Podcasts + Running Mojo is BACK + Upcoming Races!

After feeling “off” for almost three weeks, I was over-the-moon when I started running Saturday morning and realized that I felt GOOD. So good, in fact, that I would have kept running had my sons not had soccer that morning. :)

I decided to leave my garmin at home so I could just run and not worry or be distracted by pace. Even though I ran a bit last week, I felt like I was going through the motions. Every step just felt “blah’ and my legs felt heavy.

I officially jumped on the podcast while running train Saturday. I’ll be the first to admit that I was so hesitant to give this a try. I love listening to music when I run and didn’t know how I would stay motivated to keep moving only hearing an interview or someone speaking.

But because I didn’t have set mileage or pace on Saturday, I figured it was the perfect time to do it. One of the reasons I was excited to give it a try was because Lindsey was interviewing my good friend, Ashley – and I wanted to listen to the interview anyway – so figured I might as well try it while running! Lindsey started her I’ll have Another podcast a few weeks ago and has had nothing but amazing, fun women on her show. (If you are into the podcast thing, definitely give her a listen!)

I left my house at 8am, thinking I would shoot for 5 or so miles, maybe 6, if I felt good. We needed to leave by 9:35 for my sons’ soccer, so I had no intention of making it a long run.

BUT, I felt so good. I was completely engaged and distracted with the podcast and before I knew it, I was 7 miles in. I wanted to finish the interview and ended up with 10 miles for the day. The only downside is that it left me with about 10 minutes to rinse off and be out of the house before having to leave for soccer.


With each mile I ran on Saturday, I felt the weight being lifted off my shoulders. Between not feeling well and having the craziest, most stressful three weeks at work, I felt a bit overwhelmed and just not myself. This past week was filled with early mornings and late nights for work – even Friday when I was working until 7:30 and thankfully managed to chase down the last bus to Staten Island along 5th Avenue.

I followed up Saturday’s amazing 10 with 6 on Sunday and another 6 this AM. Two weeks removed from Boston and got the okay to do a bit of faster running. Nothing too structured or fast – just 30 second pickups to get the legs moving again. I know I definitely lost some fitness since the peak of marathon training 4-5 weeks ago, but it felt GOOD to run hard and fast again.



The rest of the weekend was perfect. Lots and lots of time with my kids. They are at such a fun age where their little personalities are really starting to come out and my husband and I find ourselves saying how much we love just interacting with them all day. We played board games, rode bikes, cleaned, napped together, played and ate outside (the weather was perfect on Saturday!). Pretty much my ideal weekend.


He’s 5. He will be bigger than me in a few years! And little guy is just marching along blowing bubbles


So much happiness from running 400m straight!

IMG_1173 ——

I’m really excited for the next 5 or so weeks of running. I am signed up for five races (one I’m not racing). The first race is next weekend – the Newport 10k!

I’ve heard such amazing things about this race – flat and fast! I typically am hesitant to race when I don’t feel like I am at my best, physically, but I know that next Saturday will give me a good baseline of where I am before training picks up again.

Regardless, if I run smart, I should be able to get a pretty big PR. My current PR is 43:0x (set 3 years ago). I’ve had training tempos significantly faster than that pace. And I ran back to back 10k PRs enroute to my PR at the NYC Half in March:
10k: 42:10
10k-20k: 41:13

Question: Are you a podcast fan? What are your favorites?
Have you run the Newport 10k before?

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    6 thoughts on “Podcasts + Running Mojo is BACK + Upcoming Races!

    1. I love love love the Newport 10k and am so disappointed I’m not able to run it this year (we have a 1st communion that morning). Everything you’ve heard is true- it’s fast, flat, not too big, not too small, and has great waterfront views for a solid half of the race. Plus, there are a bunch of cute spots nearby to grab a celebratory drink after. Enjoy!

    2. I just started listening to podcasts myself after I was interviewed by a blogger for his podcast DizRuns. I love talking about running so it was a hoot to be interviewed by a runner and literally just talk about runner stuff. I just got a new job starting on Monday that I will be driving to and plan on listening to podcasts in the car. Glad you are feeling more yourself now.

    3. i like podcasts while I run – I really have enjoyed the Running On Om series as well as This American Life, Serial, Here’s The Thing, Modern Love and Another Mother Runner. Glad your legs are feeling good!
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