The New Meta

Have you ever looked at various aspects of your life and felt overwhelmed with all the things you’ve wanted to change or improve upon? I’ve learned that it’s best for me to start with something small. When I focus on improving one small area of my life it seems to have a snowball effect – the rest of my life starts to fall into place as well.

For example, once I make it a habit to go to bed earlier, I begin to get up earlier (so my runs happen in the early AM), which means I have more time during the day to spend with the boys. I also have more energy throughout the day, I eat healthier and I end up drinking more water. All from shutting my eyes even 30 minutes earlier each night.

Meta, the new line of products launched by Metamucil®, is based on the same principle – one small change can lead to good things – also known as the Meta Effect.


Meta offers a new line of health products to support wellness with MultiHealth benefits to help keep you healthy from the inside out. The products featured in the Meta Line are:

  • Metamucil (capsules and powder)
  • Meta Health Bars
  • Meta Fiber Wafers
  • MataBiotic (Probiotic)


While some fiber supplements only help to promote regularity, Metamucil® does more. Not only does it promote digestive health*, but it also helps you lower your cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar levels as part of your diet.*


The new line of products are available online or you can find them in a store near you!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve partnered up with Meta and their new spokesman, Michael Strahan, to test their products and share updates of new products and events.

Click here for more information on Meta, the Meta Effect and the new line of products
You can also find Meta on:


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