Boston: 11 days to go – Plans, Goals and News!

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We are just a days away from race week. The Boston Marathon is less than 12 days away. It’s getting real.


I am not only starting to get anxious and excited for the race itself, but for the entire race weekend experience. I know a TON of other runners who will be racing and I’m looking forward to spending some time with them next weekend. There’s also a handful of other running friends who I’m excited to finally meet after years of following each other on social media!

My mom and I are heading up to Boston bright and early on Saturday morning. I’m BEYOND thrilled that she will be able to share this special weekend with me. My husband will be coming up Sunday afternoon – so two of the most important people in my life will be close to the finish line waiting for me. We will be returning home shortly after the race on Monday (I will likely go to hotel to take a bath/shower and then we will return home).

We are staying at the Westin Copley Place. I knew I wanted to be closer to things this year, so I booked a room the moment I knew the dates were open. I stayed there a couple of years ago when I ran the Falmouth Road Race and I’m looking forward to being close to the finish line and all the other happenings.

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I don’t have any concrete plans yet for the weekend. My mom and I will likely head to the expo both days just so I am active (and not stay totally stationery on Sunday!).

I’m also excited to share that I’m taking over Women’s Running Instagram page both Saturday AND Sunday! So make sure you are following me and Women’s Running so you can catch all the fun that weekend.



Goals for next Monday will be finalized as the race gets closer. It will be dependent on weather – good weather and I will be aiming for a faster range. Bad weather and my goal finish time could be anywhere from 2-5+ minutes slower than what coach and I feel I am in shape to run.

Coach and I have already spoken a bit about tentative goals. The conservative range he gave me scares me. But excited me even more. Seeing what that time equates to in mile pace makes my eyes want to pop out of my head. And it can be overwhelming. But I tell myself to just focus on running each mile as comfortably as I can. The paces will be where they will be.

My primary goal next Monday is to have a good, strong race. Run in control and enjoy the experience.

I’d really love to negative split the course. I think it aligns with the way I’ve been training and racing and would love to finally have a negative split marathon under my belt.

And lastly, I want to PR and run sub-3:10, which I 100% believe I am capable of doing. My training shows that sub-3:10 is more than feasible and more importantly, my recent half shows that I’m capable of that.

I will be starting in Wave 2, Corral 1. My bib # is 8743. You can find tracking information here.

Who is running Boston?

Please let me know if you will be

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    11 thoughts on “Boston: 11 days to go – Plans, Goals and News!

    1. I will be there in 2017 and I am so excited for you! I’m so glad you’ll be taking over the IG for Women’s running! You are one of my favorite bloggers.

    2. Hopefully running in 2018, if I keep doing the work and also keep believing it really is possible. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration.
      And good luck!

    3. I will be there! I am running in Wave 2, Corral 7 and my goal is 3:15. I have enjoyed following your training for this! Good luck, I can’t wait to read your recap!

    4. I’m heading to Boston for my second marathon ever! My husband and I both qualified last spring, and we are thrilled to share the weekend together. Good luck!! I’m hoping for about a 10 minute PR, so also praying for decent weather. :)

    5. I’m running! I’m currently watching my dreams of a PR slip through my fingers as an excruciating psoas issue popped out of nowhere 2 weeks ago. Doing all I can to rest and rehab before the race – and it will just have to be whatever it will be. Excited and thankful to be going at all nonetheless!

    6. Good luck, Michele! I will be back for my second Boston (wave 2, corral 2) – training has taken a backseat to finishing my dissertation this year, but I’m still so excited for a great weekend in my home state!

    7. Yay Michele! I really hope I will be able to meet you somehow. We’re heading to Boston on Saturday as well and I will try to make it to the expo that afternoon.
      I’m freaking out about the weather right now. I know it’s too soon to tell, but seeing temps in the 60s as of now is scaring me to no end, especially since it’s so cold right now here in NY! Let’s hope that will change…

    8. I’ll be there!! It’s my first Boston and I Cannot wait. Coming from Long Island. My parents, husband and 3 small kiddos will be along the course too :) I am so excited! Will be a special day and weekend before!