Unplugged Week + First Time To Disney!

My family and I had a rather spur-of-the-moment trip to Florida last week!! My husband found out about a conference in Orlando that he was going to attend and threw out the idea of me and boys joining him. Between the brutal winter so far, the increasing desire to take the boys to Disney and the ability to see my grandmother (who spends the winters about an hour outside Orlando) and my dad (who spends a couple of months each winter with my grandma), it was a no brainer.

So after my 20-miler Saturday morning (first of training cycle – whoohoo!), we hit the road (we drove the 1,000+ miles!). Unfortunately, we left right when a snowstorm was hitting the east coast. We had checked the forecast and knew we would be getting some snow, but I kind of gave the side-eye to the “winter storm watch” (the snow accumulations have been way off the forecasted amounts up until this point). Plus, we assumed that the roads, especially I-95, the main interstate on the east coast, would be A-ok.

But man, we were so wrong. The first six to seven hours of our trip were spent going 30-35 mph (instead of 65-70). It was so bad that I had thoughts of turning around and foregoing the trip (in the early hours) and later of getting a hotel for the night. What should have been a 15-hour trip turned into 21 hours. Thankfully, the boys could not have been any better!!

I brought my computer with us to Florida with lofty intentions of writing, but didn’t have the time or desire once we were there. It was actually really nice to unplug and just enjoy living without worrying about posting, tweeting or updating any statuses.

There was nothing relaxing about this week though. I joked with my husband on Friday when we got home that I felt like I needed a vacation from the vacation. We went at 90mph during the days and slept hard at night before getting up to do it all again.

Even though it sounds so cheesy, the week was truly magical. Disney, although crowded as all heck, was everything I had imagined it to be and more. It was the first time any of us had been to Disney World (my husband went to Disney Land when he was young) and there were countless times where I cried from seeing their expressions and reactions to the magic.

We went straight to the Magic Kingdom on Sunday (didn’t even check into hotel!). Not gonna lie – it was really overwhelming. I had NO clue about Fastpass, didn’t know where rides were and just felt so discombobulated the whole time we were there. Functioning on a few hours of broken, uncomfortable sleep didn’t help the situation either. But we were all in bed by 7 and slept almost 11 hours (cannot remember the last time I got that much sleep at one time)!



The Mad Tea Cups!

Monday morning was a reset day – we slept in and go to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool (and 80 degree weather).



My dad drove up Monday afternoon and he and I took the boys to Medieval Times (my husband had the conference). The boys were beyond excited to see their papa who they hadn’t seen since the New Year!


medieval times

Tuesday was another day at Disney. This time, we went to the Animal Kingdom in the morning and downtown Disney in the afternoon, including a late lunch at the T-Rex restaurant. My dad had slept over Monday night and I was so appreciative he was up to coming with me and the boys to Disney!!


We spent the entire day on Wednesday in Satellite Beach with my dad and grandma (their GG). Lunch, mini-golf, time at the park, checking out the manatees and dinner and dessert before heading back at the boys’ bedtime. It was an absolutely perfect day with family.


My grandmother is almost 85 years old! She looks – and acts – so much younger than those years!

florida4 florida5

We had checked the forecast for Thursday and Friday and when we saw rain, decided to come back Thursday afternoon. However, when we woke up Thursday, the sky looked like it was trying to clear up and the rain forecast had disappeared! So, at 10am, we purchased another day pass for Magic Kingdom and by 11:15, we were checked out of resort, car packed and were stepping onto the ferry to take us to the island!

We spent the most amazing, wonderful day at Disney – 5 straight hours of rides, characters and walking (over 6 miles on Thursday – just from walking!). It helped that I got better with the FastPass system and were able to get us on all the rides the boys had wanted to go on (as well as others that had little to no lines).

photo 3 (19) photo 2 (33) photo 1 (35)

We left the park at 4:45pm and immediately began the long drive home.



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    2. We love Disney and every time we go it is magical! We’ve been a few times with the kids and have developed a few tricks to maximize the fun and minimize the meltdowns. But it is definitely not a relaxing vacation.
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