Heading to Alaska!

We leave this morning for a 3-week vacation to Alaska to visit our family (my in-laws) and do some sightseeing and relaxing! Could NOT be more excited!


The boys have been asking about our trip to Alaska for months. We made a countdown with 12 days to go – the first words out of their mouth each morning was that it was time to take another number down!


Countdown to Alaska!

We spent two amazing weeks last year – and it’s a yearly tradition that my husband hope to be able to continue as long as possible!


We weren’t sure if our trip would even happen, however, until Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, the town where my in-laws live (Willow – which is what we named our first dog after!) has been battling a large wildfire for days. After an unseasonably mild winter (they got much less snow than recent years), the state has had unseasonably warm weather with little to no precipitation. While that sounds great, it has caused most of the state to be in a high level of danger for forest fires.

The Sockeye Fire (as it’s being called) spread unbelievably fast and moved to within a few miles of their home. Most of Monday was spent monitoring official Facebook pages, websites and news channels to get as much information as we could about the location and direction of the fire.

sockeye fire

Their home is by mile 64 on the highway

Thankfully, the fire is being controlled and hasn’t spread further south. So the trip is back on! However, we will be changing our plans a bit to stay away from Willow until the fire is 100% out and the smoke has subsided. I’m hopeful that we can still run the half marathon on Sunday, but it’s not our #1 priority at the moment, so it could get scraped.

I intend to continue writing while I am gone, but the frequency may be less. You can, however, stay up to date with my training as well as view all the photos I share on my Instagram account! I will be posting daily from there!


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    1. Have a great trip! My husband used to live in Alaska and we hope to take our kids there someday : )

    2. That’s so cute! What an awesome experience for the boys! Can’t say I know many kids that get to visit Alaska every year– I’m jealous 😉 Have fun!
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