Honolulu Marathon Weekend

I’ve wanted to share the details of this past weekend since I returned early Tuesday morning but my focus for the last few days was on spending as much time as possible with the boys and my in-laws (who arrived Wednesday AM from Alaska!). photo (68)

My heart is full of gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this program with Saucony and Competitor, happiness for my sister and the other first-time marathoners who dealt with high winds and a tough course on Sunday and love for the other ladies who I was lucky enough to share three days with. It felt like a girls weekend in Hawaii – with a 26.2 mile run thrown in for fun.

photo (69)

The selfish part of me wishes my sister and I could have stayed longer – but for many reasons (work for her, my in-laws arriving from Alaska for me), we were on the first flight out of Honolulu Monday morning (630am – which was painfully early after 26.2 miles the day before). But I was glad to be going home. I always look forward to having some adult time away from the boys, but I miss them like crazy when I’m away from them. Four full days was enough for me.

photo (65)

My sister and I flew out Friday morning and after a very enjoyable 11 hour flight, landed in Honolulu.

photo (64)

We attended the welcome party that Saucony had organized which allowed us to meet and interact with the other girls who were also running on Sunday. Saucony had put together a little welcome bag for us as well which included some 26 Strong apparel, a couple of pairs of soon-to-be-released shoes and some other goodies.

Nicole and I met up with Jess and her cadet, Kathryn, for early morning coffee by the pool followed by a short run for Jess and I. Later that morning, the whole team met up for some photos on the beach and a 1.5 mile shakeout run to a restaurant for breakfast!

photo (13) photo (66)

photo (14)

A bunch of us made our way to the Honolulu Marathon expo which was when it really started to sink in that we would all be running a marathon the next day! The expo was definitely the most interesting I had ever been to – it was a mix between an expo and flea market with local, handmade crafts and products.

photo (67)

And some fun characters to take pictures with!

The jet lag and soreness from traveling started to set in so my sister, Jess and I spent a couple of hours in our hotel room with our feet up and drinking water while catching up. We decided to have dinner early since the marathon started at 5am the following morning (in order to minimize the heat/sun). The three of us met up with Jenny and Brittany (another sister team!) and Lindsey and Manny (their other sister and Jenny’s boyfriend) for a yummy dinner at Yardhouse. And, we got to meet and chat with Will Leer – kind of an awesome pre-marathon night!

photo (12)

Sunday AM was the race (post to come on the race ASAP!) – my sister is officially a marathoner!

photo (71)

After the race, we ordered some room service and then I spent some time sipping on pina coladas with some of the other girls at the pool. EXACTLY the way post-race recovery should be spent when you are in Hawaii.

photo (70)

Saucony and Competitor organized a beautiful congratulations and farewell dinner Sunday evening. It was really amazing to share our last meal with all the other girls who ran that day – and dinner was filled with stories of how each pair’s race went.

photo (15)

And the island gave us the most beautiful sunrise to end our weekend and participation in the program.

photo 1 (27)I just wanted to publcly thank Saucony and Competitor for the opportunity of a lifetime. It was a special six months and spectacular weekend – made all the more special since my sister was a part of it. I will be forever grateful to Saucony and Competitor for including me and my sister in this amazing program!!

What’s the furthest you have traveled for a race?
Is the Honolulu Marathon on your bucket list? 


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    15 thoughts on “Honolulu Marathon Weekend

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    2. My sister ran Honolulu last weekend too, it is definitely on my bucket list! The furthest I’ve traveled for a race was in Athens, Greece. It was a beautiful race! Excited to hear more about the race! Congratulations!
      Sarah @ KS Runner recently posted..Running RandomnessMy Profile

    3. Hi! I just found your blog and love your posts! :)
      It was so wonderful to read about you running the Honolulu Marathon with your sister – what an awesome experience! Love all of your pics and look forward to reading about the full recap of the race.
      The furthest I have traveled for a race is from Los Angeles to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon. Loved that marathon!

      Wait – I also traveled from Los Angeles to Maui for an Olympic distance triathlon. That was a lot of fun and really beautiful.

      So glad I found your blog and look forward to reading more. Best of luck in your training!

      Happy Holidays!
      Natalie recently posted..Searching for the rainbow…My Profile

    4. So awesome that your sis got to run her first marathon in Hawaii, and that you guys got to run it together. Congratulations to both of you!

    5. I still cannot believe you went to Hawaii for a weekend but looks like it was well worth it! I loved seeing all the pictures on Instagram and FB and congrats to your sister – so awesome!!! I can also relate to missing your boys. Four days away is always more then enough for me.
      Welcome home and have a fantastic holiday!
      Allie recently posted..In 2015 I Want It ALLMy Profile

    6. Congrats to both you and your sister! What a wonderful experience! I am wishing and begging my sister to run a half with me :)
      The furthest I traveled for a race was from FL to the NYC Marathon
      Hawaii is def. on the bucket list but I have heard mixed review about the race !
      Genna recently posted..Best Damn Race, Cape Coral RecapMy Profile