When You DON’T Regret Skipping a Run

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After returning from Honolulu and running the marathon with my sister, I was ready to jump back into training. I took the following day off (which was a complete travel day) and began running on Tuesday (4 miles). I continued with nothing but easy-paced 8 milers the rest of the week – one day had 10×1 min on, 1 min off pickups in the middle.

photo (76)

Missed the best sunrises in the world!

I went to bed Friday night excited and to resume long runs – coach had 19-20 on the training plan for me and physically, I felt ready. I woke up Saturday morning and from the moment my eyes opened, knew something was off. My head was aching and I felt like I was coming down with something. After a cup of coffee, I still didn’t feel any better and made the decision to skip the run for the day.

Part of me wanted to just suck it up and go. I kept hearing various phrases and inspirational images that are often thrown around social media:
The only run you regret is the one you don’t go on
I never regret a run. 

regret run

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t completely agree with them. I mean, I get what they are trying to say and I know it’s supposed to be motivation for us to not skip a workout when we just aren’t in the mood. But, is there really something wrong with skipping a run because you don’t feel up to it? Maybe it’s your body’s way of letting you know that something is brewing. Maybe a rest day will prevent you from getting more sick.

The truth is that I HAVE forced myself on some runs only to regret it later – either because I wasn’t feeling well or because I had some minor pain where I knew I should probably cross train or rest but instead forced myself to run.

I’m much more cautious with my health during the winter months. Anything respiratory and I either run on the treadmill – or just not run at all. I won’t take chances and risk getting even more sick because of running for 2+ hours in sub-20 degree weather.

I was hoping that it was a 24 hour little bug and was ready to give it another shot Sunday morning. But the same thing happened. Then again, then again. Five straight days of a fever and feeling awful. It wasn’t until Tuesday (day 4 of fever) where I realized I probably had the flu.

Having the flu sucks. Having the flu during Christmas week is even worse. Having it during Christmas when you are hosting Christmas Eve dinner for 15 people might be the worst. I didn’t have the luxury to lay in bed and recover – I had a ton of cleaning and prepping to get done in the house which only made me feel even more worse.

Thankfully, I woke up Christmas morning and felt a million times better. And although I was aching to go for a run, chose to skip another day, get some more rest and spend the day inside and warm with my family.

photo (82) photo (81)

Christmas week was nothing short of magical. My in-laws were in town from Alaska for the week which made it all the more special since the boys were able to be with BOTH sets of grandparents on Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve is the big holiday/dinner in my family).

photo (80)We took the boys to see the Christmas tree and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular – there’s something so special about being in NYC at Christmas!

photo 4 (12)

photo (77)Friday was my oldest son’s Christmas show at school:

photo (17)Sunday was dinner at my mom’s house:

photo 2 (31)

I was feeling better Sunday afternoon and thought it was just a 48 hour bug.

Monday we went to see Santa:

photo 1 (33)

Most-real Santa I’ve ever seen – his white beard was even real!

And Wednesday was Christmas Eve. Snowflake, our Elf, donned his new jacket and goggles for his last trip back to the North Pole.

photo (79)

I hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas !!

Are there any traditions your family follows for Christmas? We eat a ton of fish (usually 7 – this year was just 5) on Christmas Eve!


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    6 thoughts on “When You DON’T Regret Skipping a Run

    1. Back in May, I got up and my foot felt funny. Of course, I decided to go to the track and run anyway, and after my warmup, I decided to run some 400s. I ended up hurting my ankle REALLY bad and 2 weeks later, was diagnosed with a stress reaction (cuboid). Had to take 7 weeks off. I really wish I’d skipped that run. You live and learn, but I hate a lot of those images like that which are supposed to inspire or motivate us. If anything, some runners (myself included) need to be reminded that it’s OK to listen to your body or just take a day off if you’re not feeling it.

      I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better! Flu has been rampant here and I feel bad for anyone who had it over Christmas being so close to family, hosting events, etc! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday season regardless and I loved the Hawaii post.
      Amy Lauren recently posted..Training for the Charleston Half Marathon (Dec 22-28)My Profile

    2. I definitely have skipped runs! Especially when I am sick. I have been sick for the last 5 days and I haven’t done much of anything. On my worst day, my Fitbit reported less than 600 steps. Do I regret that? Heck no. I got sick because I wore myself out. My body is begging for rest and that is what I am giving it! I can run when I am better and it will be sooner if I am patient and wait until then!
      Angela recently posted..2014 RecapMy Profile

    3. Loved this post!!! I agree…and I have learned from Coach Amanda that it’s okay to skip a run sometimes…especially if our body whispers are telling us so!

    4. Very smart stuff in this post. SO many mens and people spouting them these days indicate that all that is required to succeed in fitness is to grit your teeth and bear it. It’s the best way to get injured. Missing a run does not mean you will miss all runs, or that one is a failure, in fact, doing that run may have set you back much further than missing it, as you know. (I’m just preaching to the choir). As someone who has had more than a fair share of injuries, I preach the “when in doubt, throw it out” philosophy. If I’m not feeling right, I skip or modify. (Big fan of running loops for long runs so if after 5 miles it feels really not right, I can bail out without having to walk back…) Have a fantastic new year. and darn it all, I want to win hat vivofit!
      Holly recently posted..Getting a jump on the New Year’s ResolutionsMy Profile