Alaska Adventure

Hi Everyone!!! I had every intention of updating you at least 1-2x/week while my family was on vacation – I figured it would be a piece of cake. But there was always something that won out over blogging and after the first couple of days, I decided to just let it go, unplug and spend as little time on the computer and my phone as necessary.

The last 15+ days were nothing short of magical. It’s impossible to accurately describe what a wonderful, whirlwind adventure it was for us. This was one of those trips where everything felt easy and each day was more fun and exciting than the previous day.  Even though our daily routines were disrupted, we fell immediately into a new routine (or lack thereof!) with no bumps along the way. I was a bit apprehensive about how traveling 18+ hours and then being away for two weeks would affect the little guys but they exceeded our expectations and acted like seasoned travelers.

Here’s how the two weeks unfolded: We spent the first five days at my in-law’s home on Nancy Lake (about 90 minutes north of Anchorage), then headed up to Denali National Park for three days (two nights) for lots of hiking and sightseeing. We returned to Nancy Lake for a long 4th of July weekend and finished off the trip with a two nights at the Aleyska Resort (in Girdword) which included time at the resort, Wildlife Refuge and a glacier cruise.

Before I share some of my favorite pictures, I wanted to capture some of what we experienced:

  • After a rainy, chilly first few days, we had almost perfect weather for the remainder of the trip – 80 degree days while at the lake, cooler temps while hiking, clear days while traveling and on cruise (this almost NEVER happens in Whittier) which allowed us to see views that often are missed
  • Back home, the boys often go to sleep between 730-830pm. During summer in Alaska, and specifically at Nancy Lake, bed times kind-of go out the window. It is still light out at midnight and your concept of time vanishes. The boys went to bed (passed out) most nights around 11pm and “slept in” until 7 or 8 and then would crash hard for a long afternoon nap.
  • Dinner at 9pm, a 10pm boat ride around the lake and s’mores by the fire at 11pm became our new norm
  • The boys experienced a lot of “firsts”: they drove a boat, went on jet skis, got pulled by a jet ski on a raft (they loved this) and swam in chilly Alaskan water
  • My in-laws beautiful home quickly became “home” for the boys – they knew where everything was and referred to it as “home” while we were gone
  • Whale, bald eagle, seal sightings that left the boys in awe
  • This was my 4th time to Alaska and I got to see Mt McKinley, other mountains and glaciers clearer than I ever have before
  • Nothing but hills on my runs (more on that in next post!)
  • I never really enjoyed hiking until this trip and now my husband and I can’t plan a hiking excursion (with the boys) fast enough
  • Endless amount of freshly caught halibut and crab legs for dinner
  • Even more endless amount of wine =)
  • Not nearly enough time with family and friends

I consider myself so lucky to have in-laws who live in Alaska – I’ve been to visit four times and the views and way of life never gets old. My husband and I have every intention of making this trip an annual occurrence for our family and I love that our boys will grow up knowing and seeing so much of Alaska. But, it also makes me sad that my in-laws live so far away. I would like nothing more than to have my sons see their paternal grandparents and extended family on a regular basis as they do with my family rather than the 1-3x/year that they will.


Here are some of my favorite shots from the trip. I uploaded more on Facebook if you want to see more! Hope you are having a great summer so far!














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    4. I loved seeing your pics! I went to Alaska last summer (Skagway, to hike the Chilkoot trail- my first ever hiking/camping trip) and it was the BEST trip I’ve ever been on. Alaska is absolutely breath taking. Seeing your pics makes me want to go back and experience more!

    5. Your photos are stunning. I mean, stunning. I’m so so happy to hear that you all had an amazing time – time with family and time to unplug. I’ve only been to Alaska once and very briefly but would love to go back again!
      Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..High Five FridayMy Profile

    6. So sad we missed you but so happy you had such an amazing trip! Will catch you in NYC hopefully in Dec!

    7. Oh my goodness, I have goose bumps looking at those pictures!!! Alaska is so breathtaking! Looks like an amazing trip- I am so glad your boys enjoyed it too :) I have never been to Alaska, but now I really want to go. I have a friend who just took an Alaskan cruise two weeks ago, and she has some of those gorgeous pictures too! I can’t wait to hear more about your running there too! Thank you for the amazing recap of your trip! Welcome home!!

    8. Beautiful pictures!!! I have wanted to go to Alaska for a long time now and can’t wait to make it happen! That’s amazing that your in-laws live there! We spend a big chunk of our summer in northern Michigan and it doesn’t get dark until about 10:00, it really does distort your sense of time! Right now we have managed to keep the boys’ bedtimes the same and they go down when it is light, but I’m sure that will be harder in future years :)
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    9. Creating memories with your little ones is definitely far more important than updating your blog. It seems like you enjoyed your time there and I’m sure your boys will cherish those memories! And, with those absolutely stunning views, I can see why people are drawn to Alaska. It is on my list of must visit locations!
      Lisa @ Lisa Runs for Cupcakes recently posted..NYCM Marathon Training: Week 1 & 2My Profile

    10. Wow! How beautiful! Looks like you had an incredible time, and so many wonderful pictures there! I am so glad you did not take precious time away from your vacation to update your blog, instead creating memories you will have for a lifetime. You are great at multitasking, but sometimes it is just best to step back and enjoy what is most important. We are still here waiting for you!
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    11. Alaska is truly spectacular. I’ve been up there twice, once in May and once in December and it’s amazing. I was up further north in Fairbanks and the adventures you can have up there are spectacular! Thanks for sharing!