Introducing Wellcoin

Have you heard about Wellcoin? 

Wellcoin launced this week as the world’s 1st health currency with a mission to help Americans lead healthier lives.


What is health currency and how does it work?  

On Wellcoin, members report and verify healthy activities they do and earn Wellcoins (health currency) for their effort. This health currency has real-world purchasing power: members shop with Wellcoins in an online marketplace stocked with goods and services from Skechers, DICK’S Sporting Goods, Pure Barre, Whole Foods Market and dozens of premier local fitness partners and vendors (see below for full list of partners). (Source)


Some of the basics of Wellcoin:

  • It’s a free site for your computer and/or free app that you can download on your smart phone:IMG_1967
  • You can earn Wellcoins in an endless amount of ways – sleeping 7+ hours night, eating a healthy meal, logging physical activity, doing chores/helping others.ILLUSTRATIONS
  • You can upload photos, recipes, or other info to go along with your activity
  • You have ability to view and verify other user’s activities (you can like/comment/follow them)
  • The more wellcoins you accumulate, the more rewards you can receive. They range from % off items to gift cards (stores such as Whole Foods, Dicks and Pure Barre)
  • The Wellcoin app connects to apps that you are already using (such as Fitbit, Strava, RunKeeper) so you don’t need to do double the work (you automatically earn wellcoins when you record a run, ride or sleep)
  • The Wellcoin app connects to a few yoga studios – you automatically earn wellcoins when you attend the class
  • At launch, some of the rewards are location-focused in the NYC and Boston areas (there are a lot that are redeemable online so regardless of where you live, you can participate). The plan is to grow and offer the same discounts to other cities across U.S.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Wellcoin as one of their ambassadors to help promote and kick off this awesome program.


It’s easy to sign up and start logging your activity -> Click here to head over to Wellcoin’s page. Use code “NYCRUNNINGMAMA” to receive 500 Wellcoins!

Wellcoin partners:

Footwear, Apparel & Sports Equipment
BeGood Clothing
DICK’s Sporting Goods
Sports Authority

Restuarants & Groceries
Fresh City
Hello Fresh
Legal Seafoods
Orange Leaf
Whole Foods Market

Fitness & Wellness
Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs
Elements Massage
Prana Power Yoga
Pure Barre
Republic Fitness

Other Cool Stuff
Gnarly Nutrition
VROU Water
WB Kitchen

Let me know if you sign up (and what your user name is) so we can follow each other!!

This post is sponsored by Wellcoin. All opinions are my own. 


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    20 thoughts on “Introducing Wellcoin

    1. I just signed up. I am jnmkaiser. Thanks for the info. I look forward to trying this service.

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    4. I literally just signed up this morning after reading an article about it!!! Any way I can still get the bonus coins (and hopefully you get a referral credit)? I’ll have to contact them and find out!

      I am PGHLauren on there as well! I’m looking forward to earning those coins!