Feature on ESPNW + Family Priorities

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Gina, a photographer for ESPN-W. She was interested in my Army story and potentially wanted to include me in a Veteran’s Day piece ESPN-W was putting together.

Everything worked out and I’m incredibly honored to have been included in this story, even more-so after reading about the other seven female Veterans that ESPN-W chose.

The photo shoot was so incredibly fun. We got to shoot in the rain (you can see the rain if you look closely!) on my favorite trail by my home. Then returned home for some still shots and filmed interview. The hardest part was not smiling and trying to keep a straight face – I am a super smiley person so to force a straight, serious face was not easy for me!

Click here for the article.


Also wanted to wish all the veterans out there a Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you for keeping my family safe!


I’ve taken it easy the last few days in regards to running and training. I woke up incredibly tired on Monday, chalked it up to a jam-packed weekend which resulted in little sleep and went out and ran. By Monday afternoon, I had the chills and felt like I had been hit on the head. Tuesday was even worse (so much so that I didn’t even go to work) and still wasn’t feeling great on Wednesday or Thursday mornings – so no running or working out of any kind. I find that the more I run, the more in tune I am with my body. I know when something is brewing and when I need some time off to prevent sickness, overtraining or trying to do too much.


The Philly Half is also up in the air. As much as I feel that I am in shape for a pretty nice PR in the half marathon distance, I am not sure this is the right time for me and my family.

On Tuesday, I found out about a go/no-go event I have to participate in for work – it starts at 11pm Friday evening and will continue until 2:30am. Not ideal considering the race is Sunday morning.

My sons’ school also organizes a weekend-long Christmas fair – and I realized it’s that same weekend. With my working full-time these days, my focus and priority is on every other event and activity for them that I can make. Running comes second.


Bedtime reading – they are each allowed to pick two books each night (and they want all the choices laid out in front of them!)

My family has a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving the Sunday before – which is the day of the race. Originally, I had planned to head down to Philly on Saturday, race Sunday and immediately return home post-race for Thanksgiving. Which would have been okay if that was the only event that weekend – but given the late night Friday and Christmas Fair Saturday, I am worried that I’m trying to take on too much for that weekend.

As much as I would love to run the same mileage and cross train and do all the other things I typically do in a training cycle, I’m learning that it’s just too much for me and it starts to affect my time with my family.

I also think race weekends without my kids will not be happening anymore. I spend all week counting down the minutes until the week is over so we can spend time together as a family. The last thing I want to do now is fly off to some race for the weekend and not get a moment with them. I don’t want to do it nor is it fair to them. Maybe in a few months I’ll feel differently, but right now, my weekends should (and will) be all about my little guys and husband.


So no race for me next weekend. I’m bummed but to be honest, it’s mostly because of ALL of my friends that were going to be there – Jen and my Staten Island girls, Laura, Kris and Meagan, Molly, Mary and the list goes on and on! Moments with these girls are so few and far between that I jump at any opportunity to spend time with them.

SO, next race -> 5k first weekend in December. Haven’t raced a 5k since last summer and a few of my training runs have had 4-5 milers close to the pace of my 5k! Excited to race and see what I can run!

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    7 thoughts on “Feature on ESPNW + Family Priorities

    1. Congrats on your piece in ESPN-W. You are an inspiration! Thank you for your service.

      I, too, work full time and often feel the mommy guilt that comes along with trying to balance training. It is hard to fit it all in, but when I get down about it I try to make myself realize that at least my life is full of things that I love. Having to balance multiple things that really bring me joy is actually a blessing.
      Melissa girlchasingpavement recently posted..Week in reviewMy Profile

    2. Obviously I am bummed I won’t get to see you next weekend as planned BUT no one can judge you for choosing family time. I am so proud of how hard you are working, and know that the time with your boys is not as much as it used to be. Hope the work event goes well, enjoy the Christmas fair, family Thanksgiving and everything else- you deserve it :)
      Laura recently posted..East Ave Grocery Run 2015My Profile

    3. As you know, I absolutely loved the ESPNW feature. It would not have been right for you not to be a part of it.
      Sorry about Philly. These are the kinds of things that “balance” makes oh so difficult but, of course you are making the right choice and spending time with those adorable boys!!
      Can’t wait to see what you can do in the 5k :-)
      Allie recently posted..Who Tweeted It? A Runner or A Pregnant Woman?My Profile

    4. I totally hear you, Michele. I run a lot of races every year but 90% of them are the NYRR races in Central Park which is a 1/2 a block from where we live. It’s tough to fit in longer races further from home. That being said, I’m running the half in Philly next weekend as one of those “away from home” races and I’m really excited for it. Which 5K are you doing? After the half is over I’d love to work on some shorter races and I would love to see you!!