Mamalete Day 2014

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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a special Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!!!


Truth: There are many days where I feel overwhelmed with being a parent. My boys are at ages where they are SO impressionable – I feel like they soak every single thing in (for better or worse) that my husband and I say or do (I learned this the hard way after my oldest started repeating a phrase I yelled at him a handful of times – no curse words, but it wasn’t what I wanted him saying outside the house).  And so we are trying to be the best example we can be. We are trying to lay the foundation for things like a love for school and learning (which I remember my mom instilled in me from the youngest age), a healthy relationship with food, good manners and an active lifestyle.

My little guys know that Mommy “runs” every morning. Or that sometimes we run together while I push them in the stroller. They may not fully understand what that means or that I’m training for a 26.2 mile race or even how long a mile is. But they understand where I’m going when they see me by the side door putting on my shoes. They rush to the front window to wave goodbye and to see me run off. And to them, that is normal. That is what parents do every day.


They are still too young to understand about PRs or goals or what pace I ran. Their presence at races (right now) is more for me and for memories we can talk about and show them when they are older. Right now, they mimic what they see – so they put on my running shoes and run around the house. Or my oldest tells me he’s running like me when we are outside. The understanding will come with time.

nyc marathon11

2011 NYC Marathon

But I hope that they see how much happiness running and just being active makes me. And that one day, they’ll want to do the same – not necessarily with running (although I would obviously love if they wanted to run) – but just finding an activity that makes them happy, excited to get up each day, feel better about themselves.

Which, I think, is kind of what the Mamalete Movement is about. So what is a Mamalete? I’ll let my friend, Gia (the creator of Mamalete) explain it in her own words:

Mamalete is a woman who adores her sport. She knows that being active is part of her core, and she is a better person with a little sweat in her day.
A Mamalete knows how much her kids admire her for her dedication. She motivates their love for being active through the goals that she sets and achieves.
A Mamalete shares her love of fitness.  Both with her children but also to inspire them, and she is proud.
Proud to sweat. Proud to motivate. Proud to love.


My friend, Gia, asked me if I would be interested in participating in Mamalete Day and in helping spreading the word about it – and I jumped at the opportunity.

Details of Mamalete Day:

On May 10th share a photo or video of a mamalete. Rocking your favorite workout, sharing fitness with your children or your favorite or your favorite mamalete moment.


Hashtag your photo or video #mamalete to spread the movement!


Crossing the finish line of my first triathlon with my oldest son (2013)

Follow the Mamalete Instagram to see other Mamalete faces!

Mamalete Day 2014.jpg

Help spread the word!! =)

Moms – what is your favorite activity to do with your children?


I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

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    10 thoughts on “Mamalete Day 2014

    1. My 11 year old is a dedicated swimmer, and we can talk about pushing ourselves and working to reach goals. I’m just into my third trimester with my second son and I am so happy to still be running. I hope both of my sons see me as an example of fitness and for putting in the work!

    2. Awww beautiful! That photo of you crossing the finish is adorable!!! I hope I can be a mamalete like you when I have kids. You are an inspiration! I can run well while it is just me, I can put myself first, focus on my training, and that allows me to be elite, but it is a whole new thing to do it with kids, and you are incredible! I admire you :)
      Tina Muir recently posted..The Importance of Keeping a Training LogMy Profile

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    4. Love it! Some of my toughest workouts were running with the twins in the double stroller. Sometimes I truly miss it. Now, I just love seeing them at my races and my activity with them is usually wrestling!!
      Allie recently posted..I Lost My Mom, And Gained 3 MoreMy Profile

    5. Love the “Mamalete Movement” idea! I can’t wait to fully embody this myself (7 weeks and counting!) but I will certainly be sharing my finish line pic from the Philadelphia Marathon this past November – my first 26.2 and I was 8 weeks pregnant. :) Happy Mamalete Day and Mother’s Day to you!

    6. I’m halfway through my first pregnancy (today, in fact!), and found your blog while looking for resources for pregnant runners. You’ve really been an inspiration to me, and I look forward to seeing the photos of lots of other mamathletes as a result of this post!
      Elizabeth recently posted..2013 At The RacesMy Profile