Wineglass Marathon Training (T-12)

I am getting into the swing of marathon training so I wanted to bring back the weekly updates in case you were interested in my training leading up to Wineglass!

But first, I want to rewind a moment. Before I tell you what I’m doing right now, it’s fair to give a brief overview of what has been going on the last few month. It’s been almost three months since Boston. I still feel like it was yesterday (and yes, STILL riding that PR and race high). Since the race, my focus has been on a few things:

  • Recovery: This preoccupied most of the first four to five weeks post Boston. I ran four or five days post-Boston but kept all runs short and easy for a few weeks before starting any type of “faster” running. Some light core work but no strength work. My legs were pretty trashed from the hills so I decided to use only cycling and easy-paced running during the important recovery and regeneration phase.
  • Consistency and base building: Last training cycle, I took a rest day the day after my long runs (some weeks I would cycle easy, but 75% of time, it was a complete rest day). This cycle, we’ve added in a short recovery-type run (3-5 miles) the day after my long runs – with the option of a rest day if I need it. Mileage has been averaging in the low 50s. That will naturally get bumped up a bit as training continues and long runs become longer – but shouldn’t be by that much.
  • Strength, Core, Cross-Train: I was REALLY good about this for a couple of weeks, but I’ll be honest here – not much was done while we were in Alaska for 3 weeks. I had intentions of maintaining my core and strength routine, but the reality is that we were on vacation and I felt like running was enough time away from my boys and my in-laws. So I just accepted it and will be focusing on these over the next 12 weeks. Monday was my first strength and core workout and man, did I feel it!
  • Maintaining mid-distance endurance: The longest I have run since Boston is 16 miles. Most of my “long” runs have been in the range of 12-15 miles. That is a sustainable distance for me. If I were to run 18+ milers on a consistent basis for more than a few months, I would probably risk injury and/or overtraining. Since we are 11 weeks out, the long runs will start to get longer (17 miler this weekend).
  • More Tempo Long runs: Last cycle, I only did two long tempo runs. I’ve already done two (both 13 milers with 7 tempo) and likely will have another 1-2 before the race.


Here’s what last week looked like:

Monday: 15.5 mile long run (talked about it here)
Tuesday: 4 recovery miles with my husband
Wednesday: Travel day
Thursday and Friday: 8 “easy” paced miles
Saturday: 13 miles with 7 uptempo (see below)
Sunday: 5 recovery miles


6 days of running (1 planned rest day due to travel/jet lag)
53.5 miles
2x stress workouts

There was nothing but hills while we were in Alaska but the upside was that the humidity was low! I was able to run 3 weeks during the summer without battling the Northeast heat and humidity while getting some awesome hill workouts in. Win-win.

Unfortunately, coming back in mid-July has me and my body acclimatizing all over again. Coach had 13 miles on the plan for Saturday – with 7 uptempo. I knew it was going to be a hot day, so I set my alarm for 5am. We are all still dealing with jet-lag here – and I’ve either been up until way too late (1 or 2am) or I have gone to bed at a decent time only to wake up wide awake several hours later. The 5am wakeup never happened. After falling asleep quickly, I was awakened by my oldest climbing over me – and it was almost 8:30am!! I was hoping to be long done with the run by then!

I ended up getting out just before 10am (I am a procrastinator!) and it was HOT. 82 with a dew point of 62. 144 “suck factor” as my coach calls it.

I ran 3 miles, stopped for some water and a gel (I hadn’t eaten anything in an effort to get out as quick as I could) and began the 7 mile tempo. I briefly stopped at mile 4.6 for some more water and then finished out the tempo and 3 mile “easy” finish.

This run leaves me pretty excited for the next 12 weeks of training. There are times where I complete a workout and feel like I was never in control of the paces – where I felt like I was just holding on. But then there are those workouts where I feel strong and in control of the paces I’m running – it’s far from effortless but I feel like I am running the paces rather than having them run me.


I averaged a 7:29 average pace for 13 miles and 7:10 for the 7 up-tempo miles. If you factor in the heat conversion, it felt somewhere in the 6:55-7:05 range.

2: 7:38
3: 7:41
4: 7:12
5: 7:14
6: 7:13
7: 7:12
8: 7:05
9: 7:13
10: 7:02
11: 8:00
12: 8:05
13: 7:57

How did your week of training go? Are you training for a fall marathon? 


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    3 thoughts on “Wineglass Marathon Training (T-12)

    1. This is awesome!!!! You are getting some great runs in and have been SO strong!!!!! I am super excited to see you do amazing at Wineglass!!!!!
      I totally wish I had that trail by my house! I hear you on the humidity thing too….phew! I keep reminding myself that sweating in the summer leads to PR’ing in the fall!!!!
      Tomorrow will be the end of week 1 of training for Richmond and it went well! 1 week down 17 more to go :)!
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