2015 Boston Marathon -> One Week to Go

A week from today I’ll be running my 11th marathon – the 2015 Boston Marathon. After about 4-5 weeks of subpar runs and workouts, I’m more than thrilled to finally start to feel strong again. Runs are more enjoyable, my stride feels more natural and relaxed and I (finally) had a great workout last week.

Workout: 2 mile warmup, 8 mile AT tempo, 2 mile cooldown. Goal pace 6:55-7:05 for 8 miles. I decided to start on the slower end and see how I felt. The week prior’s workout of 4 x 2 didn’t leave me with a lot of confidence since even 7:00 pace felt difficult and uncomfortable.

I was on the treadmill for this workout again (husband was away). Incline was at 1% for entire run with occasional jumps (every 6-8 minutes) to 2% for 30 seconds at a time.

Splits: 7:08, 7:03, 6:58, 6:58, 6:55, 6:53, 6:48, 6:35. Average pace of 6:55. 

The run was definitely not easy but I hit the paces and felt stronger as the workout went on. So that’s a victory in my book.


I plan to lay low a bit this week on social media. I head up to Boston on Saturday and hope to make it to the expo later that afternoon or first thing Sunday morning. Other than the expo and the Runner’s World party (Saturday night), I don’t have any plans for the weekend except relaxing!


I plan to do a lot of this this weekend!

The Boston Marathon begins (for me) at 10:25am on Monday. I am in Wave 2, Corral 4. My bib # is 11900 if you are interested in tracking me!


I received some feedback from my post last week and wanted to address it here since I’m sure there are more readers who may be feeling the same way.

I discussed my view of the 2013 NJ Marathon. Everything that I said two years ago still holds true – down to my legs cramping and my husband helping me off the course. In my post last week I said that I “100% could have continued”. And I don’t think that this is contradictory to what I said two years ago.

The 2013 NJ Marathon was the first marathon I had raced in over four years (I ran the NYC Marathon in 2011 but only raced the 2nd half). I had forgotten the pain that comes with racing (full-out racing). When the pain (and hitting the wall) came at mile 20-21, the mental strength was not there to keep pushing. I had only envisioned the positive for the day (running the paces I had planned, feeling good, running a PR) but had failed to envision and work through what I would do if not-so-good things happened (cramps, stomach aches, slowing down). It was a “NO! This can’t be happening” moment and I panicked. I stopped to walk. My husband and I walked for a few minutes and then started running again. I made it another half a mile and then stopped. I remember walking to the sidewalk and standing there for a bit. Once I stopped, my body stiffened up.

I know that my body likely stiffened up because I stopped moving – which is why when you finish a marathon, volunteers have you keep moving through the chute. Once you stop, it’s extremely hard to start moving again. I was at mile 22.5 and had run 22 miles as hard and fast as my body could handle. So, when I stopped, my body cramped up and was done.

Looking back, I think that things would have ended differently if I had been more mentally prepared for the negative. I’m not saying I could have run the pace I wanted to all the way to the finish. But I don’t think I was ready for the pain and the possibility of failure. And the more I read and learn about the power of the mind, the more I know that the moment your mind gives up, your body follows.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the GORGEOUS spring weather! After my 13 miler, I spent the rest of the afternoon with the boys in the yard cleaning and organizing for the spring and summer!


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    1. This is a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! I hope to read more of your post which is very informative and useful to all the readers. I salute writers like you for doing a great job!

    2. That workout is no joke, especially on a treadmill – I always feel comparable paces feel harder on a treadmill!

      It’s a shame you had to explain yourself or received negative feedback. The mind is really powerful. I ran a half this weekend and wanted to stop for water so badly, but I knew once I did, my paces would slip. I finally stopped at 10.5 and I was mentally done after that and my pace fell off, right when I should’ve been kicking it up. I also think you gain so much more insight and perspective with time and your impressions of a race a few months/years later are going to be different from when you write a race recap and are still so emotional about it. I love that you’ve reflected on what areas got you in trouble in the past and have worked to strengthen them, next Monday will be a great day for you :)
      Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..Bayshore marathon: week 10My Profile

      • Beth – I actually find comparable paces on a treadmill easier (regardless of if it’s mine or a gym’s). I have no idea why but that’s why I’m always so worried about racing after a training cycle on the treadmill – it leads me into a false sense of ability!
        As far as the feedback – I appreciate all feedback, even the negative. I’ve been called out on a few things before and I always try to take a step back and see it from the other person’s point of view. There are times I have been wrong and times where I’ve realized that maybe I didn’t explain myself exactly how I wanted.
        Thank you for your support and well wishes!! =)
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