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There’s something so exciting about sitting down and mapping out the next few months of racing. It’s filled with endless possibilities and dreams just waiting to be chased.

Now that Boston is over, I’ve been able to figure out what I want to do for the remainder of 2015. I was on the fence about training for a fall marathon, but I’m still riding the post-race high and have decided to use the momentum and keep plodding ahead.

May 16: Brooklyn Half Marathon – Pacing my friend, Jen! FINALLY running this race after years and years of signing up and then not running (pregnancy, family party, recovery from marathon)! The plan is to be in charge of time/pace – Jen will just focus on running – I will keep her on track with pace, grab her water and offer any pep talks that she may need – and hopefully not annoy the crap out of her!! Should be a fun way to celebrate her birthday (which was last week!).


Celebrating her birthday with drinks and tacos Friday night!

May 25: Staten Island Advance Memorial Day 4 miler – I ran this race last year with my sister, Nicole, and knew that I would try to make it a yearly race.for me. It draws more than 1,000 runners to the pancake flat course along the Staten Island coastline.

4 miler

June 20: Mayor’s Midnight Sun Half Marathon – My husband and I ran this race six years ago during my first visit to Alaska.


It’s mostly on the roads, but there was a section of a couple of miles on trails that was gorgeous! And I remember LOTS of climbing. I ran a 1:44:12, so hoping to get a pretty good course PR!

mayors midnight run

Almost 1,600 ft of gain = good times =)

July-August-September: I’m on the search for a couple of races to use as tune-up / good workouts in the months leading up to my goal race. Most of the races I have come across, unfortunately, would require overnight trips (which I would prefer to avoid) or are on weekends where I already have an obligation. I am eyeing the NYRR Bronx 10 miler on September 27 – has anyone raced it before? Any thoughts?

October 11: Chicago Marathon – I will be running the Chicago Marathon side-by-side with Ruth, my “cadet”, as part of the 26 strong program. The pace will be a little slower than my normal long runs, so hopefully I recover quickly (more in line with a long run than a race) and can get another few weeks of training in before the taper for NYC starts.


November 1: NYC Marathon – So after much discussion with my coach and husband, I have decided to make the NYC Marathon my goal race this fall. I had initially planned on using NYC as a celebratory run after an early-October goal race, but I couldn’t say “no” to the 26 strong program opportunity – it was too rewarding and special to coach and run with my sister for her first 26.2 and I wanted to do it again this year. I briefly thought about doing an earlier or later marathon in addition to NYC and Chicago, but I think that would be just too much on my body and mind.

I’ve run this race three times already. I know the course. I have family and friends throughout the 26.2 miles. I get to sleep in my bed. I can literally drive to the start line (about 20 min away). After Boston, I know that I feed off the crowds. And I am stronger on hills than I give myself credit for. And even though it’s not an easy course to go for a PR, I think it is well suited for me. So, NYC it is. Chicago will be my last long, long run – three weeks out – which will give me time to recover, get another week or so of training in and then taper.


Last couple of miles of 2007 NYC Marathon – my second marathon and first BQ~

So that’s it! If you have any recommendations to fill that gap in the summer, please let me know!!

Anyone run Chicago before???


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    3. The Bronx 10-mile was my first-ever-race longer than a 10K last year, and will be the last race before my first-ever marathon this year. It’s fun, mostly flat and run the NYRR way. A lot of people run back into Manhattan afterward along parts of the NYC Marathon course. Recommended.
      Tony recently posted..PhotoMy Profile

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    5. You are going to absolutely love Chicago!! Such a great marathon – the weather will be good there in October. When I did it, the start was chilly which was perfect running weather!
      The crowds are AMAZING. They line the entire course and it just carries you through.
      Well organized and just a great, great race. You’ll definitely want to go back again and grab another PR – its a great place for that.
      You racing schedule sounds perfect :)
      Natalie recently posted..It’s all about apples!My Profile

    6. Chicago is such an awesome race! I’m heading back for my third running of it this year. In 2012 I ran a 22-minute superPR there; hoping for similar results with Coach Hadley’s help this time around. See you there!

    7. I’ll be running Chicago for the first time this year! So pumped! It feels weird to skip NYCM (raced it for the past two years in a row), but I want to experience something different and I heard so many great things about Chicago!

      I ran the NYRR Bronx 10 miler in 2013. It’s a great course – not pancake flat, but much easier than Central Park and fairly fast. I might do it again this year in lieu of a half-marathon. My only suggestion: if you have a long run planned for the same day, either get there earlier to do part of it before the race and part of it afterwards, or make sure it’s not one of your longest long runs. I remember having 20 miles on that day and I was only able to get 1 mile in before the race. It was tough to get the rest of the 9 miles in because they start to take down the course right away to reopen the streets to traffic and, being the middle of the Bronx, there’s really nowhere else to go.

    8. Been reading your blog this year and really like your positive attitude. I am studying sport psychology and as a marathon runner myself definitely believe in the power of positive thoughts. You’ve nailed it. I wish I lived in the States and could do Chicago and New York, those races look amazing!!

    9. Also the Suffolk County Full and Half Marathon is in September. They are having a whole to do while the race is going on thru the towns. It starts at Heckshere State Park and goes thru the south shore towns to patchouge (and back for the full). Super cheap! And pretty local to you

    10. There is the Fit and Healthy Mama’s 5k in Eisenhower Park in September. It’s really cute! Pregant runners, moms and daughters of all shapes, and strollers are accepted! The race director does a special award for people who have overcome different obstacles. I had a great time last year.

      • Oh gosh! I’m not doing a 3-week taper! I think I would lose my mind too! LOL. Chicago will be the last super long run! My coach will likely have me do an 18 miler the following weekend (with some tempo) and then my last long tempo about 10 days out (last cycle it was 12 miles – 8 tempo). Then taper will start! I’m hoping that I can recover from Chicago like I do from long runs since it will be a slower pace than long runs for me!
        nycrunningmama recently posted..Summer/Fall Racing PlansMy Profile

    11. This year will be my 6th Chicago Marathon and I’m going for the BQ. You will love the energy of the crowds! It’s amazing.

    12. Hey Michele,

      I don’t comment a ton on your blog but I follow your social media and check in here all the time. Just wanted to comment today to let you know that your spirit around running is really exceptional. The way you give back to others with pacing and coaching and training is really inspiring and along with all the hard work you do, your generosity is at least part of the reason you deserved to have such an amazing Boston race. Good luck with all your future training!

    13. Hi Michele, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now and finally commenting for the first time. Congrats on the Boston PR! I ran Bronx two straight years, it’s a great race. I highly recommend it. And I love the Chicago Marathon, maybe even more than I love the NYC Marathon. Chicago is flat, scenic, and the crowd support is incredible. You’ll have such a great time and it will be a great race for your cadet. The start and the end for the race is really convenient if you’re staying right by the park and there’s a great vibe and celebration in Grant Park afterwards. I look forward to reading all about it. Good luck!
      Cindy recently posted..Friday Favorites #9 – good readsMy Profile