Women’s Running: Race Bibs and Medals

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I am a packrat. I dislike throwing away things that have even the smallest bit of meaning to me. Everything gets put into chronologically-labeled shoeboxes and packed away for a rainy day when I’m feel nostalgic.

Race bibs and medals are no different and for years, I kept everything to do with my running in those shoeboxes. Last spring, I reviewed a medal sign and after hanging it up, went through my old boxes and pulled out all my medals I could find. Then, over the summer, I had the idea to pull out my old bibs and create a wall behind my treadmill.  It’s been a source of inspiration for me to physically see the races I have competed in when I go down my basement to run or work out.

With another racing season coming to an end, you may be left with a pile of bibs and medals and not sure what to do with them. Whether you are a runner who is newer to the sport or a seasoned veteran, it’s never too early – or late – to do something fun with your running mementos.  Or maybe you are looking for a fun holiday gift for that running friend of yours. Either way, below are some ideas for ways to display bibs and medals:

Race Bibs

  • Wall: Use clear tape on the backs of the bibs to secure them together. It’s not only the easiest, but also the least expensive way to display your bibs. And, you can easily add a bib after each subsequent race.photo 2 (22)
  • Frame: First marathon or half marathon? First BQ? First Ironman? This is a great option for those truly special races that you want to highlight. Photographers for larger races typically offer a bib/medal/photo option. Other websites, such as Racer USA, offer decorative frames.
  • Coasters: Fun way to turn that special race bib into a coaster (or set of 4!). Websites such as Gone For A Run, offer a bunch of different options.
  • Wall Holder: This is a great option if space is limited in our home or workspace. It’s a single holder that stacks your race bibs. Check out Running On The Wall’s site for more options.
  • Blanket, Bag, T-shirt, pillows: There are a ton of other options available if you are crafty and/or know someone who is!


  • Medal Hanger: This is a great way to conveniently keep all your medals together in one location, especially if space is an issue. Companies such as Strut Your Running Stuff Sign Co, offer a wide range of options and designs.photo (59)
  • Ornaments: There’s been plenty of photos of Christmas Trees of die-hard runners with medals used as ornaments!
  • Vase: You can put the medals in any large vase you own – with or without the ribbon. It’s a beautiful way to keep them on your desk at work or around your house without feeling like they are taking over the entire space!photo (60)
  • Wall or Thumb-tack board: You don’t need to spend any money to display your medals. All your need are some nails or a cork board – just put the nails in the board or on the wall and hang a medal on each one!

What do you do with your Race Bibs and/or Medals? 

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    11 thoughts on “Women’s Running: Race Bibs and Medals

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    2. All of my medals are in a box in my closet. I have so many I just don’t know what to do with them or how to organize them properly so I’m just hiding them until I figure it out! I love your wall of bibs!
      Sarah @ KS Runner recently posted..Selfish Good DeedsMy Profile

        • I’ll let you know when I try it. Definitely not until after the holidays. I’m not much of a DIYer, either, but I have made those coasters and it is crazy easy and makes a great inexpensive gift. I definitely wouldn’t do one of these for every race because they’d be pretty big, but I’ll test out one or two and definitely do my first half-marathon one that I plan to run in April.
          Carolyn recently posted..Halloween 2014My Profile

    3. I have a medal hanger for my race medals, but plan to do something special with my bib and medal when I receive those in Boston next April. It was a dream to qualify after only starting running four years ago, so that one will be a very special medal!
      Pam recently posted..What’s next?My Profile

    4. Awesome ideas! I used to be obsessive about putting mine into a scrap book with all the details about the race. i have 5 of them from my college career, yet since then I seem to be slacking off, and they are just in a pile, not sure what to do with them. You have some great ideas though, and I think I may have to try a few out. I think I want to have an awards room when we eventually get a house, I feel bad throwing away the awards from all the years!
      Tina Muir recently posted..Winter Running- What to Wear at Every TemperatureMy Profile

    5. While i have given away ALOT of medals this year to medals for mettle, I have saved a few (there are certain ones that do not have Kid appeal) I may put them into a glass bowl, that is a cute idea. For medal displays, I love http://www.ironsportworks.com Iron Sport Works, a true small biz that does custom racks as well. I had the privilege of visiting the workshop where they are created and it was a really neat experience.
      Holly recently posted..More ongoing…My Profile