Warming up during a run + NYC Half on Sunday

Hello, hello!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!! Our house had a little visitor last night! :)


This week has been a tough one. I find it odd since the previous two weeks were much more demanding at work and I was running higher mileage. This has been a bit of a taper (because of NYC Half on Sunday) and work has been more normal hours, but I’ve felt tired and just not thrilled with waking up early to run.

I’ve learned that Sunday evening into Monday sets the condition for the rest of the week. When I start the week off on not enough sleep, the rest of the week is tough because there’s no chance of making up the sleep until the following weekend. It’s like starting a marathon without being fully charged and rested.

The result was sleeping in on Tuesday (I reset the alarm to give me an two extra hours) and putting off a workout until Tuesday evening – which turned into a mostly easy run because I was just feeling too tired and “blah” after a day at work.


BUT, I was able to get in 7 miles this morning and tomorrow is Friday. So almost the weekend!

I very rarely feel good the first 2-3 miles of my morning runs. I think I’m still half asleep and my legs are also waking up. This morning was no different. I felt achy and just dragging for most of the first 5 miles. Coach wanted me to include 10 x :30 pickups at the end – since I skipped speed on Tuesday, it was a good idea to just loosen up the legs and get them moving one last time before Sunday’s half marathon.

Honestly, I had ZERO desire to run fast this AM. If I hadn’t taken a rest day yesterday, I would have today. I wanted nothing more than to sit on the couch, under the covers and drink some hot coffee.

But I know that it was a good idea to move the legs a bit so I forced myself to at least do a few. Once I started, things felt better and better. 10 x :30 seconds (with ~1:00 recovery). Most of the paces were probably around 5:35-5:40, some as low as 5:20, the first couple closer to 6:00. Below is a snapshot from Strava (follow me here!).

splitsSunday is the NYC Half. I’ve run this awesome race twice (2010, 2012) and am pretty pumped to race it again.

< 20 degrees for 2012 NYC Half

2012 NYC Half

I think the course suits me well – the hills are in the first half, so I can ease into the pace and then try to negative split and finish hard and strong. I’m telling myself to treat it like a tempo. I’ve had really good success the last 6-9 months with long tempos – I’ve gotten good at starting easy and ending with my fastest split, so I’m cautiously optimistic that I can try to do the same on Sunday.

My PR for the half is 1:31:57 – 7:00 pace. I’ve had long tempos with 6-8 miles in the mid to low 6:50s, so I’m also cautiously optimistic that I have the ability to set a PR on Sunday. But, at the very least, it will be a good, hard effort a few weeks out from Boston!

The only downside is the weather forecast. After a couple of weeks of spring-like weather, it seems winter has decided to make one final appearance. On Sunday, of course.

Right now, the forecast is calling for a potential Nor’easter with snow showers in the AM (1-3 inches) with temps around 30 degrees (real feel will be closer to 20). (Note: 6-8+ inches is expected in the afternoon). Obviously not ideal racing conditions.

I’m #2003 (my graduation year from West Point!) and I will start just after the 7:30 start time (in case you wanted to track and send me positive thoughts!).

Anyone else racing? GOOD LUCK!

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    10 thoughts on “Warming up during a run + NYC Half on Sunday

    1. You are so encouraging! I love how you can still be a fun mommy while working so hard at your training and your job! Good luck Sunday!

    2. But can the weather be any worse than Boston last year??!! I guess it could if you get some snowfall before the race making it slippery so I hope it holds off for you! Good luck!!

    3. Seriously… 32F and no sun :( Honestly, I’ll that that over the 73F from last week, but still… how about something in between?? This weather is crazy!! GOOD LUCK MICHELE!! I’m sure you’ll have an amazing race.

    4. The time change had me draaaaagggging on Monday/Tuesday too! It’s so rough losing an hour of sleep. I totally agree, morning runs are hard, often my HR is low, so is my pace, and I think I should be able to cruise way faster, but my legs are like NOPE, so I just have to go with it. I always plan on a longer warmup on those days.

    5. Awesome!!! I’ll be running the NYC Half this weekend also. I’m looking at a PR too…WORST Half EVER! smh lol
      Would be nice to meet you but I know that next to impossible. Have a great race! Hope you get your PR and I hope I don’t. lol

    6. Good luck in your half this weekend! Looking forward to hearing how it goes! Btw, I am also training for Boston this April (my first!), and have loved reading about your training and racing advice in general. You are an inspiration! Hope the next month of training/tapering goes well for you.