Things I’m Loving (and Not Loving) Lately

Hello, hello! Hope you are having a good week so far!

I received some questions/feedback on InsideTracker, so I wanted to discuss a couple of things here.

First, I had mentioned that I went to my wellness doctor/nurse (I call her “doctor” but she’s a certified nurse) prior to getting my bloodwork done with InsideTracker. She’s a close family friend who delivered my godson and has a great practice on Staten Island. I visited her the day after Boston because I felt like something was off – I didn’t know if it was nutrition or something else. I didn’t openly talk about it, but the morning of Boston while I was in Athlete’s Village, I started bleeding. This was pretty concerning to me because my period is extremely regular. I get my period every 28 days. I was 11 days early so it made no sense. Jess and I went to the medical tent and I spoke to the doctor – without going to the hospital for tests, there was really no way to tell what it could be. She said it was likely one of three things: an irregular period, pregnancy or a miscarriage – none of which would be affected by my running that morning.

So, obviously going to the doctor was the first thing I did. I wanted to sit with an expert and go over what I had been feeling and experiencing. She sent me for a TON of bloodwork – over $2,500 worth (per my insurance claim).

After I got the results, I went back to see her and I mentioned InsideTracker. She thought it would be a great idea to get tested through them as well. I was now about 2 weeks removed from the race – so some of my levels may have returned to their “normal” ranges (for example: during the initial bloodwork, my liver enzymes were elevated – but it was likely due to the stress of the marathon the day prior).

The day I received my results from InsideTracker, I texted her my login information so she could take a look and provide feedback. I have since sat down with her again to go over the results and a way ahead from a holistic point of view. InsideTracker is an amazing way to get tested for the biomarkers that affect runners – as I mentioned in my first post two weeks ago, they do not test for diseases or things along those lines. But, I do think it’s a good idea to take those results and sit down with someone that is certified.


So a running update: After weeks of crappy running, I am starting to be a bit more consistent. Nothing too long or intense yet, but getting into routine of running (or cross training) most mornings. I am LOVING not marathon training right now. I know I needed a break and my body and mind are happy as can be right now that I don’t have long runs or long workouts on the schedule. I resisted the urge to immediately sign up for a fall race after Boston. I’m going to wait a bit and see how I feel and how the start of the summer goes and then will make a decision on whether or not I will run one.

However, I am NOT LOVING the races I have backed out of. I was very pumped about running some shorter races post-Boston and getting some new PRs. I know I could have run the Newport 10k and run a PR (my PR is 43:xx and I ran 41:2x in the middle of the NYC Half), but I was concerned that it would push me right back into the red and that I would be starting from the ground up. I was really bummed that I had to back out of the Brooklyn Half because I was supposed to guide my good friend, John. But he’s a speedy run (he finished in 1:38) and I wasn’t sure if my body was up to running a half that fast.

I have so many blog posts in my mind that I want to get out, but work has been just nuts. There have been more days than I can count where I was sitting down by 7:45 and left well past 6:30/7pm. I am still LOVING the work but the commute is kicking my butt right now. I don’t know why, but lately, I’ve hit traffic both ways – some days it’s been close to 4+ hours of commuting (round trip). The reality is that this commute is not sustainable in the long run – at least not if I want to spend time with my family and try to run a bit. So a different job within the company (or at least one with a work from home option) or even a different company will eventually be very much on the table.


I am LOVING the early morning sunrises. I know I will eat my words in a month or two when the heat of the day hits me at 5am, but right now, I am enjoying the non-headlamp, bright runs. I am not missing the cold, dark mornings at all.


My husband and I made a concerted effort to cut back on the amount of screen time of our boys about a year or so ago. We see a huge change in the boys (oldest son, especially) when he watches too much TV or does too much with phones/iPad/etc. They still watch a show here or there but it’s often less than an hour a day. The weekends or Friday night are a bit more – we usually have family movie night with popcorn and other goodies at least one night over the weekend. We had introduced “Go Fish” and a couple other beginner games to the boys about a year ago and they loved it, so Christmas was very game-centric: Monopoly (for kids), Uno, Connect 4, CandyLand, Zingo among others. We also recently introduced Chess. I am LOVING that these games make them even more self-sufficient. My husband and I will be in the kitchen or upstairs cleaning, folding laundry, etc and we can hear their little voices as they are playing against/with one another.

IMG_1684 IMG_1764

I am anxiously counting down the days until we head to Alaska for 2 weeks. It will be the first extended period of time I’ve been off work since I started in October. I am LOVING that there is only 28 days to go!


Countdown to Alaska – created by my boys!

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    8 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving (and Not Loving) Lately

    1. There’s nothing more motivating to get out of bed for an early morning run than the promise of a gorgeous sunrise! No better way to start the day in my opinion.

    2. Thanks for sharing! Spending the day with your kids is priceless. So, even though you’ve missed several running events, you still get to bond with them. Right?

    3. Wow that sounds like a tough commute! I work from home and know that I am totally spoiled, It’s great that your boys are enjoying all of the board games – I find breaks from technology make a huge difference for my boys.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Inside Tracker – I’ve been thinking of checking out their services.
      Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Random Race ThoughtsMy Profile

    4. I just moved and got a new job all at the same time, and my work day is longer and commute is longer both ways now. I’ve been making excuses for not going running or taking some time off, then I see how incredible you are and how you get it done. Really motivates me to quit making excuses and get out there! If you can do it, I certainly can as well. I hope you get some answers back and start feeling much better!
      Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted..WIAW : Work ConferenceMy Profile

    5. That commute is a killer. As a fellow SI resident who has done the trek to the Upper East Side, I know you’re pain all too well. Initially, the idea is f sitting on the bus and sleeping, resting, reading etc. sounds great. The truth is that it sucks the life out of you. Driving is a bit better, but the cost of parking can make it prohibitive?

    6. Your boys are the cutest!

      I’ve been working from home for 3.5 years now and can’t imagine going back (and I DON’T run as much as you or have any kids yet!). It’s not for everyone, but it works really, really well for me.

      I’m so jealous you’ll have two weeks in Alaska again this summer! Chelsea and I have been planning a return trip since we were there last summer haha!

    7. a four hour commute is exhausting. :(

      the photos of your kids playing chess are so cute. i think teaching the games early on is such a great way to show them how to entertain themselves sans technology, and it allows them to do something together, isntead of just next to each other