Life Lately + Entering Taper

Hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Easter! We started off the day with baskets, an egg hunt and lots of candy and chocolate.


He’s in his bathing suit – it’s an Easter tradition in our family (since I was a little girl) that the Easter Bunny brings your first new bathing suit for the upcoming summer!

Shortly after the festivities, I headed out for my last long run – 18 miles. I can’t say it was a great run. It was incredibly windy (weather app said ~20 mph winds) but it seemed to be gusting MUCH stronger for a lot of the run. And it never seemed to be at my back. It was just one of those runs where you just want it to be over. Lately, I’ve been feeling really bored and lonely for the longer runs and would love to have a friend to chat with and keep the miles easy and relaxed.

The plan for yesterday’s run was 14 moderate pace and then 4 fast finish. Well, the fast finish didn’t happen. I guess technically it did happen because I pushed harder those last 4 miles, but I didn’t come even remotely close to the paces that my coach had scheduled for me. I’m chalking it up to the crappy wind.

18 total miles – 7:52 pace. Ran blind for the first 14 and then spent 4 miles staring at my Garmin hoping the miles would tick by faster (and that my pace would drop). Neither happened.


Smiling only because it is over.

After the run, we all showered and got ready for an afternoon and evening at my sister’s home to celebrate Easter with my entire family!

I played around with homemade cake pops last week – and they were a huge hit with the boys – so I decided to make them for the Easter celebration yesterday! Still have a few tweaks to make – but they are looking (and tasting) much better!



All wrapped up in cellophane!


With Boston just two weeks away, I’m getting excited for some serious downtime post-race. The last couple of months have been hectic in the Gonzalez household. Back in late December, my husband and his then-boss purchased a company, left their jobs and set out in building/starting a new company. We’ve made some sacrifices to make things work and there’s still a lot of unknown about the future of the company. But thankfully, right now, the company is headed in the direction that we were hoping for. It’s an incredibly exciting time in our lives and I’m beyond proud of and excited for my husband!!

The great news is that my husband now works from home. And it’s been amazing for so many reasons – my husband gets to see the boys at lunchtime and he’s down the basement in case I need anything. It’s also allowed me some flexibility with running and doing things around the house. But that’s when he’s here. The downside is that the company is located about six hours away – and so he’s been traveling a lot – most weeks from Sunday through Thursday.

I’m not going to lie. Training the way I want has been difficult when I’m alone with the boys. One of the boys is always with me – and up until this week, the weather hasn’t been ideal for stroller running. So it’s meant a lot of treadmill running. I dislike having to run on the treadmill so often – but even worse, it usually goes hand-in-hand with tv time for the boys. Which makes me feel incredibly guilty.


Early morning workers =)

These are the days where I question why I am doing what I am doing. Is it worth it to put the boys in front of the tv for an hour so I can get in 7 or 8 miles? I really don’t know. I like to think I’m pretty dedicated when it comes to following a training plan but on the flip side, what’s the cost and how is it affecting my family? There are plenty of circumstances and life situations where training for an event or distance needs to take a backseat. I’m undecided about what’s happening post-Boston – but it may mean cutting back on mileage and intensity for a few months.

And so the reality is that I’ve cut some runs short or I’ve broken up longer easy runs into two easy runs (4 or 5 miles in AM and then +3 or 4 miles in PM after they go to sleep) just so they aren’t watching more than 30-45 min of tv at a time. Core and strength work hasn’t happened post-run (because it would just mean another 30-45 min of tv for them). So I have been doing it at night. Some nights I have the energy and motivation at 9pm. But there have been some nights where it just doesn’t happen.


Sleep has also been a rough area in the house. Both boys typically wake up and come into our room during the night.  When I’m alone with the boys, this often means we all end up in one bed. Which I truly love – but it means a lot of broken sleep for me.

photo (41)

It hasn’t been the way I’ve wanted to train and it’s frustrating at times because I feel like there’s no routine (we ALL thrive on structure and routine in this house). But in the broad scheme of life, I know my race times mean so little compared to all the other things going on in our lives these days.

To add to the craziness of the house, we now have a 2nd dog – a puppy!! We have been on the hunt for another little dog to adopt for a couple of months now and after being approved for adoption by Social Tees, we decided to focus our attention solely on the dogs from there. Two Thursdays ago, I hopped on their website (as I do most nights) and saw the listing for a 9-week old Yorkie/Terrier mix. After a quick “Are we crazy?” discussion with my husband, I emailed the rep from Social Tees. At 3pm the next day, I got an email that we could adopt her if we wanted – and if we could be in the city by 6:30pm to pick her up!

Meet Attie!! attieHer full name is Atalanta which is the female goddess of running and speed. We wanted 24 hours to name her to get a feel for her personality – she is full of energy and spunk – and felt that the name fit so well.


I think that about covers things here! I have one last long tempo this week and then it’s nothing but easy miles until Boston!! 14 days to go!

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    18 thoughts on “Life Lately + Entering Taper

    1. Thank you for writing this and sharing. I struggle with the TV time and treadmill time and guilt as well. Now I want a new puppy :) Good luck in Boston!!!

    2. So exciting for your husband to be branching out and doing something on his own! It is a challenge for us with Mark owning his company, but it is also really rewarding and gives us a flexibility that is hard to beat. As for the TV time I say don’t feel guilty. I can remember my mom letting us watch TV every day at 3:30pm…she was a homeschooling mom of four kids and if the weather wasn’t nice, that was the one break she would get in the day. Looking back I totally get why she did that. Some days the kids watch a lot of TV, almost enough to feel a little embarrassed about. But then we will go several days with no TV and lots of indoor or outdoor activates and time together. And I know that when this third baby comes and I’m on the couch for a few days recovering and figuring things out we will probably watch and obscene amount of Pioneer Woman (since Sophia loves that show) and Chopped and Daniel Tiger and the world won’t end and my kids brains won’t melt:)
      Sarah @Runfargirl recently posted..I don’t feel like running-35 week pregnancy updateMy Profile

    3. Your new pup is adorable. Training for the Boston Marathon has been my hardest marathon training to date. For some reason my long runs have been a real struggle until the 22 miler which went great. I am thrilled to be in taper and will try to get extra sleep and rest. Good luck with the last two weeks. Marathon Monday will be here really soon!
      Pam recently posted..Weekly Roundup: April 5th – day late!My Profile

    4. I can relate to so much of this!!! I also did my last long run (20) in the wind on Saturday and it was kinda brutal. I had company for a lot of it, but was solo for the last 5 miles which, arguably are the hardest!
      My husband owns his own business, works from home and travels constantly. Today he’s in Tulsa. We’ve been making some sacrifices for his company lately and it’s hard, but I know it’s completely worth it. But, it’s hard!!!
      Lastly, the guilt of training for a marathon is weighing on me BIG TIME. This weekend we’re celebrating the boys’ 6th birthday, I have company coming to stay with us, and I’m trying to figure out how the heck I’m going to fit in 14 miles.
      Basically just wanted to tell you that are not alone!
      And I love little Attie! Great name:-)
      Allie recently posted..The Rundown – EnduranceMy Profile

    5. Just wanted to say that I think you are an amazing mom. You need running for your own well-being and I believe that putting the boys in front of the TV for 1hr or so per day means that you can be a better mom for the remaining 23 hrs.
      Good luck in Boston and congrats on your husband’s new job! Happy tapering!

    6. You are killing your training! Good luck to you at Boston! I can completely relate to your feelings about balancing running with raising your boys. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job. At the end of the day, they are learning so much from you. Dedication, perseverance, mental strength – and they will respect you so much for it!
      Molly @ Motherhood and Marathons recently posted..Back to Blogging!My Profile

    7. I can relate a lot to the mix of feelings you are having, I have had a lot of the same. Sometimes I get frustrated I can’t train in more specific ways, but then I feel selfish….then I remember that having some “me” time or getting out for a run makes me a better mom when I’m with my boys. It’s hard! And it’s really hard when your husband is traveling. I try to keep perspective and be thankful for the training I do get in. Your little pup is precious and I love the name! Congrats on your husband’s new endeavor, it sounds like a great opportunity!
      Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..Friday favoritesMy Profile

    8. I LOVE the idea of getting your first swim suit for Easter…that is such a cool tradition.
      I am SOOO with you on wanting a training friend for my long run! I have been thinking that lately too….so come summer and early fall when I am training for my marathon I am sure it will be way worse! I need to come run with you!!!! :)
      Your boys matching striped shoes=SO cute
      Your cake pops look amazing!!!
      Your puppy….makes me want another dog!
      You are doing a great job mom!!!! It can be so easy to be hard on ourselves….I am not being a good mom if my kids watch tv, am I doing what is right for my kids, I am not a good runner if I don’t hit all my workouts, I am not training right if I don’t get my core work in, and the list goes on and on. In the end, I think we just have to do the best we can and be happy with that. Know that your giving yourself time for yourself makes you a better mom, having your kids see you set goals for yourself and work hard makes you an amazing example for them. Also know that it is ok to back off training if you need to, it is ok to race and not get a pr, it is ok for priorities to change as life changes. All you can do is the best you can…no one can ask anymore from you. Enjoy your family and your friends and life!!!!! I am SOOOO excited for you for Boston…I want to come run it with you!!!
      Jen@milesandblessings recently posted..Movie Madness Half Re-cap and other stuff!!!My Profile

    9. How is it you look good after doing 18? I did 10 on Saturday (my 2nd time only doing double digits) and I am sure I looked like I was dying. My hip was hurting me really bad.
      I really cannot relate to the time away from the kids. The most I’ve been gone so far is 2 hours for my 10 mile runs, however, my kids are teenagers now, 13 an 16 so it’s quite different than your situation. I can understand what you’re saying. I can only say this, you are setting a great example for them as they grow. That fitness is a priority.
      Good luck at Boston! I love reading about your training! I am training for my first Half and am inspired by those who train for full marathons.
      Amy @ Mama Running for God recently posted..The Ultimate Coffee Date {April Edition} #2My Profile

    10. Almost Boston time! I’m looking forward to watching/tracking everyone again.

      The big reason that I don’t run long distance races in the spring is because my husbands work schedule = insanity and I’m basically a single parent from January to April. We even thought he had only one more trip I early May, but found out that he has to go to St Louis for almost a week in two weeks. The sidewalks are just getting stroller friendly too. I can’t train properly during this time, so I don’t run half or full marathons in the spring. Kind of sucks :-(
      Rebecca recently posted..Thinking Out Loud Thursday #37My Profile

    11. I think there’s a lot of that going on….I’ve been feeling the “What is the purpose?” more as well. I raced a half a few weeks ago (first time ever!) and really liked the shorter distance, less time revolved around training and the quicker recovery time! I am definatley looking at making a swap to shorter distances. At least for the time being.

      I know you will kill it at Boston! Enjoy your taper! And congrats to your husband and his new job! :-)