Garmin Vivosmart Review

Back in December, I was asked to participate in the Garmin and Whole Foods #PathtoFit Campaign. I am a huge Garmin fan and absolutely love Whole Foods. The only issue was that the closest Whole Foods to me (these days) is ~45 min away; 90 minutes in the car (once/week for six weeks) was just a bit too much for me.

So I was ecstatic when Garmin asked if I wanted to review the new Vivosmart (and give one away) in lieu  of participating. photo (20)

Wearing an activity tracker has been an eye-opener. I don’t sit a lot during the day and assumed I was taking a lot more steps than I actually was. The most useful information was being able to see my steps broken down hour-by-hour so I could determine when I was moving most throughout the day and when I was stationary. The total number of steps, while interesting, doesn’t mean as much to me since my primary form of exercise is running.

Below are some of my favorite aspects of the the Vivosmart:

  • No Buttons: There are no buttons on the Vivosmart. You toggle between the information by a simple swipe (right to left)
  • Invisible Display: It features a sleek, invisible display that comes to life when you get a notification or when you give the band a tap.
  • Standard activity information: Steps, Distance, Calories, Current Time and Heart Rate (if you purchase the heart rate model). No surprises here – this is the info that most of the trackers provide.
  • Smart Notifications: Hands down, my favorite part of the Vivosmart. It’s a bluetooth enabled device that gives you notifications on your wrist when you receive a text, email or phone call. This allowed me to keep my phone away from me during the day while still being able to see any important or time-critical messages or calls. Since using the Vivosmart, I have used my cell phone exponentially less while I am with my boys. Even when I would keep my cell phone in a pocket or on a table, I would immediately check it when a notification came through. And then I would continue to check Instagram, twitter and Facebook – at least a 5 minute process. vivoline
  • Tells you when to “move”: After sitting still for one hour, the Vivosmart vibrates and displays “move” on the screen to let you know it’s time to move (once you move, it resets back to “0”). It made me more mindful of prolonged periods of sitting – something I had never paid attention to before.
  • Garmin Connect: The Vivosmart connects (via Bluetooth) to Garmin Connect on your smart phone where you can view all of the data that it is collecting including Mileage, Calories, Steps, Sleep info (see below). I loved being able to see each day’s activity displayed by hour – it provided a lot of useful information as to when I was most active and when I was spending longer periods of time sitting and/or remaining still. photo 2 (1)
  • Sleep Information: Via Garmin Connect, you can view your total sleep time (you enter in when you go to sleep and wake up), periods of movement and restful sleepphoto 1
  • Adjustable Daily Goal: You can either set a manual daily step-goal for yourself or you can have one generated based on your previous day’s steps (which is how I used it!).
  • Color Choices: You can choose an all black band or four other color choices for the band – pink, purple, blue or grey (You pick the color when you purchase the Vivosmart). The bands also come in two sizes to ensure it fits your wrist!vivosmart

My ONE complaint about the Vivosmart is the battery life – which I know goes with the territory of a bluetooth enabled activity tracker. Fully charged, a vivosmart can last up to 7 days. I got better about remember to charge it (the Vivosmart has a battery icon that comes on when it starts to get low) at night every 5-6 days to ensure that it was never in jeopardy of dying during the day!photo (90)

Garmin also has two other activity trackers in the Vivo line – the Vivofit (Vivofit 2) and Vivoactive. More information on these can be found here.


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    2. Thanks for your review of the vivosmart! It was helpful. I just got one and am hoping the notifications will be a great way to keep up with my phone without looking at my phone.

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    4. I have a Garmin 620 (LOVE) and I’ve been on the fence with buying a Vivo. Now I totally want one! Thanks for all of your feedback:)

    5. Oh I am teetering on the edge of this purchase. In the past, when I was running a lot I never really felt that I needed steps, but…I do think that I might benefit from some activity reminders…and alerts. the price point is right, but oh…
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    6. I went through two FitBits and lots both because the clasp on the wristband is flimsy. The wristband for the Vivosmart seems similar. Being an active person, did you have any issues with it staying clasped and in place?