Precor 9.27 Treadmill Review + Treadmill Review Linkup

When my husband and I were shopping around for a treadmill, it was a bit overwhelming. There are an endless number of brands – and an even more endless number of models to choose from. We found some reviews online – but not enough to give us all the information we were looking for.

I routinely get asked what treadmill I would recommend. It’s a hard question for me to answer because I only run on my treadmill – I have no other treadmills to compare it to.

And that’s where this comes in to play – a handful of other runners and I decided to do a treadmill review linkup. We would each write a review of our own treadmill – which would give you multiple treadmill reviews – while hopefully answering the pertinent questions you have.

You can view the reviews below (via the InLinkz links) or on our Pinterest board! We’d love for this to grow so if you have a review of a treadmill (or want to write one), please email me (


Precor 9.27 Treadmill

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  • Purchased: December 2011
  • Cost: $1,900
  • Dimensions:
  • Min/Max Pace: .5 mph – 12.0 mph
  • Min/Max Incline: 0 to 15% incline
  • Dimensions: 81 in (L) x 31 in (W)
  • Preset workouts: 10 different options
  • Heart Rate Monitor: The handlebars have a touch sensor and your heartrate displays on the upper left on the display
  • Miscellaneous: Comes with two cup holders (one on each side). There are also two small shelves where you can store things (cell phone, remote, baby monitor)
  • Warranty: lifetime for frame, 5 years for parts, 5 years for wear items and 1 year for labor

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  • No maintenance issues: My husband I have had this treadmill for over three years – it has clocked hundreds and hundreds of miles (not a ton during summer months – majority are during winter) and has not needed any maintenance. We do an occasional tune-up (realigning the belt, cleaning the belt, rails, etc) but for the most part, it requires very little to stay in good working order.
  • Ground Effects®-based Shock Absorption:  Shock absorbers at the front of the deck cushion impact where your feet land. The rear of the deck is less cushioned to create a more stable surface from which to push off (from Precor website).
  • Health-club quality: Precor promotes the 9.27 as a club quality treadmill built for avid runners. The motor is extremely powerful (3 HP Continuous Duty) so it can handle intense, prolong workouts (I’ve run a handful of 20-21 mile long runs with no stopping with no issue).
  • Display: All of the data you could want or need is shown at one time on the screen while you are running: Calories, Total Distance, Total Time, Incline, Pace, Speedtreadmill2


My only grip with the Precor 9.27 treadmill has to do with the display units. It only shows tenths of a mile (so 3.3 and then 3.4). Not a huge issue for easy/recovery/long runs. However, it does provide problematic when I am doing speedwork – 400s, 600s or when there is some sort of recovery period (I usually have to convert recovery time into mileage). It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it is something that we wish would have known about prior to purchasing.


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    22 thoughts on “Precor 9.27 Treadmill Review + Treadmill Review Linkup

    1. Great review & awesome idea on the review panel.Your fabulous article fulfill all questions which was rambling in my (not only my but also many people who want to know before purchasing treadmill )mind.Great job … :-)

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    4. Great idea to do a link up with treadmill reviews! I do not own a treadmill, but the gym I use–where a treadmill is available for use just about any time of day/night and I do not have to pay for my membership–is literally right next door to my place of work and just one mile from my house so I have free and incredibly easy access to one. There are times I wish I had my own treadmill–when I am home alone with the kids and thus can’t go out for a run, it would be nice to be able to hop on the treadmill–but these instances are so few and far between that it is difficult to justify the expense. However, I like reading all these reviews so if/when the time ever comes I will have some idea of how to narrow down all the choices : )

    5. Great review and great idea on the ‘review panel’:)
      I dislike treadmill running too and living in Austin it is actually more necessary in the summer. That being said your making the workouts varied and incorporating speed work and hill work make more appealing!

    6. I just bought a treadmill this year and I love it so far…so nice to have during the winter and for those early morning runs. We bought a nordic track Commercial 1750 which I love so far. My only gripe with it is that when I change incline/speed it sometimes skips ahead more than I want but it’s not really too big of a deal. Otherwise, no problems so far and I love it! When you do your treadmill workouts do you typically set an incline?
      Mary recently posted..Our StoryMy Profile

      • Congrats on your treadmill purchase! I truly believe ours was one of the best purchases we have ever made!! We skipped birthday/christmas/valentine’s day gifts and the cost didn’t hurt as much! LOL

        The incline is a big question. I used to always keep it at 0. Then I started (years ago), keeping it at .5. The last few months, I have begun setting it to 1.0 for the entire run. I’ve never had any issues – until last week. I think because I was forced to run on the treadmill for 4 days (and ran a lot of miles during that time), the incline was a bit much for me and my body.

        I’d say if you use the treadmill a lot, start incorporating some incline work (nothing major) to make up for being on the treadmill – but maybe not keep it at .5 or 1% the entire run (just alternate so you give your feet and achilles a break!).
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Boston Marathon Training (T-10)My Profile

    7. We moved to MD just over a year ago and in our move our treadmill had some issues. Part of the bottom broke, and we lost the magnet and belt tightner. I just recently found the belt tightner and my husband bought a magnet so I think it is back in business. So far (knock on all kinds of wood) this winter hasn’t been too bad. I did join a cheap $10 a month gym and had to use it twice. I would LOVE the Boston Marathon treadmill! It looks awesome, but I just don’t use my treadmill enough to justify it :). I don’t love the treadmill…..but on days that I just can’t go outside then I do love the treadmill :)
      Jen@milesandblessings recently posted..I just had to share this!My Profile

    8. I love my treadmill – it is my 3rd in 16 years and each time I’ve up-graded a bit. I do a lot of really long runs on my treadmill (45 miles is my longest so far) and have never had a problem.
      I also like that the speed is up to 12mph and the incline goes up to 30%. It is a FreeMotion.
      Kim recently posted..A Smile Doesn’t Always Tell the Whole StoryMy Profile

    9. I love that you are all doing this!!! I haven’t had a treadmill for about three years now and I am desperately missing it this year with the snow upon snow upon snow we are getting. I take full advantage of the ones at my gym (when I can get there) and having pace show is a MUST. There are Matrix ones at my gym that don’t show your pace unless you toggle to it. Do you know how hard it is to manage speed work like that? It drives me nuts!!! :-)
      Allie recently posted..The Rundown: Less Is MoreMy Profile

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    11. Thanks so much for hosting this link up! I love reading about other treadmills as I have never really run on any other than my own either. Looks like yours has all you really need for the most part, how awesome that you’ve run 20+ miles on it! I see some lengthy runs like that on the ‘mill myself once I start marathon training! :)
      Annmarie recently posted..FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill is All Tricked Out!My Profile