Boston Marathon Training (T-10)

Another successful week of Boston training is behind me…just 10 short weeks until Marathon Monday.

Last week was my first 60+ mile week in over three months! The last time I was at/over 60 miles was October 20-26! After that week began a small taper for NYC Marathon, recovery from Marathon (~1 week), taper for Potomac River Run Marathon, recovery from marathon (2-3 weeks), taper for Honolulu, flu and tooth problems. I also hit 18 miles for the long run – longest long run in training since October 25.

I’m definitely at the point in the training cycle where I feel like there is some good momentum behind me. I’ve had some kick-a$$ speed workouts and long runs have been (knock on wood) enjoyable and strong.

As I mentioned in the post last week about mile repeats, my husband was away for work from Sunday through Thursday night. My parents are usually around and willing to watch the boys so I can sneak a run in outside – but my dad is visiting his mom down in Florida and my mom has had her hands full with my great-aunt who needed surgery. So understandably, I was on my own for running for the week.

I ran on the treadmill for four consecutive days and logged 36 miles. I think you’d have to go all the way back to last winter to find a string of days or mileage like that on the treadmill. My achilles and calves were both a bit sore and off on Thursday evening – I think possibly from keeping the treadmill at an incline – so I swapped out my rest day on Sunday for Friday to give my body a day to recover and rest before the long run on Saturday.

Here’s how the week looked:

Planned: 9-10 miles with 6-8x :20 surges
Actual: 10 miles with 8x :20 surges

I put off this run all day because the thought of 10 miles on the treadmill made me cringe. Finally, around 2pm, I got on. I decided to add some hill climbs into the workout for two reasons. First, I would have died of boredom from running 10 miles at an easy pace. Second, with Boston rapidly approaching, I want to do everything I can to make sure I am ready for the hills. I ended up doing 16 x 1:00 on, 3:00 off (basically every 1/2 mile) at 4% incline from miles 2-9 and then finished up the last mile with the surges. (I’m planning a post on hills later this week!)

boston week 10-2

The boys and I made a map from “How To Train Your Dragon” and they spent a good part of the day looking for dragons through their telescopes!

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Planned: 7-8 miles, easy paced
Actual: 8, 8, 6 miles

Tuesday and Thursday were both on the treadmill, but thankfully I was able to get outside on Sunday for a short garmin-free recovery run. Even though I should have run 7-8 miles, I didn’t want to push it since I usually take a rest day after a long run. It was 37 degrees and felt like summer!

boston week 10

Living on the edge -> didn’t even wear anything over my ears! LOL

Planned: 2 mile warmup, 5 x 1600 (with 2:30 recovery), 2 mile cooldown
Actual: 10 miles with 2 up, 5×1600, 2 down
You can read all about this fun little workout here. 

Planned: 17-18 miles, moderate pace (7:40-8:10)

Actual: 18 miles @ 7:45 average pace

I was looking forward to this run since the weather looked much milder than in recent weeks – 28 degrees with 10mph winds (23 with windchill!).

I decided to continue with what has worked – I kept my garmin under my jacket. I had no idea of pace from start until 17.22. I only knew when I hit another mile marker (my Garmin 910xt beeps and vibrates at each mile). I missed it at 17 and so pulled back my jacket to make sure it didn’t die or that I hadn’t stopped it inadvertently.

I was pretty surprised when I saw my splits. I was sure that the first 5 miles were all in the 7:50s and thought miles 12-16 were much slower than they actually were (I felt like my legs were getting tired and assumed I was naturally slowing down).

1: 8:06
2: 8:06
3: 8:04
4: 8:01
5: 8:06
6: 7:50
7: 7:56
8: 7:53
9: 7:45
10: 7:45
11: 7:48
12: 7:39
13: 7:38
14: 7:41
15: 7:34
16: 7:30
17: 7:12
18: 6:55  

It was a pretty spot-on progression run even though I felt like I was running consistently from miles 1-16. (I intentionally picked up the pace for the last two.)

boston week 10-3Total for week: 60 miles

I also have been keeping up with my strength and core work. I did my strength routine twice last week (after Monday and Wednesday’s runs) and core four times (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur).

Hope you are having a great week – and staying warm and safe if you are getting hit with all this snow again! xo


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    10 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training (T-10)

    1. You are kicking so much butt my friend!!! This is so motivating, I cannot tell you. I love that you’re doing progressions without even knowing it. When that happens you know you are in the ZONE! Amazing.
      Allie recently posted..The Rundown: Less Is MoreMy Profile

    2. Nice job with your training. I had to run 45 miles on a treadmill (not all at once) for my Boston training while on a recent vacation. It was no fun so I respect all runners who cope with treadmills much more frequently than me. By the way, I did not know you had a Yorkie…..we do too, a little girl named Lulu!
      Pam recently posted..Training for the Boston Marathon while on vacation!My Profile

      • We do!!! We adopted this precious little girl last March – it was fate that we found her in the shelter – and that she had JUST been brought in – nobody had seen her yet!!! We are actually actively looking for another dog to adopt – we’ve submitted applications on several but have been too late, unfortunately! (although, a happy home for the dogs is a beautiful thing – even though it wasn’t ours!)
        Thankfully, I don’t have to do this much treadmill running on a regular basis!! I would probably lose my mind! =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Boston Marathon Training (T-10)My Profile