Staying Active as the Summer Ends

As much as I look forward to summer, I’m always a little excited when it starts to come to an end. I love the crispness in the air as temperatures start to drop and I always have this overwhelming desire to do anything and everything outside again.

Although this summer wasn’t sweltering like it has been in recent years, I still avoided some of the more demanding outdoor activities with the boys during the days in July and August (unless it involved a pool or water).

But, as always, once the cooler days start coming around, my family and I try to take advantage of the weather and do as much outside as we can. Below are a few of our favorite activities:

Nighttime Stroller Running: We’ve only been doing this a few weeks, but it’s a family favorite already. We either take the double and alternate pushing or we each take a single.  It’s a great way for my husband and I to catch up on our days, for the boys to get that last bit of fresh air and for us all to stretch our legs. Lately, the boys have been asking to “run” when we get close to home, so we let them out of the stroller and they run the last little stretch home. 

boys running

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– Walks on the Beach: Less than 1/2 mile from our home is an entrance to what’s called “The Unique Area”. It’s a paved loop about a mile or so around with several little paths that lead to the beach. If we aren’t running at night, we will often take the boys for a walk in the park and onto the beach (their favorite part and our least favorite part b/c it results in them covered in sand).

photo (4)

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– Hiking: This is the first year we have some concrete plans to go on family hikes. We spent a couple of days in Denali National Park when we were on vacation in Alaska last month and I walked away with a new-found love for – and desire to go – hiking. The great thing is that both boys can do some walking on their own and then get carried when they have had enough! And then it becomes great resistance training for my husband and I!

photo (11)

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What are some of your favorite ways to stay active as summer comes to an end?

“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.” 


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    9 thoughts on “Staying Active as the Summer Ends

    1. I am allergic to mosquitos so its hard for me to spend too much time outside in the evenings during the summer, so I am always ready for fall. We love taking the dog for a walk on cool evenings, and Sam (our dog) loves it too!
      Sarah @ KS Runner recently posted..100 DaysMy Profile

    2. What are some of your favorite ways to stay active as summer comes to an end?

      I love the new look of your blog…It’s so sleek and chic…
      Brady has started soccer, so we practice a few nights a week and ella will start gymnastics. We do a lot of walking and there are a lot of amazing trails in the Adirondacks so I’d like to do a little hiking with the kiddos…and of course there is always my fav…RUNNING

    3. I LOVE hiking in Alaska in the Summer.. I’m not ready for fall just yet, as our Alaskan winters are very long, cold, and dark… However, I’m going to try to hike some of my summer trails this winter, but with snow shoes…

    4. Yes to spending time outside, just before nightfall, with the family! We have a lake down our hill and can walk the boys there. They also love to shoot hoops in the driveway with my husband while I’m making their dinner. I’m definitely going to miss it!!
      And I love that maxi dress!!! I hope they have it at MY Target :-)
      Allie recently posted..FlipBelt Made Me a Better MomMy Profile

    5. I am so ready for it to be fall. I don’t normally deal with super hot summer temperatures, but the last several weeks have made my runs miserable.

      I love hiking though. I’m blessed to live near a lot of great places.
      JE @ Wandering Portlander recently posted..InterferenceMy Profile