Staying on Track with Resolutions

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared what my top goals are for the year. It’s all fine and good to sit down at the end of each year and come up with goals for the next 365 days. And it’s likely that for the first few weeks of the year, the motivation and excitement are high enough to keep you marching ahead towards your goal without faltering.

But once the energy of the new year wears off and the dreariness of winter hits, that willpower may start to dwindle.

I’ve been there MANY times. It seems to happen to me on a yearly basis.

So this year, I decided to be more proactive in an attempt to combat the broken resolutions.

Don’t Go It Alone. It’s so much easier to make it to an early morning run, stick to a strength workout regime or focus on core work when you have a training buddy – virtual or in-person – to hold you accountable. I have a friend who lives hundreds of miles away that I kind of report to – and she to me – on a weekly basis. We plan to keep this up for as long as the strength routine becomes second-nature to us.

Start Small. My partners at Meta believe in making small changes that can lead to good things – they call this the Meta Effect. By making an effort each day to achieve a small goal, you’ll find it’s easier to see positive results. For me, it’s trying to start each day with a smoothie with Metamucil to get an extra boost of fiber and kick-start my morning before a run.

Use Social Media. I share (overshare? =) ) my daily running. I’m not embarrassed to admit that social media is a big motivator for me – knowing that I plan to take a photo of my watch post-run is enough motivation for me to make that last mile fast. Or to get me out the door to catch the sunrise in time. I’ve already shared that I don’t want to wimp out and overuse the treadmill this winter – and hopefully, social media will help influence me to head outside rather than stay inside!

photo (96)

16+ miles outside this weekend!

Keep a Journal. I’ll be the first to admit that I never understood the need to log all of my runs. I would do it for a few weeks and while enjoyable, always felt burdened by the time it took to maintain. Last year was the first time in my life where I kept track of every mile I ran. There’s something so inspiring to be able to look back on your year and see what you did. And there’s also just as much learning that can happen from doing the same. Knowing you will be keeping track – even though it’s just privately (or with a coach) is enough motivation for me to want to get that run in outside or strength workout in. It’s another way to hold me accountable.

We’ve all experienced the Broken Resolution Blues at one time or another. Check out the video from Meta below then head over to their Facebook page and share your #brokenresolution.

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    6 thoughts on “Staying on Track with Resolutions

    1. My resolution (now that my injury will keep me sidelined for a bit longer than I expected) is to stay focused on cross training, core and strength work. I am writing it down in my journal and I am finding that daily self talk/pep talk really helps. I know that I want to be in good shape when I start running again. So impressed by your 16 miles in the snow! :)
      Natalie recently posted..Let’s talk about skiing, baby! Cross Country styleMy Profile

    2. I had some nagging injuries from last Fall’s races. My resolution was to diligently go to PT and rest more. After a few weeks off, I had a pain free long run this weekend!!
      Jennifer recently posted..Coffee on a CamelMy Profile