Marathon Training Favorites

It’s been a while since I highlighted some of the things that are helping me get through training – lots go into 70+ mile weeks – recovery and nutrition are the two big ones but it also helps to have things that make me smile through the whole process.

– Stroller Running: I never thought I would actually love stroller running as much as I currently am. Stroller running is hard. Even a 5 or 6 “easy” run is not easy. It’s a full body workout and I feel it in my abs and upper body the next day. I know running with the stroller makes me a fitter, stronger runner – maybe not necessarily in the paces I can run but more in my endurance and overall shape. I think what has made the last few months even more enjoyable is that both boys are loving it just as much, if not more than, me – it’s that little extra bit of motivation I need to make it a double stroller run instead of a treadmill run.

Saucony Kinvara 5: I am in completely love with this shoe. I started wearing them on short recovery runs (or switching them out halfway through) and have gradually built up the mileage and frequency I am running in them. I wore them this past week for my 6×1600 workout (11 total miles) and may wear them this weekend for the SI Half Marathon.

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– SizzleFishMy good friend, Lindsay, has been working with Sizzlefish, a company that delivers pure untreated flash-frozen fish directly to your door, and she offered to send me some fish for the boys and I to try. We received a shipment of 14 individual-sized portions of fish (seven different types of fish) on Friday.

We’ve had the atlantic salmon and coho salmon already – and both were delicious and extremely easy to prepare. The individual portions make it easy to add fish to any meal and for however many people you are preparing for.

(If you want to give it a try, there is a special for October – use Code OCTBONUS for $10 off all orders, and shipping is now included)

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Sparkly Soul Camo HeadbandOkay – I’ll be honest – after wearing camo for almost 10 years of my life, I swore to never put on another piece of camo clothing. I just don’t get the appeal – again, probably because it was something that was mandatory for a good portion of my life.

When I was at the RnR Philly Expo a few weeks ago, I stopped by the Sparkly Soul booth to chat with the ladies who own and run the business and spotted the camo hanging on the hook. I loved it. It’s just a tiny hint of camo, but it’s fun, strong and goes with anything you are wearing!

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GU Gels/Chews: From my very first marathon until this past April’s NJ, I used PowerBar Energy Gels for training and racing. But over the summer, I started having some stomach pains/GI problems during long runs when I was taking the PowerBar Gels. So I decided to give another brand a try. Enter GU – both the chews and the gels.

I’ve used them both so far on training runs and have been really pleased with I felt overall as well as how my stomach reacted. Right now, my plan is to take the chews right before the race (rather than a gel) and then use the gels during the race.

What flavor is your favorite?

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– Epsom Salt BathsI may be way behind the times with this one but I took my first epsom salt bath Saturday evening – after my 21 miler. My coach has recommended to use them recently after I’ve commented to him about a bit of soreness in my legs after a workout. It was an easy choice Saturday night since I still had a chill after the long run in the rain – and the thought of a warm, relaxing bath sounded like heaven.

I woke up the next day and barely had any stiffness or sore muscles and ran a steady and strong 6-mile recovery run later that afternoon. It also ended the 71 mile week and I felt energized and ready for another week.


 – Naptime with my little guys: For the past couple of months, my boys and I have laid down together in my bed at naptime – one of them in each of my arms. We “get toasty” (get under the covers) and read a story before they drift off to sleep. Most days I get up soon after they are asleep so I can fold laundry, clean, start dinner, work on training plans. But lately, I’ve stayed in bed for an extra 20-30 min and taken a short nap. Even if I don’t nap, I try to stay there and soak up the quiet time before rushing around to fit in as much as I can while they sleep. I’ve found that I’m more energized, calm and focused after that short break. And their naptime is, hands down, my favorite time of the day.

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Name ONE thing you are loving lately!


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    14 thoughts on “Marathon Training Favorites

    1. Michele–

      Love the blog! I follow you on IG, too.

      But I haven’t been able to find what treadmill you use. Do you have one that you recommend?

      Thanks for the inspiration!

      • Hi MA!!

        Thanks for your sweet words! So we have the Precor 9.23. It’s great and I would definitely recommend it! My one complaint about it is that it doesn’t show hundredths of a mile – which isn’t a huge deal but it’s a pain in the butt if you are doing speedwork and need to do .25 miles or something other than an even tenth. Again, it’s awesome, wasn’t a ton of money and is extremely sturdy and reliable (we’ve had it 3 years and have had literally zero issues).
        Please let me know if you have any other questions!! =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Honolulu Marathon WeekendMy Profile

    2. I love epsom salt soaks!!! I run the water as hot as I can stand it and soak for 20-30 minutes. Maybe it’s just mental but I swear it always helps with the soreness. I also love GUs–plain old vanilla is my favorite. I tried for most of this marathon training cycle to use Honey Stinger chews, but they really did a number on my stomach so I switched back to the GUs and haven’t had any stomach problems since. I miss nap time! My kids–now 5 and 6–don’t take naps anymore and haven’t for a while. I don’t miss the rest…I miss having the time to get stuff done ; )

    3. I love Honey Stinger products! Their chews and waffles are my favorites and don’t give me an upset stomach (and I get it with alot of other products). I love the GU chops too!

      Naps are the best. Totally worth it. I remember hating naps as a kid and I don’t know why!
      Sarah @ KS Runner recently posted..Push Your WallMy Profile

    4. Stroller running does get you in the best shape I’m convinced! All my PRs happened when I was still running with a double stroller pretty often. When the kids love it too it’s even better!

      I’m a huge salmon fan as well and eat it several times a week. Also ahi tuna and mahi mahi. I’m also really missing nap time seeing your pictures!
      Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted..The Most Important Part of Marathon TrainingMy Profile