Wineglass Marathon Training Update (T-9)

I started this post Sunday evening in the midst of one of those “can’t stop eating” days of marathon training. Last week was the longest long run and highest mileage week since Boston training…and it capped off the 2nd highest mileage month ever for me (have to go back to October 2014 for highest). So my insatiable appetite is understandable and expected.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being a completely successful week), I’d classify last week as a 9 – it would have been a perfect week of running had Wednesday’s tempo gone better. But, instead, I quit after 2 of the 4 tempo miles and turned the remainder of the miles into “easy”. I’d love to blame the heat and humidity, but I think it was just a result of a lot of things. And I refuse to complain about this weather because no matter how hot it is, it still beats the 0 degree weather we were dealing with in the winter.

My husband was away from Mon-Thurs evening – and I was able to run all of my training runs outside and solo (except one treadmill run). I’m lucky enough to have a supportive family who will come over to watch the boys so I don’t need to run with the stroller or on the treadmill. My running happened this week when I had the chance – couple of days were right smack in the middle of the 95 degree weather – but it beats being down the basement, right?

IMG_1887 (1)

Planned: 10 miles with 8 x :20 surges
Actual: 10 miles @ 8:19 pace.
This was a painful run. My husband and I spent most of Sunday doing yardwork and building a rock border around our new pool. My entire body was achy and sore Monday morning, so I kept the pace easier than normal for my Monday runs.

Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Planned: 7-8 miles (4-5 on Sunday)
Actual: 8, 8, 5 miles
Easy paced runs – ran garmin-less a few runs which felt good!


Planned: 3 miles up, 4 @ AT tempo (6:45-6:55), 3 miles down
Actual: 3 up, 2 @ AT tempo (6:57, 6:59), 5 down/easy; 10 total @ 8:03 pace
This run was terrible from the very first mile. Everything felt tougher than it should have – even the “easy” pace. My heart rate was through the roof and I just didn’t have the drive to push when I started feeling awful.

I went into NYC Wednesday night to help SELF magazine kick off their weekly internal run-club! Jenna and I took the ladies through some stretches, warmup run, drills, sprints, cooldown run and stretches over the 90 min we were together. It was a fun evening with some gorgeous views (despite the 90 degree day).

IMG_1954 (null) (7)

Planned: 7-8 miles @ easy pace
Actual: 8 miles @ 8:03 pace on treadmill

The boys and I made our way to Conference House Park around 10am to get some double stroller miles in. I had intentions of being out before 7:30am (it was already 80 degrees at 7am), but a stray thunderstorm and rain showers thwarted those plans. After we started running, I realized that one of the tires was basically flat. #fail

So, we stopped at my sister’s and my niece joined us on a trip to the park for a bit (it was so hot that we only lasted about 30 min).


We spent the rest of the day running errands and visiting my other sister (who is pregnant!!!!!!!).


Came home, made dinner and was able to get on the treadmill after everyone was asleep. Long day, but thankful that I have the treadmill down the basement for days like this. I decided to throw in some hills (treadmill makes it really easy to get some great hill work in!).

2 miles easy @ 1% incline
2 min @ 4.5% incline
2 min @ 1% incline
Repeat that for 6 miles (12x total)

I did these workouts leading up to Boston and felt like they prepared me so well for the hilly course, especially in the later miles. Although Wineglass isn’t as hilly, it does have about 500 ft of gain, so I’m trying to get back in habit of some dedicated hill work on a regular basis.

Planned: 18 miles @ moderate pace (7:45-8:15)
Actual: 18 miles @ 7:47 pace
Solid long run in the books. Even though I started at 5:15am, most of run was hot and sunny. First couple of miles felt like I was plodding along – legs were tired and I felt like I was moving much faster. But, I settled into a good pace and rhythm by mile 4/5 and stayed there until the end.

No fuel beforehand (moreso because I wanted to just get started as early as possible); took 3 GU chomps at mile 8.1 and again at 14.6. I’m working on a post about long run fueling (and how I’m changing things a bit this cycle b/c of some things I learned last training cycle) – hopefully I’ll have it up by the end of the week!

I picked up the pace for the last couple of miles – it wasn’t a designated fast finish run, but I was eager to be done and like practicing some faster miles (not all out) to end long runs – good practice for race day.

Splits: 8:33, 8:09, 7:52, 7:49, 7:53, 7:46, 7:36, 7:45, 7:51, 7:54, 7:47, 7:54, 7:52, 7:31, 7:48, 7:36, 7:24, 6:48


Total of 67 miles for week and 4th consecutive 60+ mile week. I’m also back to strength and core work – not as much as I wanted, but I got two strength/core days in last week – so an improvement!


We all do ab work =)

Just over 8 weeks until race day!

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    9 thoughts on “Wineglass Marathon Training Update (T-9)

    1. Your training cycle is going SO awesome!!!!! That was one incredible long run and a last mile in the 6’s would totally be all out for me! Way to go!!!!!
      I have been doing some of my runs late morning/mid day too, and while it can get hot, I MUCH prefer the heat over the cold!!!!!! The summer is going by way too fast!!!! I also love how it feels on a cooler day after I have been training on hot, humid days.
      Fueling and hydrating during runs have always been a challenge for me and I still don’t have it down.
      Jen@milesandblessings recently posted..Training update and summer camps!My Profile

    2. I completely agree with you, there is so much complaining about the heat going on, and we forget about freezing temperatures in the winter. Although right now in Ireland it’s just raining and quite cold, so I don’t know what to complain about ha. Good work with running another 60 mile week, it looks as if you have some amazing running routes too.
      James @ HalfMarathonJames recently posted..Happy Birthday, Happy Dog and Happy RunningMy Profile

    3. You are doing so great with training, and cannot wait to see it all pay off come race day! I’ll be there cheering and screaming my head off for you!!! :)

      Love seeing the range of paces you do while running- nice to see the easier stuff AND the workouts. The blend of the 2 is really what makes a strong week! :

    4. Hooray for running outside! I am the same – would much rather run in the heat of the day than on the treadmill. Great work on another 60+ mile week!!!
      Natalie recently posted..Weekend Update!My Profile

    5. Good tip to use the treadmill for hill training. I live in a great area for running, but it’s super flat and I have a hard time getting the hill training that I know I need to round out my prep for my first half marathon!
      Colleen recently posted..August GoalsMy Profile