Things I’m Loving + Exciting News

There’s been a few things I’ve been meaning to share, but they haven’t worked themselves into other posts, so I wanted to include them in a roundup here.

First, I am excited to share that I am featured on Runner’s Connect today! My super speedy friend, Tina, interviewed me a couple of weeks ago for the weekly podcast series. You can find the whole interview here!

Runner's Connect

I’m also super excited to share that I have joined the Generation UCAN team as an ambassador. For those that have read here for a bit, you know I am pretty serious about brands I partner with – they have to be ones I believe in and provide products I use on a regular basis. And so, it made sense to team with Generation UCAN. I’ve been using the Superstarch Drink Mix for several years now – it has become my go-to before long training runs and races. And I’ve begun using their UCAN Hydrate (electrolyte replacement drink), snack bars and protein-enhanced mixes to supplement my meals and water consumption.


I’ll be working with the UCAN team on some upcoming events and some giveaways – so stay tuned!

Garmin News

I’m working on a review of the Garmin Forerunner 225. I have been using it for about a month and cannot stop raving about it. Most runs I utilize the heart rate function (that’s the only # I see) – it helps slow me down and focus on easy/recovery runs rather than pace.


I also just received the Garmin Vivoactive so after I use it for a bit, I’ll get a review up. It’s the newest product in the Vivo/activity line from Garmin – while also providing a GPS for running, swimming, biking and other activities. Kind of amazing to have it all in one.


I’ve received a few questions on IG and Facebook about my diet, so I plan to work on a post about some diet changes my husband and I have made. We made a series of changes over the winter (I talked about them here) and have continued to make some tweaks. We are eating a ton more veggies, oils and meat on a regular basis and I’ve never felt better.




There’s a giveaway going on Instagram right now for the Orange Mud vest that I fell in love with (review can be found here). Orange Mud has offered to give away the same vest – retails for $119.99. There’s still a lot of summer running to be done, so it’s a great opportunity to stay cool!

Another giveaway will be kicking off next week. I was sent a pair of Oakley Transitions Sunglasses and have been wearing them on every single run. The transitions lenses allow me to run with protection on my eyes even when it’s not sunny out – they change from clear to dark tinted!



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    1. I listened to the podcast during my easy run yesterday and LOVE IT! You’ve improved so much over the years and it was such a pleasure to listen to your running journey.