Remaining Optimistic

Well, it’s been a while since I did a training update. The #1 reason is because there hasn’t been a whole lot of training going on. I feel like I jinxed myself when I was talking about how great training was going. No less than two weeks ago, I started thinking about how I haven’t missed a single long run this training cycle – something that has actually never happened before. And then it happened. #ugh

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I wrote on Tuesday that I was feeling a hundred times better and ready to jump back into training. Monday’s run was great – 12 miles with lots of hill repeats. I woke up Tuesday and felt a bit achy and just blah so I put off my run until the afternoon. It was warm (55) but windy as heck – 25-30 mph winds. I ran 8 miles and almost immediately upon finishing, knew that something was wrong. I had a pounding headache and just felt fatigued – not the way I normally feel after 8 easy-paced miles.

My husband left on a business trip for the week shortly after I returned from that run and I welcomed what has been a week-long bug. Vomiting, high fever (104-105 at night), body aches, fatigue, coughing, congestion. All of it at once. The first few days were awful – I kept expecting to wake up the next day and feel better, but it actually got worse. I think what made it the hardest, however, was solo parenting for the week while dealing with this bug. The boys watched A LOT of tv because I was too sick to even get off the couch some days.

By Saturday, I was feeling a bit better, so I went for a run – Saturday, Sunday and Monday – short mileage to get the legs moving again. I was even remaining hopeful that I would get my planned 23 miler in on Monday. But when I woke up Monday, still felt like something was going on. Against better judgement, I ran in the bitter cold (16 degrees with windchill). The run was less than stellar. Coach and I decided to make yesterday a rest day. The most important thing is getting back to 100% rather than continuing to prolong the bug with these meaningless 5-8 milers.


Yesterday was the best I have felt in over two weeks, so I’m hopeful that it’s a sign things are moving in the right direction. I ran 6 miles outside. Much faster than normal but my legs wanted to move and after almost no mileage for 8 days, a few fast miles can’t hurt. It felt darn GOOD to be pushing hard again and not feel like my body can’t handle it.

conference house

Mentally, it’s been really tough. After weeks of consistent and strong training, I feel like the last few weeks have been a total wash. No workouts, no long run – and even worse – just no routine. It’s amazing how you could go from feeling like you could conquer the world one day to questioning your ability to even run a few miles because you are winded and your legs are burning from climbing one set of stairs.

I know a little extra rest right now is not going to ruin Boston and my goals for the race. But the reality is that I only did 15 miles two weekends ago, I skipped what should have been my longest run of the cycle this past weekend and my half marathon this weekend is up in the air. Not the way I want to go in to the final few weeks of training for this race.

But I’m also trying to look at the bright side of this situation. Better now than 2 or 3 weeks from now. My friend Meg got a stomach bug a couple of days before her goal marathon last weekend and made the call shortly into her race to stop because of how lousy she felt. That’s just awful luck and my heart breaks for her because of all the hard work she put in for that race.

The GOOD news is that my accommodations for Boston are finally set! I’m beyond excited to be sharing a room for the weekend with Kris!! I’m hoping that her speed, strength and racing ability rub off on me during the night. =)

Thanks for listening to me ramble. Fingers crossed that things continue to improve from here! Hope you are having a great week!


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    19 thoughts on “Remaining Optimistic

    1. I absolutely love following your training. Thank you for being an awesome motivator! Best of luck in your illness recovery and the rest of your Boston training!

    2. You can only appreciate the great runs and the healthy days after being so sick right? Glad you’re on the mend. You’ve got so much great training in for Boston, don’t fret. It’s taper time before you know it. You’ll do great. And if not, it’s just a race. =) I’m dealing with injuries here and some generalized malaise. I swear i keep thinking i am getting the flu but in never completely knocks me off my feet. Just been feeling achy and queasy for months! (probably since the new year). I’m starting to think it’s something nutritional…food sensitivity or something. And then the Active Release my chiro has been doing on my quad/groin/knee (which is totally helping the runner’s knee!) has left my leg so bruised and i have to (doctors orders) foam roll over it and i see stars sometimes. I also fell off a snowmobile on Superbowl Sunday and damaged my rotator cuff and have been suffering immense pain and tendonitis there as well. I can barely get my sports bra on and off or reach up to put my hair in a ponytail. And trying to hold a plank or foam roll my quads can only happen if i balance on my left elbow only. I’ve been feeling pretty depressed about it. I’m most likely dropping from the full to the half for NJ next month. But at the end of the day we are lucky. This is all “small stuff”. Hang in there! Nice job on single parenting while sick. I am always in awe of that. That’s mental toughness right there.
      sally @ sweat out the small stuff recently posted..A perfect sweat out the small stuff weekendMy Profile

    3. I know how frustrating that can be! My husband and I both had an April 11th marathon on the calendar. He got injured in late January during training and has been in PT ever since and hasn’t run in almost 8 weeks. I’ve been dealing with a frustrating leg injury that just happened two weeks ago and at this point, don’t think I’ll trained enough to do the marathon in a few weeks. I haven’t run in 8 days and I completely agree – I hate the lack of routine and the feeling like I’ll never run again!

    4. i’m in the same boat! the past 2.5 weeks have been terrible – i am just excited to get to race day and enjoy the weekend! hugs and kisses!!!

    5. It sounds like such a hard week both physically and mentally!!!! It is so hard to be sick and single parenting!!! I vividly remember probably being probably the sickest i have been when my husband was in New Orleans helping after the hurricane and my girls were 1 and 3…I wanted to die! It was so hard, so my heart goes out to you!!! You are super strong and super awesome don’t let this little hiccup in training get you down :)!
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    6. Honestly it blows my mind how many people who are signed up for Boston and have had less than stellar training cycles. It’s a hard time of year to train for a marathon! Your coach knows what he is doing though and honestly I think you will really surprise yourself. Boston has a way of carrying runners when they feel weak. I am SO excited to hang out with you!!! See you soon!

    7. oh my gosh, that bug sounds awful. i am sure those legs are going to bounce back and you are going to be strong going into boston. it really is so frustrating to be in such a solid spot with training and then get leveled by something that’s completely outside your control. keep you head in the game girl. boston is yours.
      kristin | W [H] A T C H recently posted..LONG RUN: VIETNAMMy Profile

    8. So sorry to hear you’ve been so sick! And on your own on the parenting front : \ I know it must be terribly frustrating to have your training derailed like that, but you have such an insanely strong level of fitness I am sure you will be back to 110% in no time : ) Glad you are feeling on the up and up and hope everything continues on in that direction!

    9. Michele, this can be really disheartening, and something no runner wants so close to their race, but this is definitely better than you suffering through this in the few days before (and on) the race. At least you are getting it out the way now, and the hay is in the barn; you have done the work to be ready for Boston. This post may help you feel a little better about the last few weeks; you haven’t lost much yet! Stay positive, you can do this!
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    10. I know that feeling and it’s awful! I’m so sorry you were sick and I can imagine your mental state of worry was not helping at all. It sounds like you and your coach have talked about your endurance and strength being on point for the marathon so really, you just have to believe it!! Plus, all you can do now is move forward. I believe in you and your abilities and have no doubt you will perform at the top of your game in Boston!! Sending wings your way my friend… xo
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    11. Isn’t it funny how life works sometimes? There is always that dreaded wrench to keep us on our toes…
      I am so glad you are feeling better!! You have been putting in some hard work and it will pay off next month!!! So awesome that you are looking at all the positives! Sending you good wishes for healing and lots of sleep :)
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