Speed is Relative (Women’s Running)

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I ran my first mile road race a couple of weekends ago. It was far and away the fastest mile I’ve run in my entire life. Kind of exciting, especially since it’s in the middle of a marathon training cycle.

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Immediately after the race, I was on cloud 9. I texted my family, my coach and a few close friends who knew I was racing and shared the exciting news.

However while I was driving home, my thoughts started to wander. It dawned on me that my all-out, run as hard as I could for one mile – just one mile—was still slower than elite females run for 26.2 miles. It was slower than females run half marathons. And slower than some of my friends run 5ks. Ouch.

In that brief moment, I compared myself and my success to others. I allowed that comparison to take away from the happiness and pride I should have been feeling.

The thing is there will always be someone faster. Or someone who runs longer distances. Or someone who is a few steps ahead of you. Always. And you’ll never be happy or satisfied with your effort, even if you have given it 100%, because it didn’t measure up to someone else’s finish time.

Their accomplishments shouldn’t compromise your happiness.

I try really hard these days to not get into the comparison game. Because that’s the thing— there will always be someone faster than me. BUT, there will also always be someone who is slower and is looking at me the same way I look at these faster runners.

Speed is relative.

We all want to be faster. I think that’s in our nature as runners. That’s why we train for races over and over again. It’s the hope and dream we have of running a faster time, maybe qualifying for Boston or the Olympic Trials one day. It’s great to have someone who you look up to for inspiration or encouragement about what you could possibly be like if you work hard.

But we all need to take a step back and appreciate where we are and how far we/you have come. Focus on your own development before looking at people around you. Aim for daily improvements. And know that in the end, working hard, training right and giving it your all on race day really matters more than a finish time.

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    10 thoughts on “Speed is Relative (Women’s Running)

    1. Hei, jeg veldig mye enig med det du sier, tror jeg livet er bevegelse, sunn og glad få en god figur i bevegelse, hvorfor ikke gjøre det!

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    3. Fordi hadde Roger Chiang skjønte within hendes søster hadde tilbrakt natten på a venn huset en vanlig nok forekomst. Han hadde funnet home på gaten hvor jeg droppet det. Mandag. Vi kan overdue some of th om durante lys montert frakk in excess of durante kjole vil arbeide for oktober, eller vi kan få mediterranean seg, og gjøre some of th Typically the Strip samt pryder oss i personally så mye stoff som mulig. Det im or her grov restrict pertaining to regn Versu

    4. This is so true and I fall victim to the same thought process all the time. It can be so frustrating. But, like you said, it’s all relative and we have to look at our own efforts and progression. I love that picture of you….even though I’m sure you could’ve skipped the snow for the race, it’s such a great effect for the picture!
      Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..Friday favoritesMy Profile

    5. Hi
      I’m new to your site and really enjoyed checking it out – you’ve clocked up some fantastic achievements. I’m struggling with how rubbish my training is going at the moment, so thanks for a great read.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that training hasn’t been going well for you. But you are training and that’s more than 99% of people can say, right? We all have those periods where training hits a low point – just focus on one foot in front of the other – eventually, it will get better…I promise =)
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Speed is Relative (Women’s Running)My Profile