Garmin Fitness Trackers + Garmin Vivofit Giveaway!

Garmin has released two models in their activity tracker line – the Vivosmart and the Vivofit. The Vivosmart is the higher model – but both have several awesome capabilities (review of the Vivosmart coming soon!). Below is a chart outlying the differences:


I’ve hosted a bunch of Garmin giveaways lately. The 910xt and the Vivofit were/are not sponsored by Garmin (or anyone else for that matter). One of the perks of this blog and being on social media is getting awesome swag – both of these fall into that category. I already have a 910xt and knew I was getting the Vivosmart (plus my Garmin Forerunner 10 tracks steps and mileage) – so I certainly don’t need another activity tracker. I feel wrong for selling them since I didn’t spend my own money on them in the first place. So I decided to give them away as a thank you for everyone who reads, comments or supports me and my running journey.

The Garmin Vivosmart that I’m giving away on Instagram right now (go check it out!) is sponsored by Garmin. They had reached out to me several weeks ago to participate in a campaign they are holding ICW Whole Foods. I would have loved to participate, but unfortunately, the nearest Whole Foods is 45+ min away – and I couldn’t justify a weekly trip that far to buy my groceries, so I had to opt out. My contact at Garmin offered to send me a Vivosmart to review – as well as one to give away!photo (19)

I had planned on giving away a Garmin Vivofit the same way (on Instagram) but after chatting with a FB follower, I decided to do it here so that anyone can enter (you don’t need an IG account).IMG_2224

To enter the sponsored Gamin Vivosmart giveaway (retails for $169.99), head over to my Instagram page!

The details and ways to enter the Garmin Vivofit giveaway are below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

    • The giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, January 8th; winner will be announced on/about Friday, January 9th.
    • One winner will receive a Garmin Vivofit (retails for $129.99)
    • Winner has one week to claim their prize (I will contact you as best I can via email or social media) before a follow-up winner is selected
    • All entries will be verified
    • Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter and are based on the number of entries received
    • Open to US residents only

 That’s it!! If you have any questions, please let me know =)  And best of luck!

This post is not affiliated with Garmin or sponsored!


I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

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    176 thoughts on “Garmin Fitness Trackers + Garmin Vivofit Giveaway!

    1. I have an old Garmin, but it’s so heavy I don’t use it much. This one looks a lot lighter.

    2. I don’t have a fitness tracker but would love to try one. I love my Garmin Watch so I am sure I would enjoy this Garmin product.

    3. I am a huge Garmin fan and have the Forerunner 10 to track my running mileage and pace.

    4. I would love to win a fitness tracker! It would help me stay dedicated to continuing to lose weight! Love running!

    5. I have a fitbit flex but it doesn’t show heart rate and I have to sync with the app to see how many steps I have taken.

    6. Have been contemplating getting a Vivofit or a Vivosmart! Would love to win one, I have a polar heart rate monitor and my Garmin forerunner but have never owned a fitness tracker you wear all the time.

    7. Pregnant and looking for motivation to stay fit! Thanks for your generosity and the opportunity to win one. I do not have one yet :)

    8. I don’t own and have never owned a fitness tracker. I am very interested in them now though and would love to win this one.

    9. I have the Garmin Forerunner 310XT which died and I’ve been looking into getting a fitness activity tracker as I’ve been exploring other workouts instead of running this winter.

    10. I have a Garmin Forerunner 220 but only use it on my runs. Would love to try out an activity tracker 24/7!

    11. I wear the Suunto Ambit2 when running, but don’t track my activity the rest of the day. Would love to win one!

    12. I would love a tracker! The one thing I wanted for Christmas but didn’t end up getting :)

    13. I do not own an activity tracker, but would love to try this one out! I’d love to keep track of how active (or inactive) I am when not working out.

    14. Yes! I just got a fitbit flex maybe 3 weeks ago and really like it. I’d really like this one for my husband though :)

    15. I have a fitbit flex, but I would love to upgrade to a Garmin. Its kind of annoying getting out my phone to get an true step count.

    16. I have a fitbit flex, but I would love to upgrade to a Garmin! My tracker has no display and its really annoying having to get my phone out to get a true step count.

    17. I don’t have a fitness tracker, but I’ve been eyeing them and trying to narrow down which one would be for me.

    18. I don’t have a fitness tracker but would certainly use one daily–what a great giveaway!

    19. I do not yet own an activity tracker, but I’ve been researching them and the Garmin seems to get good reviews.

    20. I don’t own a fitness tracker. I have been researching them for about a month now. I’d really like to get one.

    21. I have been considering a fitness tracker for a little while but haven’t figured out which one would be the best. I would love to try the Garmin!

    22. I currently own a jawbone, but I haven’t seen this one. I would love to try it!!!

    23. I don’t personally have one, but I just got my girlfriend a FitBit for Christmas.

    24. I own a running watch, but it doesn’t do anything besides measure my distance I ran. I love that the Vivofit is for activity all day and tracks it!!!

    25. I do not own one, but have always wanted to. I think it would really help my weight loss

    26. I do not own a fitness tracker but it is on my wish list. Just before Christmas my 9 year old son (he just took 1st place in a 5k) challenged me to train with him. I stopped working out and running after 3 back to back pregnancies. After having no valid excuse (I tried to think of all to get out it)…I accepted the challenge. We have been running together since then and I am loving it again.

    27. I dont own any fitness trackers but would love to have one. I think it would help keep me honest with my calories and workouts

    28. I do not own a tracker, but I want to. Price and not being able to decide which one is best has delayed my decision to get one.

    29. I have a fitness tracker app on my phone, but it doesn’t have near the capabilities of this!
      Mrsbrockavich48 (at)gmail (dot)com

    30. I don’t own any activity trackers, but I’m getting in shape for my upcoming wedding and would love to have one!

    31. I got a FitBit Charge for Christmas. I also have a Garmin 220. Love them both :)

    32. I used to have a fitbit, but I’ve been eyeing the Garmin fitness trackers. Would love to have one!

    33. I had a Nike FuelBand but it died after nine months. It was still under warranty so Nike gave me my money back. I liked it because it made me want to meet my goal everyday. Some days were harder than others to meet my goal but I always did though. I would like to get a different fitness tracker that did more things but they’re too expensive for me right now.

    34. I haven been looking into getting one! I just didnt know which one would work best for me.THANKS for this review its def an option now~

    35. I haven been looking into getting one! I just didnt know which one would work best for me.

    36. I have never owned an activity tracker but it would definetely help with my upcoming half marathon training.

    37. I used to own a Garmin 210 when I ran a lot but I have been sidelined (for almost 2 years!) with high risk pregnancies and injuries. Frustrating. I’d love a general fitness tracker as I ease back into it!

    38. I do not own one, but it is my goal this month to buy one. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

    39. I don’t have an activity tracker but I have been wanting one for a long time.

    40. I had a Jawbone Up but it died after almost a year of use. I was quite sad about it and have been looking for a good replacement.

    41. I have (had) a fitbit but it stopped working 6 months ago so I would love checking the Garmin fitness tracker out!

    42. I dont own one but I would love to win this. I started running a few months ago and this would be the next level!

    43. i don’t own any trackers, but i just ordered a garmin forerunner; and am anxiously awaiting its arrival

    44. Love your blog! I have a fibit flex and it is just not enough! I would love to try the Garmin Vivofit :)

    45. The only thing I own is a basic Polar ft4 watch that I wear to see how many calories I burn when I work out. :)

    46. Would love to win a garmin tracker. I use garmin watches for running and have been considering buying some sort of fitness tracker. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    47. I only have a running watch, no fitness tracker. We do an annual fitness challenge so I have a pedometer from that which I use every once in a while to see my steps.

    48. I don’t own a fitness tracker but would love to own a garmin. What a great giveaway, thanks!!

    49. No trackers yet – too cheap to buy one for myself, but have been lusting for one for AGES!!!

    50. I do not have an activity tracker. Have been thinking about one…there are quite a few to choose from. This would be a great start!

    51. Right now I manually track my mileage, but nothing for steps or calories! Awesome giveaway!

    52. I had the first fit bit that came out but accidentally washed it twice and it doesn’t work

    53. I don’t have a fitness tracker. I’ve been waiting to figure out which one is best for me.

    54. I’ve not used a fitness tracker (just use my Garmin watch on runs) but I’ve been interested in trying one. You never know what element of a new tool could really help your training! I’m currently sidelined with an injury and cannot run for an as-yet-undetermined amount of time, so maybe a fitness tracker could help me stay on track in my off time. I will have to look into it : )

    55. I have the basic model that Jawbone offers and I feel like the Vivofit would be a step up (literally) :-)
      Thanks for the giveaway!

    56. Right now all I have is my Garmin to track my runs – no activity tracker. I had a Nike Fuel Band for a bit. I liked the things it tracked, but wished it had more features. I also don’t think it was built for someone who really works out and runs a lot as 2 of them died on me in just over a year (I think from too much sweat, lol, gross) – or perhaps I really did just get 2 defective ones. The first one was replaced for free, but the second time I was just out of warranty. I am intrigued by Garmin’s activity trackers and also like the Fitbit too.
      Colleen recently posted..2015 Here We Go!My Profile

    57. I currently have a Fitbit Zip, which is super basic, but I have been kicking around the idea of getting a wristband as well. The vivofit would be an awesome addition to my wrist!

    58. I wear the Jawbone Up band, but it doesn’t show HR like the vivofit and you have to plug it in to see your step count

      • I don’t own any activity trackers, which is a shame. I still run my runs/races with my phone in my hand and my Strava, Nike +, and Map My Fitness apps on. One day I’ll get one, if I don’t win this giveaway :)

    59. I have a jawbone up but would love to try the garmin tracker! It wasn’t out when I bought my fitness tracker.