North Face Mountain Athletics Gear + $500 North Face Gift Card Giveaway!

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The Mountain Athletics Gear is an activewear line released by North Face targeted at individuals who run, lift, do yoga or strength train. I was recently given the opportunity to test out some of this gear!

From their website:

The Mountain Athletics line by North Face is technical training apparel, footwear and technology that is designed to help various levels of athletes have longer days and more fun times outdoors doing the activities they love…built to help elite, experienced athletes train for their sports activities. 

The clothes are extremely comfortable and functional for workouts as well as pre- and post-workout.

Some of the features of the Mountain Athletics Line:

  • Utilizes exclusive active stretch fabric that provides an unparalleled durability and strength
  • Allows a range of motion and performance to help athletes strive in training outdoors
  • Uses FlashDryXD, a technology that keeps you dry and won’t snag, pill or pull
  • Engineered materials that stretch, flex and move with your most rigorous workout

There is a wide range of gear available – casual, relaxed pieces that you can wear to the gym or to run errands. But there’s also amazing gear you can rock while you are working out. And there’s some really fun, bright colors across the line.

I was able to try out four pieces of gear from the new line

I loved every piece I got to test out. The Plyo Crop Pants and Short-sleeve Reaxion Amp V-Neck Tee were perfect for casual every-day wear like taking the boys to the park, going on our adventure walks or hanging around in the yard. And the two pieces from the Ma-x line (Short and Tank) were great for working out – I wore them a lot for my strength and core work.



North Face is giving away one $500 North Face gift card!! You can enter (and read terms and conditions) here ->

The North Face Mountain Athletics Collection Give-Away!


You can check out the entire line of the Mountain Athletics gear here -> Mountain Athletics from The North Face

Other ways to connect with North Face:
Download the Mountain Athletics App
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    68 thoughts on “North Face Mountain Athletics Gear + $500 North Face Gift Card Giveaway!

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    2. one of my favourite brands, great contest, great prize, great clothing. i’ll try to take a chance:)

    3. Love North Face!! They produce cool, quality stuff for all outdoor adventures!!

    4. I love Northface! Their jackets are so comfy and I love all the tank tops I’ve seen – would be perfect for summer!

    5. My daughters and I would be thrilled to share this prize! North Face jackets are a favorite. Would love to try the fitness wear.

    6. Can’t wait to try all of them! LOVE all of North Face’s gear!!

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    8. I just attend my first Mountain Athletics training class in the city and it was a lot of fun. I’m working toward a goal of running my first half marathon. I’m trying to get in some early morning runs before work – the Reactor hoodie and Pulse tights would keep me nice and warm!

    9. I love the bright colors of the Kilowatt Trainers. I would totally snag a pair of those and a couple coordinating hoodies for our evening strolls on the gorgeous greenways in the cool night air!!!

    10. I love following your blog — sorry I never comment! I don’t have one myself, so it’s difficult to stay in touch. I had to comment here though; I’m moving from Connecticut to Texas soon and really need to update my running wardrobe. Don’t we all, though? I have way too much cold running gear and not enough short shorts. :-) I don’t own any North Face (no other reason than being frugal), but I know a few boys who love their shorts and technical shirts, and I trust them. Thanks so much for hosting a wonderful giveaway!

    11. I LOVE the North Face! All their gear is top quality and their tops are so nice on hot runs!

    12. I love North Face! I’d love to try out their new products!


    13. I would love to try out the Ma-x shorts and tanks! I would love some nice workout gear for summer and college!

    14. I am a huge fan of all things North Face! I love their flight series gear – especially the 1/4 zip. If it isn’t enough that their gear is awesome, their races are amazing too. Just did the NF endurance challenge 1/2 marathon in DC – simply fantastic!

    15. I would love to try NorthFace workout clothes! I currently own a winter jacket from Northface and the quality is amazing.

    16. Love The North Face, have a ski jacket that I love and other winter gear. Would love to try some of their other apparel.

    17. I love everything North Face (the kids jackets are the best) but those crop pants look amazing!

    18. North Face has adorable and durable workout clothes. I’d love to have $500 to spend on them.

    19. The North Face makes my oat fave socks ever! and my husband and i do their endurance challenge trail trace every year.

    20. I’ve only ever purchased fleece sweatshirts from The North Face (perfect for winter running!), but now I’m thinking I should branch out and try those plyo crop pants!

    21. Love your blog! Would love to try the North Face work out clothes. This is a great giveaway.

    22. My North Face running shorts are the only shorts I wear when I run races, and I use my North Face 1/4 zips in the winter running, and my Better Than Naked top when it is hot out!

    23. I LOVE my north face fleece jacket and my north face sweatpants! Would love to get more north face gear! I would love to get more north face gear to run in or relax in!

    24. Awesome giveaway! I absolutely LOVE their clothing! I especially love their winter gear, I live in MN so it’s very necessary! I’m a student and could definitely use the gift card 😉

    25. How cool that The Northface now has this kind of gear! This is a totally awesome giveaway : )

    26. I love North Face’s Better than Naked shorts! I just ran a 50K in them and did not get any chaffing or discomfort. Love them :)