Unplanned Easy Week

Each marathon training cycle has it’s ups and downs. There are good weeks, bad weeks. Great runs, not-so-great runs. It’s all part of a normal, healthy training cycle.

I’d like to think that I push myself pretty hard on my “on” days – intervals, tempos, long runs. I’ve been seeing some good improvement with paces, endurance and recovery times.

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But the last few weeks have been different. I have had no desire, energy or motivation to push when I reached the point in workouts where things get tough. And I’ve just quit. Gotten off the treadmill, hit “stop” on my garmin. And called it a day.

It started the week we were in Florida during my 3×2 workout. I chalked it up to being tired from vacation and all the walking around we were doing in Disney. Then, I had a great 1 mile race that weekend and felt like I was ready to go full-force the last six weeks of Boston training. I had a solid week of training – logged the planned miles, hit the paces in workouts and felt good.

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But the 22 miler the following weekend didn’t feel great. I didn’t fuel properly during the run – or after the run – and paid the price for days after (lesson definitely learned). My glycogen stores were heavily depleted. So instead of starting the week off refreshed and rested for another week of training, I was tired (both from running and lack of sleep). It didn’t help that my husband was away for work for six days/nights as well – so I was already getting less sleep and downtime than usual.

By Wednesday, I knew something was still off, so coach and I decided to make some adjustments for the week. A lot less mileage over the next few days. No cross training or other stuff. And as much resting and recovery as possible.


Enjoying a weekend with my sisters-in-law – and sister! Love these girls <3

I was asleep by 8pm Sunday night. I went to bed while I was laying down with my youngest. Woke up at 6am and felt awake and energized. Yesterday was a 12 miler (on treadmill) and I felt great.

1 mile warmup (8:30 pace)
10 miles – alternating 1 min @ 4.5% incline, 3 min @ 1% incline
1 mile with 6 x :20-30 sec surges (50 sec recovery)
12 total miles at 7:58 pace

And I ended the day with a strong, hard strength workout – core, upper body and legs.



This is the first training cycle where I haven’t chastised myself for my inability to finish a workout. The drive and determination is there most days. But last week it wasn’t. My body was not responding and I knew that it was not smart to push beyond the normal effort of a hard run.

This is okay. In fact, it’s even normal during a long, hard training cycle. Life, training, sleep all play a part and greatly affect how well – or poorly – a training week goes. The best thing to do is take a step back. Reduce mileage for a few days. Eliminate speedwork (or cut back). Focus on what you can control – sleep, nutrition, rest, recovery. And then be ready to resume training – mileage and intensity – the following week.

Hope your week is off to a good start and that you have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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    7 thoughts on “Unplanned Easy Week

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    2. Such great perspective and such a good lesson to be reminded of. I think it’s easy to expect our bodies to be ready to go and, if we’re following a training plan, then it’s built around what we should be able to do. It’s hard to not get worried or over-think things when we have a bad run or can’t hit the paces we want, but it’s so important to listen to our bodies. I love that you had a great run following the extra rest and recovery – that’s always such a good confidence boost!
      Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..Kiss Me I’m Irish 10K recapMy Profile

    3. YES, YES, YES!!! It is funny though because as much as you know it and say it…it can be HARD to do! Eventually though, our body will shut down and make us back off a little. This part of the year is hard for me…or at least this year. It can be so easy to just pick up where you left off as far as running goes. While training is going good for me right now, it is not where I was 5 months ago. My workouts are going well, but the endurance is not there. That became evident to me in my 5k this weekend. I have some race goals that I really want to achieve…I just have to be patient and train smart :). I have a half in about 2 weeks…I am not sure I will be ready to PR this one, but I am hoping to be ready for my May 1/2. Your are doing awesome and being smart….you will never have a good Boston if you don’t get there healthy!
      Jen@milesandblessings recently posted..1st race of the season re-cap!My Profile

    4. You will be stronger long term not being hard on yourself about needing to take it easy here and there. I believe we stay healthier that way mentally and physically. We aren’t machines so we can’t treat our bodies that way! You’re doing great, love reading about your training.
      Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted..Learning How to FallMy Profile