26Strong + Saucony Shoe Giveaway!

Don’t forget to enter the other giveaways I’m hosting this week in honor of Mother’s Day (Vitamix S30 Blender + Entry into in24 Philly Race).

If you’ve been reading here for a bit, you may remember that I participated in the 2013 Saucony 26 Strong Campaign in the fall. I had a blast – and especially loved mentoring and coaching my “cadet”, Hallie, as she trained for her first marathon.

me and hallie2

So I was extremely excited when Saucony reached out to me this past winter to see if I would be interested in participating in the 2014 Campaign.

26 strong

Saucony and Competitor have teamed up to put together a team of 26 females – 13 “veteran” marathoners and 13 first-time marathoners. The coaches are some pretty amazing (and speedy!) women, many of whom I have the honor and privilege of calling my friends (Dorothy, Jess, Katherine, Jenny to name a few).

Saucony left it up to the coaches to select our “cadet”. I knew I wanted to pick someone local – someone that I could train with occasionally and meet for coffee/dinner/training catchups whenever we wanted. Once I narrowed down what I was looking for, it became an easy decision. I’m excited to announce that I will be coaching my younger sister, Nicole (this is her Instagram account -> follow her!!)! She’s run throughout most of her life but recently lost over 30 pounds and started training for her first half marathon now that nursing school and her nursing exam is over (yay!).

me and nicole

We’ve already picked a goal marathon for us to run – together (from start to finish) – in December – so she will have more than enough time to go from the half marathon to marathon distance.

I’m pretty pumped to not only be a part of this amazing campaign, but that I get to share it with my sister and best friend! And I’m giddy that I will be with her throughout her entire 26.2 mile journey in December!!

Saucony + participation in this campaign + running with my sister = Happiness =)

saucony smile

If you want to follow along our journey(and the other 24 females), check out the 26 Strong pages or search the hashtag: #26strong.


To help celebrate, Saucony has offered to give away one pair of shoes (of your choice) to one winner! YAY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • The giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, May 13; winner will be announced on/about Wednesday, May 14, 2014
  • One winner will receive any Saucony shoe they choose!
  • Winner has one week to claim their prize (I will contact you as best I can via email or social media) before a follow-up winner is selected
  • All entries will be verified
  • Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter and are based on the number of entries received
  • Open to US residents only

 That’s it!! If you have any questions, please let me know =)  And best of luck!


I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

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    316 thoughts on “26Strong + Saucony Shoe Giveaway!

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    2. I am unsure what I would choose, there are so many different styles. It’s kind of overwhelming.

    3. I’d love to try Saucony shoes, especially if I could get a fun, supportive pair in green or purple!

    4. My local running store just demo’d the kinvara 5’s and I’d love to have some of my own!

    5. I am just getting back into running consistently and would love a new pair of Sauconys. The Saucony rides have been my go to shoe for the past several years…..love them.

    6. I’d love any Saucony shoe. I’ve had them in the past and love them for their cushion and support.

    7. I’ve never tried Saucony, but have heard great things and would love to give them a try!

    8. Saucony is one of my favorite brands! I would love to have a new pair of shoes :)

    9. I LOVE Saucony shoes! They are the only shoes I have found that don’t cause my PF to flare up. Love them!

    10. I don’t have a sister, but I have the next best thing…as sister-in-law that I get to run with!!! I would choose the kinvaras!

    11. I wish I could convince my sister to get into running. It would be so much fun.

      I would love a pair of Kinvaras.

    12. I usually wear brooks, so finding Saucony shoes that fit would be fun.

    13. I would pick the Cortana 2 if they were still available, waiting patiently for the Cortana 4

    14. I have never tried saucony so I think I would go with a neutral shoe!

    15. Great giveaway! I am looking to try a new kind of running shoes, so this is perfect timing.

    16. I think I would have to go with the Mirage or Hurricane. I currently run in Mizuno but would love to try Saucony!

    17. How cool! I have a great deal of admiration for your sister already — a nurse (so grateful for good nurses! the world needs more!), and a marathoner! My own sister has passed, and I’m really happy for you.

      Re: Saucony — I’ve loved the Ride since my own first half marathon, and hope they never change it too much. :)

    18. I would love to try a pair of Saucony sneakers! I used to only wear those, and haven’t tried them in awhile!! I love reading your blog, you are such an inspiration as a mom and a runner :)

    19. I want to try the xodus. Currently working on trails near my house for the hill work and would be nice to have a pair of trail shoes!

    20. I only just started wearing Saucony, but I love the Omni 12’s so far!

    21. I fell in love with the Fastwitch 5 a couple years back when running a ton of half Mary’s, and also have a pair of Mirage’s. It’s time for me to see what’s new in the lineup since I’ve just had a baby and pregnancy changed my feet.

    22. I would love to try the Kinvaras! I am currently a Brooks wearer, but looking to try some new sneakers.

    23. Possibly the Omni 12. It’s not their “coolest” offering but I think I need the stability.

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      • I am running my first marathon on Sunday! I will run in Green Bay…my coaches are in Illinois, California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Washington DC, and others…#runchat # Blessed

    25. Awesome giveaway! I have a pair of Kinvaras which I love. And I would love to get a pair of the newest ones :)

    26. I’d go for the Kinervas – I’ve been wanting to try out new shoes for a while but waiting until I need to add some new ones into my rotation!
      Look forward to hearing how you and your sister get on. Good luck to her with her training – sure she’ll do really well with you helping her out.

    27. Kinvaras! What an exciting thing to run with your sister! I wish my sister ran and we could train and run a race together. I know you will enjoy it!

    28. Wow that’s so awesome i would LOVE to coach someone like that!
      If i won i’d so go with the new Kinvara’s!

    29. Sounds so fun to train with your sister! I’m running with my mom for her first marathon, the Chicago marathon, in October!

    30. I would get a pair of Kinvaras! I have been running in them since they came out, and I love them!!

    31. I’d love to try the Kinvaras. This is going to be such a great experience for you and your sister!

    32. I would pick the Kinvara for sure! I have loved the Kinvara since version 1, and ran a PR in them during the 2011 LA Marathon monsoon. The flooded streets and frigid torrential downpour did not stop me, nor my Kinvaras from getting a personal best — of course, the mild-hypothermia was unavoidable but that’s what the EMS people were for 😉

    33. I think I would want the cortana 3’s but the peregrine 4’s look like contenders too.

      Can’t wait to see the progress your sister makes!

    34. I’m starting to get more into trail running, so I would pick the Cohesions!

    35. I’d probably try the Omni, but I’ve never worn saucony, so any would be worth it.

    36. I am super excited to follow you, your sister and my neighbor and her coach Amanda @runtothefinish.com I am going to be following along and will be learning so much from you ladies.

    37. I’d love to try the Cortana! I’m currently training for my 4th marathon, the Grand Rapids Marathon! I’m so excited about it!

    38. I like the Kinvara and the Guides but the Omni’s look like they would be fabulous too!! So fun you are training your sister….enjoy the run!!!

    39. I have never worn Saucony so I’d have to do some research before selecting a shoe. It’d be awesome to get to try something new!

    40. I would pick the Guide 7 I think, but I have really been contemplating adding Saucony into my shoe mix, as I have mostly run in Mizuno’s – so this would be an awesome way to try it out!

    41. I love love my Hurricanes and Kinvaras! Really wanting to try a pair of Virrata’s, though!! Love Saucony!

    42. I love the peregrine 4 but should probably try one on before making a final decision. Thanks for hosting the giveaway

    43. Hi Michelle! So excited for the 26Strong program! I’m Katherine’s cadet and could not be more pumped to run my first marathon! Hope we get to meet at some point! Looking forward to following along with your sister’s training!

    44. I don’t know what I’d get! I’d make it a point to go get properly fitted before selecting because I’d want them to last but I’d love to try out a pair! I love my more casual Saucony shoes!
      Thank you for the opportunity!

    45. I have never worn Saucony shoes for running before – i think the Kinvara’s sound like they would be a good fit (pun intended!)!!!

    46. Woohoo! What an awesome opportunity to participate again and to include your sister!! I’m considering the Houston marathon (January) so we might be training over about the same time… maybe we can meet up for a long run at some point. :) As for the shoes, I really like my Ride 6 and I’d love another pair!
      Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Crazy sites on my run + WIAWMy Profile

    47. Neat program. Would have been nice to have a “veteran” coach when I trained for my first half and full. Good luck to you and your sister :)

    48. I would probably have to go get fitted at my local running store – but the MIRAGE 4 and the KINVARA 5 look pretty awesome!

    49. I love the triumph or ride saucony shoes and would have to go with either one of them. This is a great giveaway. Thanks for hosting! :)

    50. What a great program! I love Saucony’s and have been eyeing their Kinvara line, have heard such great things.

    51. I’ve been running for 2 years – first to lose weight after the birth of my first child & now it’s my passion! I would love to win this giveaway. I’ve heard great things about Saucony but never tried them!
      Amanda recently posted..Advocare 10 Day Cleanse ResultsMy Profile

    52. This is such a cool program!! I love the idea of training with a running “veteran”! So excited for you and your sister! I’m in need of some trail shoes so I would pick the peregrine 3. They have good reviews and I love the colors!

    53. I would like to try the Guide 7’s. Good luck to you and your sister!

    54. I wear Saucony Guides and they’ve gotten me through 10 half marathons! Love them!

    55. I’ve never run in Sauconys before, but I’d LOVE to try a pair! The 26 Strong program sounds amazing!

    56. I haven’t run in Saucony shoes and would welcome trying them! I would probably go with the Kinvaras!

    57. I would absolutely love to try the Saucony Virrata. I want to get a taste of a more natural running style and see what all the hype is about!

      Also, to Michele: that’s awesome that you’re going to train and run with your sister! I recently ran with my younger sister through her first half marathon and helped her with some training beforehand and positive reinforcement along the way. It was an amazing experience to share with her and I know you will have a great time with your sister too :)

    58. I just signed up for my FIRST marathon, too! Would love a new pair of Sauconys to get the training party started (loyal Saucony runner!). Good luck to your sis as she begins training!

    59. What an awesomr sister bond! I would love new shoes to run my first half marathon in July!!!

    60. What an amazing adventure for you and your sister to do together! I have heard that Saucony Kinvara’s would help me shave some time of my PRs….dying to try so that would be my pick!

    61. First off, your sis is beyond lucky to have you as her guru! She will do amazing with you by her side. I have been running in the Guide 6 and have been thinking about trying the hurricanes. Anyone out there run in the hurricanes and have an opinion feel free to give me it!

    62. I’m about to have kiddo #2, and ABSOLUTELY need new shoes to start my post-partum running recovery scheme!

    63. That’s amazing that you will be coaching your sister. That is so special! Best of luck to both of you. I ran my first half marathon in March and I have 3 more scheduled for 2014. I hope to run a full marathon next year.

      • (It posted before I could finish…)

        I’ve never had Saucony shoes so I don’t know which would be best for me. I’d have to go to my running store & try some out before knowing which would be best for me.

    64. I just switched to Saucony after frustrating foot surgery and then set backs during recover with my old shoes. I wish I had tried them sooner. I am in LOVE with my Ride6 and they will carry my through my first half iron in a few weeks. Then I will probably need a new pair! lol
      Katrina recently posted..Anatomy of a Half Marathon PRMy Profile

    65. I’ve always run in the Guides but the 7s have been giving me some problems. I may have to experiment with others.

    66. I’ve run in Saucony sneaks since I switched from cycling back in “the day.” What a great program. If only I could get MY sister to start running!!

    67. So nice you can run with your sister! We live on different continents, and the one time I visited home she was extremely busy with her job and we could not run together… oh well!

    68. I can’t wait to follow along on your marathon journey with your sister! What fun!

    69. That’s like the best give away ever! I’m 100% a Saucony girl. I use the Ride 6 for long runs, the Virratas for easy runs, the Kinvara 4 for speed work/long races, and the A5 for short races. You can tell I’m obsessed. I’d def pick the Kinvara 5!!!

    70. I would have to pick the Saucony Kinvara 5s. I love the Kinvaras and would love to try their newest addition.

    71. I would choose the Kinvara. I’ve read great things about them…

      Happy training/coaching!

    72. How exciting that you get to do this with your sister!! I’m training for my first marathon right now!

    73. Running with your sister sounds awesome! I would love to win a pair of Saucony Kinvaras! I am recently divorced from brooks pureflows and have been remarried to saucony kinvara 5s !!!!

    74. I would def choose the Kinvaras!! I started running in them last summer and can not get enough of them!!! So light and so cushioned!!

    75. I’ve never owned a pair so I’d probably go to jackrabbit to find out.

    76. Not entirely sure which shoes I would pick BUT I think its great you are going to train and run with your sister!! My big sister has always been a huge inspiration to me and we just ran a half marathon this weekend while she was visiting.
      Sarah recently posted..The problem with yoga is yoga ; )My Profile

    77. I would love to try the Kinvara’s, I hear so many good reviews about them!!

      Wish I would have known about the 26 Strong Campaign. I didn’t start running until March of 2013 and decided at age 40 to run my first marathon (which is coming up on May 18th!) It would have been great to have coaching by someone with as much experience as yourself!! Enjoy the training with your sister :)

    78. Running with and mentoring your sister sounds like a blessing. I wish my sister were into running as well. It seems like an amazing way to spend time with your sister. Good luck ladies.

      Also I love Saucony for this awesome idea and for their shoes. They are the only running shoes I own. Currently I am on Omni 11’s but would love to try something else with the same support.

    79. Not sure if I would pick the Kinvaras (I have two pairs already and love them) or try something new. Congrats to your sister and Happy Nurses week to her. I’ve been a nurse for 8 years (and a Nurse Practitioner for 3) and I love my career. =)

    80. That’s so sweet you get to run with your sister! :) I want to make the jump to the full mary one day too! I would choose the Omni 12!

    81. Such hard decision on which shoe to pick! I would love to try out the Kinvara’s. :)

    82. I’d love to try the new Kinvara 5 that just came out. It has been my favorite Saucony shoe. I can’t wait to follow your sister’s journey. So exciting to be able to run with your sister!

    83. What awesome giveaways!! :) I would love a pair of Saucony Omni 12s!! I definitely need some stability and these look like a great pair!

    84. This is so fun! I’m happy for your sister, sounds like it will be a great journey. What race are you guys doing?

      I would love the Saucony Cortanas, I’ve had my eye on them recently!

    85. I would love to try the new Kinvaras! How exciting for you and your sister!!!

    86. I am a die hard kinvara girl and can’t wait for my 5’s, but I’m sorta wanting to try the A6!

    87. I would love a new pair of shoes!! Congrats to your sister for taking on this challenge with you!

    88. What a great way to bond! I hope that I can compete in athletic events with my sister at some point (although I don’t know if we’ll be trying a marathon!).

      • Oh, and I’m not sure what Saucony I’d pick because I’ve never owned a pair. I’ve heard good things about them and would like to try them!

    89. Congratulations on getting invited to participate in the 26Strong campaign again! I’m sure you will help your sister have an amazing first marathon experience.

      I’m excited about this giveaway! I would want a pair of Kinvara 5s because I’ve used the 3s and 4s and love them both, but they wear down too quickly for me. I want to try the 5s because of the additional rubber Saucony added to the soles, but I’m hesitant to spend the money before I hear what others have to say about whether that actually increases the durability. If I could win them, though… 😉
      Rachel recently posted..What Makes a Runner?My Profile

    90. Saucony Triumph 10 has been a great shoes to me! ( I ran my first marathon in them this past Sunday)! But i would like to try a different model if i won this giveaway!

    91. That is so awesome that you will be doing this with your sister! I keep trying to get my family into running, and I finally managed to get my Dad to do a 10K with me over memorial weekend, and we are going to run the whole thing together! I’m really looking forward to it!

      I just recently got my first pair of Saucony’s (Peregrine 4 trail shoes) and love them! Would definitely be up for trying one of their road shoes!
      Kate recently posted..Desert RATS Trail MarathonMy Profile

    92. I’m not sure which shoe I’d pick. I’ve never owned Saucony. I’d like something with cute colors! ha!
      Traci recently posted..ThirdMy Profile

    93. I just started back running. Right now I am in the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 and I love them. I have a pair of Saucony shoes I use for “regular” activities. It would be great to try a pair of their running shoes.

    94. That’s exciting! I wish my sister was also into running.

      I actually love running in the Virratas. The only problem I have with them is that they seem to wear down rather quickly.

    95. What a fun time!! I like the Rides but would also be interested in the Kinvara.

    96. What a great program hooking new runners up with veterans! How awesome that you get to coach your sister!
      Traci recently posted..ThirdMy Profile

    97. love Saucony shoes. have the Ride 6 but want to try the Triumphs for marathon distance.

    98. I have actually never owned a pair of Saucony shoes! I’ve only run w/ Brooks or Asics, and would LOVE the chance to try Saucony! I would probably pick the Kinvara!

    99. Oh, wow! I actually have no idea which one I’d want to try. I’ve been experimenting with different stability shoes, so I’d be interested in seeing what Saucony has to offer!

    100. Michele! Thanks so much for the opportunity (the shoes!)!!! Can’t wait to follow along with you and your sister on her running journey. I’m slowly, tentatively, training for a half. I need to just suck it up and register so I can’t quit… =)

      • I’d probably choose some new Kinvaras, though I’m also in the market for some Rides. Tough choices! 😉

    101. I love that you’re coaching your little sister, how awesome! I’m trying to convince mine to do a 5K with me this year :)

      I think I would try the new Guide 7s. Back when I started running I was in the Guide 2s, but have since flip-flopped around and am currently wearing Mirage 3s and a pair of Asics for longer runs, but I have been itching to go all Saucony!

    102. It would have to be a stability shoe – as that is what I currently feel I need! So, the Omni or the Stabil CS2 or CS3. would have to try some on to see the fit for a preference.

    103. I would definitely get the Guide 7. I tried out a pair a couple of weeks ago and loved them!

    104. I would get the Type A5 in the purple/white. Nothing better than a new pair of running shoes!

    105. I’ve progressed from a 5k to an 8k to a 10k then a 15k and I signed up for a Half in October. It only makes sense to do a full next!

    106. That’s so wonderful that you get to coach your little sister! I hope I get to do the same one day- my little sister is signed up for her first half this fall, and I’m hoping I can convince her to do a full!