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I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I last updated here! After a crazy couple of months of work, I was beyond ready to have two weeks of vacation in Alaska with my family! With the exception of a day here or there, this was my first real break from work since returning to work full-time in October – and I was oh-so-ready for it.

To maximize time in Alaska, we chose a late afternoon flight that basically flew through the night and got us in at 1am (Alaska time; 5am – NYC time). To save a vacation day, I worked from home on the day we left – right up until it was time to go to the airport. Remind me never to do this again. The day was beyond crazy. Between getting up at the normal time (4am) to fit in a workout, starting work around 7:30am so I could be finished by 12:30pm and being packed and out the door for the airport by 1:15pm. But in the middle was all the little things I needed to fit in – straightening up, doing one last load of laundry, clearing out the fridge, washing everything in the sink. After two weeks of vacation and a red-eye flight to return home, I knew the last thing I wanted was to walk in to a messy house.

Somehow, we got it all done and by 3pm, were at the airport, ready to go.


The two weeks in Alaska flew by. I wish we could have stayed longer (last year, we spent three glorious weeks!) but vacation days are limited these days.

It was amazing. Endless family time, naps and sleeping in with the boys, nonstop cuddling and hand holding, lake time, mountain hikes, glacier climbing, running, racing and lots of wine.

IMG_3806 IMG_4033 IMG_4109

The only downside this year was the weather. We have been so lucky with the weather the last two years – we’ve gotten more than a few super warm days (for Alaska) with minimal rain. This year, we were not so lucky. Lots of rain. Lots of chilly days. And no day over 70-72 degrees.

I jumped into two races while we were there – a 4.5 trail race which was part of a triathlon relay and a 4 mile 4th of July run. Both were really strong, happy races for me. (Will do two recaps as one later this week.) But running, overall, was just kind of “ehhh”. I didn’t feel great, didn’t have any desire to do long runs (the longest I ran at one stretch was 9 miles) and didn’t want to run some days. So I didn’t. This was a vacation from setting alarms, feeling like I “have” to do things and just doing what I felt like doing. One week I ran over 50 miles. The next week, I wasn’t up to running much – I ended up with about 25 miles.

My goal for the next few weeks is just to get back into a good routine of running. While I didn’t want to return to “normal” life, I was anxious to get home to get settled and get back into a good rhythm. I’m still getting over jet lag – we flew a red-eye flight home (took off almost 1am in Alaska and landed at 3pm – EST) and I got virtually zero sleep that night. The past couple of nights I’ve fallen asleep around 8pm, only to wake up wide awake at 11pm – and have remained up for hours. Last night, I forced myself to stay up through my exhaustion at 8pm (I dozed off briefly for about 30 min when I was putting the boys to sleep) and then somehow was wide awake until 1am. I got 3.5 hours of sleep last night. #ugh I am hoping that one early morning (this morning) will help reset my clock – so by 8:30 pm tonight, I can be in bed and get a full night’s sleep.

But vacation was eye opening for me for several reasons. I’ve made some decisions about my work/life balance and am beginning to take the steps to balance it out a bit. Not trying to be sneaky, but will share details when things are set into motion.

I am uploading some photos from our trip to Alaska on Facebook – so head over there if you want to check them out. And I’ve already put several on Instagram!


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    3 thoughts on “Back Home + Alaska Highlights

    1. We’re planning on three weeks in Alaska (how I found this post). It never even occurred to me that we could run into poor weather for that long. We’re going to have three weeks to spend there and two on the road (driving there and back from California).
      Sounds like you managed to enjoy Alaska despite the weather, so fingers crossed it’ll be the same for us.
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    2. I went to Alaska for the first time in May and it was just beautiful – such a special place! The hiking we did was definitely one of my favourite parts. Look forward to seeing your pictures!