Boston Marathon Training (T-8, T-7)

Happy Wednesday!! You are in for a treat today – you get TWO weeks of training updates! I know – almost too much to handle =)

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The week before our trip to Florida was another strong week of training which included five runs (one unplanned rest day), one spin, one strength and two core workouts. I didn’t do as much core and strength as I have been but between the boys still being under the weather and lots of time taken up by packing and prepping for our trip, I’m still pretty pleased with how the week went.

Planned: 10-11 miles with 8x :20 surges
Actual: 11.5 miles with 8x :20 surges

I woke up Monday morning and had no desire to get on the treadmill nor did I want to run in -17 degree windchill. So, I put off the run until about 3pm when it would be a balmy 11 degrees!

I did this run garmin-free – as I’ve been doing all of my outdoor easy miles. It’s one of the biggest changes I made this training cycle and I feel like it’s working for me. I have been taking these days really easy with no worry about pace.


11 degrees felt so much cold – even my tears were freezing!

Planned: 2 mile warmup, 10 x 600 (with 90 sec recovery), 2 mile cooldown
Actual: 10 total miles (with 2 up, 10×600, 2 down)

Another treadmill workout last week. This workout scared me when I saw the paces from my coach (2:15-2:20 for each 600 = 6:00-6:15 pace). I haven’t done 600s since October – so it was the first time in months where I would be running these fast paces (the shortest I’ve run is 1600s).

I started on the conservative side and gradually picked up the pace as the workout went on. It was a challenging workout but I’m thrilled with how I felt and the paces I hit. A workout like this puts you out of your comfort zone. And 90 seconds of recovery is SO short. It’s unfair, really. It’s over as soon as it starts.

Pace:  6:15, 6:15, 6:15, 6:10, 6:10, 6:10, 6:10, 6:07, 6:03, 6:00 – at 1% incline
Recovery: 8:47-8:54 (90 sec)

And it’s amazing how slow the recovery feels after running the “on” period almost 3:00 faster!

Planned: 19-20 miles, moderate pace
Actual: 20 miles, pace=?

Okay, so this run wasn’t great. If I’m being honest, it sucked pretty bad. It was between 10-15 degrees outside during the run – warmer than it has been for recent long runs. But for whatever reason, I felt cold the ENTIRE time. It was miserable. I never warmed up, got comfortable or enjoyed the run.

I was so close to quitting at least 5x – so much, in fact, that I decided to just run straight out for 5 miles (around mile 10) so that I would be forced to run the 20 and not quit early.

My garmin lost satellite a few times the first few miles and I didn’t want to mess with it, so I ended up just using it as a gauge of time and decided to run for a designated time (2:45) instead of distance.

The only redeeming thing from this run was that I got my first 20 miler in. It wasn’t pretty, fast or enjoyable, but 20 miles is still 20 miles.


Smiling only because it’s over.


Last week wasn’t the greatest of training weeks, but I’m cutting myself a little slack and chalking it up to a week at Disney and just plain exhaustion from all that goes along with that. It included one unplanned rest day and one workout cut short.

Monday: 10 miles (no garmin)
Tuesday: 9.5 miles
(no garmin)
Wednesday: unplanned rest day (planned on a late morning run before we made our way back home, but we made a last minute decision to spend the day at Disney – so there was no time to run)
Friday: 5 miles (on treadmill) – back home in NY
Saturday: 5 miles (on treadmill)IMG_4255

Lots of easy miles this week. Monday should have included some surges but I was running around the resort (doing laps upon laps) and enjoying the warm weather and scenery too much to want to go fast. LOL


Planned: 2 mile warmup, 3 x 2 tempo with 2:00 recovery, 2 mile cooldown

Actual: 2 mile warmup, 2 x 2 tempo, 1 x 1 mile (no cooldown)

This workout was really close to not even happening. I just didn’t have it in me. I woke up and felt like I had raced a half marathon the day before. My entire body was sore and I felt tired, exhausted even. I convinced myself to do the warmup and then see how I felt. If I still didn’t feel great, I would make it an easy day and just get some miles in.

Goal pace was 6:40-6:50. First 2 mile set was 6:44, 6:44. The 2 minutes of recovery was over before I knew it. The next set (6:44, 6:42) felt much harder than it should have.

I mentally checked out by this point in the workout. I did the 2 min recovery and somehow started the next set. I decided to make it just a mile and call it a day. 6:40. No cooldown.

I was really frustrated and annoyed with myself initially after cutting the workout short. But after a while, I accepted it and moved on.

2.5 mile warmup, 1 mile race, 1.5 mile cooldown

You can read the race recap here.

I ran 42.1 miles last week. About 1/3 of the mileage I have been logging the last few weeks. No strength work, cross training or core work. But in some ways, it wasn’t the worst thing to happen. I feel recharged and energized for the next 7 weeks of training.


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    6 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training (T-8, T-7)

    1. I am really impressed with how dedicated you are and the hard work you do. It tells me a bit about what kind of person would be a West Point graduate and former Captain.

      Thanks for your updates and best wishes for a great race in Boston.

    2. Oh this is so timely for me. I’m just finishing a post about how defeated I just felt on a 8×800 speed session. I know it happens at least once during a training cycle but it’s so awful when it does!! I seriously think so much of this has to do with the weather. I just know that the spring marathons will be amazing because we’ve put in so many long, cold training runs!!
      And yes, those cool down or recovery miles in between the “on” periods seem like walking! Love that training effect.
      Keep up the good work mama because you keep me motivated!!! xo