Women’s Running Blogger Series + It’s Good To Be Back

Hi and Happy Wednesday!! I started this on Sunday with the intent of posting it Monday morning so I decided to just finish it up and post today while I had some time…better late than never, I guess.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Did anyone race? It seemed like there were a bunch of big races – SF Marathon/Half Marathon and Eugene Marathon/Half as well as some Ironman races including Lake Placid! I had a ton of flashbacks all weekend – doing a lot of “one year ago from right now, I was doing this…”. It still feels surreal that it was already one year ago. As much as I wanted to relive the whole experience, I am pretty happy with my decision to step back from Ironman training for the next few years.


I shared on Facebook and Instagram already, but I’m happy to to announce that I am participating in the Women’s Running Blogger Series. Women’s Running contacted me about a month ago to see if I was interested in blogging for them once/week on their site. I’m honored to be among four other really amazing bloggers, including two of my friends Janae and Dorothy. There will be one new post every day (from Monday-Friday) from one of us so make sure you check out Women’s Running daily!

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After weeks of having “ehh” running, things are finally(!!!) starting to feel good.  I’ve done most of the workouts, run most of the mileage and hit a good amount of the planned paces…but running, especially running at the prescribed faster paces felt tough…even forced. Workouts are supposed to be tough – but they have felt uncomfortably tough and awkward and I really haven’t gotten into a rhythm during any of them. Last  week, especially the 18 miler on Saturday, felt better…more comfortable than it has in recent weeks.

Here’s how the week broke down:

63.6 miles, 6 runs, 2 workouts, 1 missed run (Monday’s 7 miler due to neck pain)

Workout #1: 11.5 miles with 6 x 1600m repeats.  I went into this with little expectations. After skipping my long run the weekend prior, I felt like I was pretty deep in a running funk. It was fairly humid (and hot) and so I told myself to focus on effort, not pace.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that all of my splits were within the window my coach gave me, with the last mile repeat being the fastest. Splits: 6:39, 6:40, 6:38, 6:38, 6:39, 6:34. 

Workout #2: 18 miles (7:47 pace). After a long string of long runs that felt exhausting and off from mile 1, I was really relieved to have a long run that felt good. I tried to not focus on pace as much as I often do during long runs and just run by feel.

My husband and I got up at 4:30am on Saturday – he ran first (~8 miles) and we did a high-five and exchanging of the Garmin at the door before I began mine. We had plans to head to the beach for the day with the boys and wanted to be on the road before 9am.

I decided to fuel with Generation uCan beforehand since I would be up for about 90 minutes before my run started. I also left water and fuel (gels) on our car in front of the house. Based on where I live and run, I’m usually never more than 2-3 miles from the house and so therefore my fueling and hydrating plan is always very fluid. When I start to feel like I need either, I make my way back to the car.

I stopped at mile 10.5 for some water and a gel and made the split second decision to run inside and change my clothes. No exaggeration – I was completely soaked by mile 6 and the thought of running another ~8  miles like that was unappealing. In some ways, it was a waste because I was drenched again by mile 3 (13.5) but those 3 miles were far more enjoyable than they would have been.

I made one more quick stop at mile 16 to drink water from my sister’s water hose in her yard because I felt like my heart rate was sky rocketing. I think I need to start running with water again – maybe my old camelbak that I used to run with. I sweat a ton and stopping a couple of times during a long run is not giving me the fluids my body needs.

Splits: 8:07, 7:50, 7:44, 7:47, 7:54, 7:44, 7:32, 7:49, 7:52, 7:54, 7:56, 7:47, 7:42, 7:47, 7:43, 7:56, 7:41, 7:31 

photo (70)

The rest of the week was filled with 9 milers (all outside except for one), a trip to the boardwalk for the rides and lots of pool time. It’s really been a fun, exciting summer with the boys so far!

photo (71)

Do you run with water? Vest? Bottles? Camelbak?

How often do you fuel and hydrate on long runs? 

And, please remember to get your vote in for the Runner’s World Cover Contest if you feel so inclined! !


I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

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    19 thoughts on “Women’s Running Blogger Series + It’s Good To Be Back

    1. How cool that you’ll be blogging weekly for Women’s Running! :)
      Great job on your workouts! Lately it looks like I’ve just climbed out of a swimming pool every time I go running. Yet I still prefer summer running to winter running!
      I run with a water bottle, I love being able to take small sips whenever I want rather than chugging cupfuls every few miles.

    2. Same here! After some crappy weeks, I finally had a bunch great workouts! I blame it on the weather – this week was way less humid and cooler and I def felt the difference.

      I run with a small handheld (12oz). It bothers me a little (especially during tempo runs), but I couldn’t survive the NYC summer without it. Also, I try to do my long runs where I know I’ll encounter water fountains, so that I can refill my bottle. When I go to the track, I just leave my bottle on the side and grab it in between rest jogs.

    3. I’m so glad that you are feeling better with training, you have been kicking ass all along but the mental battle can be so tough. Killer miles and workouts you are getting in :)

      On long runs I run with my handheld water bottle. I only take drinks from it when I know there would be a water stop in a race. I.e. If the race I’m training for has water stops every even mile I will only take water on an even mile in training. (I mean obviously if I REALLY need it I will take it other times) but this really helps train me for race day situations.
      Laura @losingrace recently posted..ROC Training: Working My Way BackMy Profile

    4. Big congrats on Women’s running! You always have such great information to share, you will be a wonderful asset to the magazine.

      I was wondering what you do about chafing when your clothes are soaked like that….I find that when my clothes are wringing with sweat (running outside in Houston) that I end up chafed. The other day I was three miles from home with bleeding thighs =). What do you use or wear to help prevent this?

      Any suggestion would be appreciated!

      • Hi Krissy! Thanks so much =)
        So, the chaffing is a big issue for me too, especially during the warmer months. I’ve tried vasoline, body glide, etc and nothing really seems to work. Lately, I’ve been wearing fitted shorts on longer runs where I think/know I’ll end up sweating a ton. I wasn’t really expecting to sweat that much last weekend b/c the forecast was showing it be much milder than it’s been. I often put a couple of bandaids under my sports bra line (in the front under my chest) and have put a few in between my legs (usually after I’ve already rubbed it raw from a previous run). The bandaids are annoying but seem to do the trick (I get the waterproof ones).
        I think it’s a great question though – maybe I’ll see if anyone has any other suggestions.
        Hope you have a great day =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Women’s Running Blogger Series + It’s Good To Be BackMy Profile

    5. That is such an awesome long run!!!!! I am horrible with my fueling and just don’t have it down. I need to practice some new things but I don’t want to ruin a long run either. I hate carrying water and wearing a belt…I have never tried a camelback but I feel like I wouldn’t like it.
      Jen@milesandblessings recently posted..Never be embarrassed by your pace!!!!!My Profile

    6. Congrats on being a featured blogger! I enjoy your posts and wanted to just give some unsolicited advice, based on your paces…try running your easy mileage a little slower, which will not only still allow you to hit those fast paces when it’s time to do them in the prescribed workouts, but those easy miles will speed up your recovery between runs . I practiced this myself and found that on race day, I was fresher and able to maintain my paces. I train a lot of runners in our area and run with a lot of runners–some crazy fast (sub 3 marathoners). We all run our easy mileage ridiculously easy. Good luck with your training!! Julie

      • Hey Julie! Thanks for the advice – I agree with you about the easy miles – it’s something I’ve been working on a lot this training cycle. I’ve actually transitioned to not wearing a garmin at all on easy/recovery runs to ensure I just run easy – most runs tend to be about 8:10-8:20 pace and some end up being slower (although I have no idea until I get home). It was something I was awful at in the past (I would do my easy runs at sub-8 pace all the time). My coach has me running my long runs around 7:45-8:00 pace – he wants it to be a moderate pace – so I am definitely working a little harder than I do on easy runs. But, thank you – it’s good to know that really fast runners run really easy on their easy days!!! =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Women’s Running Blogger Series + It’s Good To Be BackMy Profile