), it can be pretty difficult and time-consuming to figure out what to feed everyone for each meal. this vitamix would be GREAT to have on hand to make not only healthy drinks, but salsa, guacamole, soups, SPAGHETTI SAUCE, ohhh, and even an alcoholic drink every once in a blue moon for mommy! a happy mother’s day mojito, anyone?? :) the size of the Vitamix S30 is perfect. i love that you can take the cup to go if needed as well. this would be just perfect!

      thanks for the chance to win!

    167. I would LOVE to have the Vitamix S30 to make my protein shakes!! How awesome would it be to have a Vitamix with a single serving cup that you could take on the go?!

    168. Having a Vitamix will definitely promote being healthier
      Love to have this Vitamix =)

    169. A PERSONAL-SIZED VITAMIX?!?!? My life could now be complete. The only thing holding me back from shelling out the money for a Vitamix is my fear that I would use it on a daily basis because of the volume. But now?!? Well, there’s hardly any reason! 😉
      Whitney recently posted..We’ve Got Your Back 2014 – JOIN US!My Profile

    170. I would use the vitamin for post workout smoothies for myself and my gymnast daughter! I love the smaller size!

    171. I really want to start making smoothies and protein shakes for after workouts so that’s what I’d use it for !

    172. My trusty GNC blender is on its last leg of life, this one looks awesome!!

    173. I would love a VitaMix to help me get away from standard whey protein shakes and more into blending fruit and vegetables…

    174. i’d LOVE to win! our blender is nowhere near as powerful as the vitamix..

    175. 90% of the time, I use my blender for smoothies, but it’s an old one, so definitely time for a replacement!

    176. I would love to use it to make nut butters, shakes, and smoothies! Thank you!

    177. l would love to make homemade almond milk and nut butter. And smoothies, and soup and… yah, I don’t think I would have any problem find a use for that bad boy!

    178. I’ve never been good at making smoothies/shakes, but this looks like it would be great for that.

    179. I would use this to finally try protien smoothies after long runs! instead of eating from the jar of PB

    180. I love making green smoothies, but my blender is dying a slow and painful death. I’d continue making those smoothies with a Vitamix!
      Helen Ransom recently posted..Just LilyMy Profile

    181. I make a green smoothie every morning for breakfast and go through blenders like socks! (Well, okay, maybe not that frequently–but I have gone through at least 2 in the past year and the third one seems like it could be on it’s last leg.) I have always wanted a Vitamix!

    182. Smoothies! I need a high-power blender to breakdown the dates that I like to put in my smoothies.

    183. I would use it to make smoothies and blended frozen fruit ‘ice cream’

    184. i have always wanted a vitamix—so expensive tho and just dont have the money for it right now. perhaps one day!

      I just started reading your blog- love it! I ran the nyc half marathon too in march. youre time was very speedy btw. I have never run in nyc, ever…so it was so cool for me. such a great race…esp running down times square!
      Christina (Sisters Running the Kitchen) recently posted..Broad Street 2014 Race RecapMy Profile

    185. I need this blender in my life! I love making smoothies for myself after running and I feel like that is just the tipping point of what this blender can do! Thanks for the giveaway!

    186. always wanted to try the VitaMix. Its just so expensive, though! I dont have the money to spend on it now but perhaps one day I will :)

      I just started reading this blog…you are speedy! I saw that you ran the NYC half marathon this march- I Was there too. such a great race…it was my first time running in NYC EVER! very cool. I am actually moving to hoboken soon so i hope to find new fun spots to run at!

    187. I have been wanting a Vitamix forever – I would use it to make soups, smoothies baby food and possibly an adult beverage now and again:)

    188. This blender looks amazing! I make smoothies for myself on a regular basis and I feel like the options are endless for what I could use this for!

    189. I would make smoothies! I love that it has the individual to-go container, which would make it so easy to make smoothies to take to work for breakfast!

    190. I would definitely use it for smoothies after long runs with my husband. Sounds like it’s the perfect size to make one for each of us!

    191. I’d use mine for smoothies in the morning! I have some friends who have these, and I’d love one too! :)

    192. I would love to win a Vitamix! It would definitely be useful for breakfast, making recovery shakes and it would be a great way to make sneak in some extra fruits and veggies into my toddler’s diet…as well as mine!

    193. Morning Smoothie! With 2 under 2, it’s hard to find time for breakfast. I would love to be able to start my day with a healthy breakfast!

    194. I would use the Vita Mix to make protein/recovery smoothies for after my long runs! I have a blender now, but it doesn’t work that great, but I’ve heard excellent things about the Vita Mix!
      Kate recently posted..Desert RATS Trail MarathonMy Profile

    195. I would use it for delicious smoothies and for making fun things like pesto etc!

    196. I am a big smoothie fan so I’d definitely be using it for those, but with a baby on the way as well I’d love to try some homemade baby food in the Vitamix as well!

    197. I am a runner so I would love to make recovery shakes or meal replacement shakes in this baby!

    198. I run and bike, so I would primarily use the vitamix for recovery shakes. It would be great to have a powerful blender. My kids also love smoothies and I can put in vegetables without them complaining. I’d love a blender that doesn’t require peeling. Thanks!

    199. I would use it to make smoothies. My husband and I need to get more fruits and veggies in our diets.

    200. Yes please! Love the Vitamix my parents have and would love to have one of mine own!

    201. I make smoothies in the morning and the blender we have isn’t able to handle the daily use… I’m in the market for a new one!

    202. Hmmmm. I need a blender so maybe my luck will hit like your’s did:)

    203. I’d use it for those quick morning smooothies, to get the day started right

    204. I’ve wanted a vitamix for as long as I’ve known they existed. The better question would be, what wouldn’t I use it for? I’d use it for smoothies, soups, but especially this recipe I found for a raw chocolate avocado pudding. In my current old blender it comes out pretty chunky, not so appetizing.

    205. Would LOVE to have something like this to make small batches of drinks, frozen-banana yogurt, sauces, etc. So awesome you got to test one and give one away!

    206. I would love a Vitamix blender for my daughter and I! My daughter has a severe egg allergy and doesn’t enjoy eating meat. I’ve been looking to smoothies made with peanut butter and Greek yogurt as ways to get more protein into her diet and this blender would really help!

    207. I have been researching the Vitamix and I would love to have one! It will make healthy eating that much easier:)

    208. We don’t have a blender but now that my daughter is almost 2 I think we’d use it a ton!

    209. I would make my recovery drinks in the blender…love that it is smaller and not a huge machine.

    210. I love making lots of smoothies for myself and my little ladies, especially come summertime!

    211. Would definitely use it for morning smoothies- perfect for taking to work!

    212. I’ve been looking at blenders to make shakes/smoothies, plus drinks etc. My blender is old & much too big. The Vitamix blender looks like it would be perfect with it’s small size and to-go cup!

    213. I would use it for post work out nutrition as I ramp up Ironman training and I’m struggling to figure out the right mix of nutrition that my stomach can handle.

    214. I would use it to make smoothies in the morning to take to work with me.

    215. This is so great! I have a personal blender that I LOVE, but it’s not always powerful enough to blend down everything that I want in the smoothie. This looks PERFECT! I would love this for my morning smoothies on the way to the office.

    216. First I would make baby food, then I would make momma a drink like you have posted above!

    217. Definitely smoothies and shakes, especially in the mornings! I’ve gotten into a great regular training routine (running and tris), but have yet to nail the healthy eating part.

    218. I am a new mom and feel as if this would be a great way to make baby food!

    219. Amazing giveaway!!! I would use it to make smoothie “snacks” for my picky toddler! Our bullet but broke and it was a sneaky way to add some vegetables to his diet 😉

    220. This would be great! I’m always looking for new and east ways to improve my nutrition.

    221. My blender just broke! Have heard great things about vitamix. Would love to win one for my morning protein drink

    222. My blender just died on me recently, a new Vitamix is just want I need :)

    223. I recently joined a farm share and would like to start making smoothies to use the fruit I’m getting!

    224. I have been wanting to try a Vitamix and this would be a perfect start!

    225. I love the idea of healthy smoothies for breakfast but I don’t have a blender. This would be perfect!