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The Mountain Athletics line by The North Face isn’t just about gear. There is also an app that provides access to expert created, 6-week strength and conditioning training programs specific to outdoor sports including running, skiing, climbing and mountaineering. 

Features of the Mountain Athletics App include:

  • Monitored Progress
  • Detailed session calendars
  • Workout Schedules
  • Coaching Messages
  • Tutorials

After downloading the free App (for iOS), users can choose between the various 6-week training programs. I (obviously!!) chose running. The running program alternates between

  • Strength & Core (mix of upper/lower/core workouts)
  • 2 mile assessment (every 2 weeks)
  • Running Speed and Power Workout
  • Recovery/Rest day

I think this app is a great tool for runners who are looking to get faster and stronger. The speed days are 400m sprints with a short warmup and cooldown. (Note: if you are training for longer distances, you can use the “Running Speed and Power” day as your speed day. You can add on some additional miles before/after to make it a longer run. And then you can follow your normal running plan the other days.

One of the features that I loved the most – and think is the most useful – is the strength/core workouts. As runners, we (me, especially) have a tendency to “just” run and not spend time focusing on the other important aspects of running – core and strength work (upper and lower body). The Mountain Athletics App makes strength and core workout a priority – ensuring it is on the schedule twice/week. Additionally, the workouts are all ones that can be done in your home – you don’t need a fancy gym or equipment to get them done (just some weights!).

Here are a couple of the workouts from those days:

  • Walking Lunges
  • Prisoner Circuit (pullups, pushups, dips)
  • Front Squats
  • Core Circuit (weighted situps, kneeling slashers, front bridge, face down back extension)


All workouts have information on how to correctly perform the workout (as well as ways to make it harder/easier); some workouts even have videos so you can view the correct form.


Program Goals:

Our goals with this program are threefold:
1. Strengthen your hips and legs for the miles and thousands of vertical feet you’ll log during your ultra training and competition seasons.
2. Build your core and upper body strength without significant weight gain.
3. Increase your overall physical durability and injury resistance.

This program is built around two training principles: (1) Durability-Focused Strength Training, (2) Progression.

This program’s strength training is specifically designed to build an ultrarunner’s durability. The running volume needed to train for ultramarathons can lead to strength imbalances and overuse injuries. This training program limits running to short, fast intervals to build running speed and power. The strength training focuses on hip, leg, core and upper body strength, as well as ankle and knee durability. 

This program gets progressively harder as you proceed through it. Your fitness improves, the training stimulus increases and your fitness improves some more. Over 6 weeks, you’ll be repeating the same exercises and same complexes, again and again, but with increasing volume and loading. Same thing, only harder.


Free Mountain Athletics Events

In addition to the gear and app, the North Face offers FREE events in several cities across the country (NYC, Boston, Chicago, SF, DC). All information on these events can be found here!
The North Face Mountain Athletics Collection Give-Away!



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You can check out the entire line of the Mountain Athletics gear here ->  Mountain Athletics from The North Face

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